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The Sick Mind of Zak - The Beginning (Online Story)

Updated on January 13, 2011

It is the local cafe where Zak was meeting his new friend. Or his best friend who he has known for seven years, but Zak doesn't really like or care about him that much. Apparently he wants to help Zak and has something for him.

In the pouring rain, he walks along the pavement littered with drink cans, newspapers and a cat with it's guts falling out. Probably been ran over by a car, or some yob hit it with a mallet for fun. He must have enjoyed it.

Zak's long black jacket is drenched with the pouring rain, but he isn't bothered, what's there to be bothered about after all the things he's been through. He isn't wearing his hood either, what's the point.

The world around me is full of crap, dark, people scurrying around like mad dogs trying to make a living. If only everyone stopped to think, 'What the hell am i doing? Why don't i just die, that'll solve all the problems and i just won't exist anymore'.

This country has gone to the dogs! Ah, a dog. An evil animal that eats it's own faeces and sniffs other dogs' testicles, for what? Imagine taking a pair of scissors and cutting it's testicles off, and feeding it to pigs. I don't mean the Police, i mean the animal pigs.

He enters the cafe on the quiet corner of the street, pushes the door open and nods at the waitress like he normally does every time he goes there. The beautiful blue eyed blond waitress standing behind the muffins in the glass display cabinet starts pouring him a cup of espresso, a big cup of espresso. Pulling the cheap plastic chair from under the table, Zak sits down and leans against the chair.

 It's actually like being stuck in the middle of two world's, one where you have problems with people, people have problems with you, but you can get away from it all. Only to find the same crap in another town or city or country. The other world is where you will receive eternal punishment if you helped yourself out of the the world you were born in. I know, it's depressing isn't it.

Falling into the grave, i try to hold on to something but there isn't anything to hold on to... what's going on? I'm floating, and i am scared, lonely and lost. All alone in this darkness, i don't want to die now, i want the pain in my scarred heart to heal so i can love again. Ah, love.

Where are you Reshma? What are you upto? I miss you so much. How is your baby and your lucky husband? It never turned out the way we wanted, i even fought for you from one country to another. I hope you are happy and enjoying your life, because i am enjoying mine. All alone. In the dark. In the grave now. Waiting to be awoken and spoken to by the angels with the three questions. How will i answer them? Oh, i'm confusing myself. I still have time...

Zak's lips feel tickly and dry so with one swipe of his moist tongue he moisturises his top and bottom lip. A bright light shines in his face. Wondering what it is he opens his eyes and notices the long tube lights in the ceiling. He remembers he's in the cafe waiting for someone. With the pain in the neck increasing and seeming to appear from nowhere all of a sudden, Zak straightens his neck then moves it left to right to stretch his neck muscles then suddenly notices the person he was waiting for walking up to his table behind him.

''What's up man, sorry i'm late, i was busy shopping for the business.'' The man sits down in front of Zak.

''What do you want? You wanted to give me something, where is it?'' Zak asks abruptly.

''I haven't even sat down properly and you're asking me to give you something? Why are you being so arrogant for? You weren't like this before?''

Look at you, thinking you're special, i used to feel like that once.

Zak realised who it was. His friend Aziz, one of the most respected person in the community was sitting in front of a useless piece of meat, waiting to be disposed of in the gutter.

''Anyway, i heard you were struggling with a few things and i thought maybe if i could offer you some support, you'd pull yourself together again.'' Aziz ushered the blue eyed, blond haired waitress to the table as she was picking up the tray with Zak's coffee, speaking to Zak waving his hands around.

If i had a sword right now, i'd chop your fingers off! Stop waving them in front of my face!

''I have many problems, one i am working my balls off and spending more than i'm earning, two i can't sleep, three i'm having nightmares when i'm able to sleep and four i don't care about you or anyone else or anything else. I just want to be left alone.'' Zak replies back to Aziz looking straight into his eyes while picking up the knife lying on the table and starts playing with it.

The blond waitress puts the coffee on the table, goes back behind the counter and brings another cup of coffee for Aziz.

Look at the boiling hot steam rising from the cup of coffee, i wonder what it will feel like if threw the hot coffee on his bright happy face? It'll be burnt and he won't be looking happy and beautiful like before! Stop it, what the hell are you thinking. He's come to help you and you're thinking of stupid things?

''You can't see or understand my problem. I don't think there's a cure for it. The girl i told you about must be happy with her life, so i must get on with mine. I can't stop thinking about her though. I was so close, but her stupid friend got in the way. She nearly came to me. She wanted to. But her friend stopped her by poisoning her mind.'' Zak explained to Aziz as he picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip.

Aziz decides to start probing Zak with questions so that he can understand his problems, ''Listen, i know you are hurt and can't forget her, but what about your family? Your dad, he's worried about you. You need to phone him. Tell me, what's going through your mind right now?''

''Kill, die, stab. I don't know, just mad things all the time, i feel someone else is in my head showing me these scary images of things i don't want to do.'' Zak replied to Aziz, while holding the cup of coffee in his hands, which were shaking slightly.

Aziz notices Zak's hands shaking while he's holding the cup of coffee and stretches his arms out to hold them to stop the shaking. Zak looks at him very puzzled, with his mind going blank, he doesn't know what to say.

Zak feels the rain from the dark clouds falling on his cheeks, black rain falling on his cheeks, his heart erupting like a volcano he starts to cry, but trying to hold back. He pulls his hands away from Aziz's hands and folds his arms on the table, then he rests his head on them bursting into tears and crying out loudly. Aziz let's Zak drain away his temporary pain but cannot understand what the problem is.

The rain clouds outside subside and the sun starts to shine through and into the cafe through the windows. It has been a good ten minutes Zak hasn't sat up from resting his head on his two folded arms.

Zak lifts his head up looking at Aziz who is looking back at him sympathetically.

''Have you ever been in love before?'' Asked Zak.

''Well, i did love someone and wanted to marry her, but that didn't happen. I'm keeping your sister happy though.'' Aziz replied with a bright smile while putting his right hand over his chest.

''Do you want me to tell you about my first and only love?'' Asked Zak.

''Tell me.'' Wanting Zak to get it off his chest, Aziz started to listen interestingly to Zak's love story which has seemingly ruined him and changed him into the person he is today.

A lazy, tired looking and lifeless Zak. Who would have thought it? Aziz thought to himself.

Thank You

Thank you very much for reading this short online story i am working on. Please be patient and wait for the next part which will be called:

The Sick Mind of Zak - The Middle

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ask me anything you want aswell regarding the story.

G Miah

While You Are Waiting...

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    • G Miah profile imageAUTHOR

      Gous Ahmed 

      8 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Thanks Rich! I am still in the process of writing the next part, and like i said in the INTRO, this story might not be what you think it might be!!!

      Some people might be disappointed, some will be enlightened, maybe! It is a message and understanding of how things affect people mentally and how they overcome it.

      Cheers mate!

    • rich_hayles profile image


      8 years ago

      Good story G Miah,

      I look forward to reading more of your stuff in the near future.


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