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Opal Saves Sir Goat-so-lot

Updated on January 26, 2017

Opal was sitting on the balcony of her three stories banana relaxing reading one of her favorite books "Little banana on the prairie" when she received an odd phone call. She picked up the phone and all she could hear on the other line was a bunch of static and a faint yelp in the background. Opal thinking it must be some stupid, prankster just sighed and hung up the phone. Not even two minutes later the phone rang again, this time Opal let it ring a couple of times before she answered. She figured if it was a prank caller they would eventually get bored and give up. After about the tenth time it rang she just could not take it anymore, she picked it up and again the same thing. This time she knew it had to be some fool with way too much time on their hands, so she took the phone off the hook and continued reading her book.

Opal did not even get two pages into her book before she was interrupted yet again but at least this time it was by her rowdy little gang of playful monkeys Macy, Stacy, Racy and Lacey instead of some foolish prankster. Her little giggling gang looked at her and asked her who was on the phone. Opal laughed and replied, "you guys sure are a noisy bunch of monkeys." Lacey looked at her and asked, "well are you going to tell us huh?" Opal told them, "it was the zoo they said they are missing a gang of noisy, rambunctious monkeys." Racy looked at Opal and said, "come on stop pulling our leg who was it?" Opal looked at them and said, "dang it was nobody, just some prankster and told them to go play."

Opal finished a couple of chapters in her book and decided it was time to put her phone back on the hook. It was not even on the phone five minutes before it started ringing again. Opal picked up the phone mad as ever and said in her angry spitfire voice, "you better be dying because if you are not you might wish you were when I get done with you." Right, when she finished her speech she heard a yelp again this time it was a little louder and clearer she kept listening and soon started realizing this was no prank caller but someone in need of her help. Opal took out her tracer and stuck it on the phone so she could figure out who was calling her. Once the tracer was done tracing she looked down at it and realized the call was coming from her dear friend Sir Goat-so-lot. Now that she knew it was her dear friend's house the phone call came from and not some prankster she began to get a little worried. She hung the phone up then tried to call back but no answer. Opal could not figure out what was going on but she knew she had to investigate it. She called out for her gang of playing monkeys and told them to get some things together they are going on a little trip. Macy started jumping up and down screaming, "yeah another adventure" Opal looked at her and said, "just go pack." Once Opal and her gang of monkeys had their gear they set off to Sir Goat-so-lots beautiful, extravagant pear mansion.

Once Opal got to Sir Goat-so-lots place she noticed the whole place was eerily dark not a light on anywhere the street lights were even off. Opal tiptoed around the giant pear as quiet as a mouse she was afraid if something was going on inside knocking would not be very wise. Opal asked Racy if she would sneak in the attic window and check to see what was going on inside. Racy did not waste a minute she was up on top of the roof in no time Opal whispered for her to be careful Racy quietly squeezed her tiny body into the tiny window.

Once inside Racy tiptoed down the attic stairs which were quite a task in the dark but she managed.Before she could step on the last step she heard screaming in the background. Racy finished down the steps and peeked out the corner of the staircase. Even though the house was dark she noticed sitting at a table with one single candle lit was Opal's friend Sir Goat-so-lot and what appeared to be an oversized watermelon. The watermelon was screaming at Sir Goat-so-lot asking him where was the fertilizer. Sir Goat-so-lot was so scared he was in tears Racy knew they had to help him. Racy tiptoed back upstairs and out the tiny attic window to Opal.

Opal asked Racy what was going on Racy told about the watermelon trying to steal his fertilizer. Opal knew she had to help he was the only one in their fruit village who had the magic fertilizer that kept their village going. She knew she could not fit in the attic window but knew her monkeys could. Opal told them to go through the window and as quiet as they can unlock the kitchen door Opal's monkey quietly and quickly did as they were told. Once the door was unlocked Opal stepped into the kitchen and started sneaking around the house room to room until she saw her dear friend and that mean watermelon.

Opal did not want to give that mean watermelon any more time making her friend cry he was being so mean. Opal screamed out, "hey just what do you think you're doing" the watermelon looked at Opal and said, "taking care of business old lady." Opal did not like being called an old lady, in fact, she did not like name callers in general. Flaming mad Opal walked up to the watermelon and told him to get ready for a beating. The watermelon just laughed and laughed then looked at Opal and said, "look old lady mind your business." Opal jumped up, did a karate kick to the bottom of the watermelon followed by a karate chop to the stem. The watermelon went tumbling to pieces. Opal looked at the mess and said, "I tell them every time, I am a woman not to mess with, I mean business and nobody messes with my friends." Opal hugged Sir Goat-so-lot and asked if he was alright. Sir Goat-so-lot thanked Opal for saving him and asked if there was anything he could do to repay her. Well, what Sir Goat-so-lot did not know was Opal had the hugest crush on him. Opal looked at him and said,"how about a kiss" Sir Goat-so-lot said, "sure" then leaned in for a........


"Shelia wake up time to check your blood pressure." Opal sat straight up in her bed and looked at the nurse whose name badge read Amy and said, "I told the doc already, you guys need to stop invading my dreams." Amy looked at Opal and said, "look Shelia I do not want any problems today." Opal looked at the pretty redhead nurse and in a sharp tone said, "you are not to call me Shelia, my name is Opal." Amy looked at Opal and said, "alright, I do not have time for this let me take your vitals, then you can wake back up." Opal obliged then told the nurse, "next time send in the doc" and drifted back into her little world.


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