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The Sick Mind of Zak - Online Story

Updated on February 18, 2011


This online story contains constant violence, visions of murder, suicidal thoughts, violent attacks, bloody and gorey details of random acts of serious violence and adult content which may offend young people and young adults.

Please be aware.

Do not be afraid though, because it may not be what you think after you read the full story, as it does have a very interesting meaning and positive outcome for the main character involved.

This online story is about a young man who has to challenge his every move and fight against the unknown and unseen beings on earth. We humans are unaware of these unknown and unseen beings, but they know we roam the earth striving for happiness, wealth, power and popularity. They have their own intentions which we cannot understand, but we can see how humans behave who are affected by the good or bad intentions of these invisible beings.

What the character goes through may be compared to hell on earth, but only within his own vast world of mad, psychotic reality and imagination.

I am hopeful you will enjoy it and learn something positive from the experiences the character goes through to survive this hell on earth for lonely, sick minded people.

Some people are affected by the unknown and unseen beings roaming the Earth day and night
Some people are affected by the unknown and unseen beings roaming the Earth day and night


If you are over the age of 17 years, 364 days, 23 hours 52 minutes and 32 seconds old then please sit comfortably with a nice ice cold drink, because you may need to throw it in your face or over your head after you finish reading the whole story.

Please make sure that these items listed below:

  • Sharp - Knifes, scissors, swords, daggers, machetes, razor blades or pins and screws
  • Spiky - Javeline, ice pick, pens, pencils
  • Motorised - Chainsaw, drill, hand blender, open fan, hoover
  • Or anything else that is a weapon or weapon like is within reach as they may be a health hazard or a threat to injure yourself

Just keep your telephone or mobile phone nearby, just in case you need to call someone for help.



I am very serious because this online story is like no other you have witnessed before, read anywhere or will ever read anywhere.

You have been warned!!!
You have been warned!!!


 Seriously. If you are easily offended by violence, visionsof hate, killing, suicidal thoughts, hatred towards others or anything and everything else that falls into the easily offended category, then i advise you to STOP reading NOW and CLICK HERE!


This online story is not intended to offend anyone in any way.

The characters and places are all fictitious and in no way are they intended to resemble anyone or anything living or dead. Yet.

This is a short to medium sized online story and at times very violent and offensive.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE... The Sick Mind of Zak - The Beginning

On the above link you will be taken to the beginning of this fantastic dark story about Zak who is or may be sick in his mind. You will have to decide for yourself (you WILL be surprised).



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    • G Miah profile imageAUTHOR

      Gous Ahmed 

      8 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Thank you Rich!

      This just came to my mind all of a sudden and i thought i have to write it like this!

      Thank you for taking the time to read this and then click forward to the beginning of the story!

    • rich_hayles profile image


      8 years ago

      Haha, great intro to a good story. Well worth clicking the link and having a look for yourselves.

      I enjoyed it anyway.


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