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Only Myself To Blame - A Poem

Updated on October 6, 2015

The Hardest Lesson

There are many lessons to learn throughout life. One of the hardest lessons for me was learning to accept responsibility for my own life. I spent too much time blaming others for the things that went wrong in my life. I continued to struggle until I finally accepted that I was the cause of my problems.

Only Myself to Blame

My eyes stare down upon the sight

Twisted pieces lie on the ground

They used to be my hopes and dreams

Now symbols of my life unbound

With so many roads now travelled

And so many miles behind me

I have come to know this path well

And its truth I can clearly see

I have driven myself forward

Towards this unforesaken place

With Near sighted choices, I have

Created my very own place

A strange concept, destination

So easy it is to arrive,

Yet so difficult to escape

When all we hope is to survive

© March 3, 2013 by Christopher J. Wood


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