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How did we get here

Updated on January 20, 2016

While in USA, Orlando the second son of his parents was everything to his immediate family, he loves his three siblings and made sure that they were all well taken care of, his desire was to get his papers then bring them over to USA but as fate may have it, after three years of working from dusk to dawn and sending home almost everything he made, he was apprehended by the immigration for entering the country illegally, although he has spent three years and was on the verge of legalizing his stay with the help of his fiancee, the Americans were still very furious at him not withstanding that his wedding comes up two weeks to the date of his arrest.

His fiancee Barbra who was three months pregnant couldn’t stop the government from deporting the man she so much loved and depended on, the man that gave her everything she needed in a man. She vowed to bring him back to USA even if it meant losing her life while doing it. Orlando arrived back to his root with just $100 in his pocket but thanks to a lovely sister who appreciated all he did for her the entire period he was in USA, he got a free apartment and a car and also some money then his sister in-law who was married to his elder brother gave him a cell phone to enable him stay in touch with his friends in USA.

Orlando was desperate to travel back to USA. Nevertheless he adapted to his new life and began hustling in the street to make ends meet. Two years into his ordeal, the phone company began a promotion and Orlando was a heavy user so luck smiled on him when his cell number was selected among the winning cell numbers. He got a call from the representative of the phone company to come and claim his prize but unfortunately the cell number was not registered on his name. However, he reached a deal with the sister in-law who was the registered owner of the cell number. Orlando agreed to give her 20% of the money but she insisted on 50%.

“It true that this cell is registered on your name”. Orlando told her, “but you dashed me the cell phone and line, you said that it was an old phone and I was the one who reactivated it, you have not loaded more than 10 units credit to it for the six months you owed it but in less than a year, I consumed over five hundred thousand units but if you want 50%, I will give it to you.” Deal was reached but something happened before the D day, Orlando overheard his brother and wife discussing about the prize…

-Brother: Don’t mind that idiot, the number is yours so you will give him 20%, nothing more

-Wife: But we have agreed on 50-50

-Brother: I am your husband therefore you will do what I ask of you and not what you agreed with my brother, this is an opportunity for us so give him 20%. Anyway I am here

-Wife: This is not fair; remember that I dashed him the cell phone. With all fairness, the prize is his but he is willing to split

-Brother: Baby, why are you making this look as if I am a bad person, listen I gave you the money to buy that cell phone and line so the fact that you dashed it to my brother doesn’t make us not the real owners, technically we are the owners and this is our luck so 20% for Orlando and 80% for us. We have kids to take care of

-Wife: So is your brother, he also has a son to take care of and he was supporting all of us while he was in USA, you know his predicament so please understand my love, 50-50

-Brother: No! 80-20 and that is it

-Wife: If you insist, your wish is my command

Orlando was forced to let them know that he overheard their conversation but things changed as he confronted his brother and sister in-law. His sister in-law however supported the husband because Orlando called him an ingrate and they rough handled each other before their other Siblings intervened and all agreed that Orlando was the true owner of the phone and that the prize belonged to him. “It is true that the cell is still registered on your name their only sister told their sister in-law but you dashed it to him, what if he had re-registered the cell on his name? Well, the truth is this; Orlando will not split the money”

Orlando had the support of his two other younger siblings while his elder brother and wife were on the side of this conflict. It is now barely 24 hours left to go and claim the prize because this whole mess began on Friday after that phone call from the phone company to Orlando to come over on Monday.

The family was thrown into a big fight as Orlando and his other siblings fought their brother and sister in-law and during the clash Orlando pelt the phone on the ground and smashed it then as the sister in-law tried to retrieve the broken cell phone, Orlando kicked her on her belie and she collapsed then his brother got very angry seeing his three months pregnant wife gasping for air. He didn’t know what to do but managed to run inside the kitchen and dashed out with a kitchen knife and focused attention on Orlando while neighbors try to resuscitate his wife.

Orlando found himself defending himself from an angry brother eager to kill but as much as he tried to dodge his furry, he missed four stabs which got him on the chest, head and belie. Blood was everywhere because their sister also got a stab on her arm, things would have gone worse if not for the arrival of the cops who got things under control and the injured were rushed to the hospital while the others were taken in. Everyone was shocked when the cause of the fuse was made known by a furious brother about to bury a wife and a brother

“I don’t know what caused this, devil is a liar. How did we get here? We used to love each other and always watched out for each other and Orlando never did me no wrong, I can vow that he would lay his life for me, he was my backbone, I didn’t mean to kill him, I got confused when I saw my wife gasping for air and didn’t know how I got to the kitchen, I didn’t know what I was doing, it was devil. Please forgive me”.

“No it wasn’t the devil the DPO said. It was a premeditated act, you wanted to kill your brother and you achieved it”

He could not look his other sibling on the face because he was the cause of the whole thing but his brother stared at him and this was what he told him…

“Ben, what went over you? Orlando was the light of our family, he was supporting all of us when he was in USA and he sent you money to get married, he gave you money to start your business but you blew the money yet he gave you more money and when he was deported, you didn’t even cared about him, all he got from you and your wife was that cell phone and despite his predicament, he still supported you by paying the school fees of your two kids but look at how you paid him back”

A murder case was opened against Ben and was locked up in the cell while his younger brother was released because the DPO was kind. “I cannot lock you up too because your family has suffered enough today so I will let you go, you have a brother and sister in-law to bury and a sister in pain so go home but report here first thing on Monday.”

He left the police station very bitter then rushed to the hospital to see their sister who was more bitter because according to her, they all messed up.

-Sister: How did we allow this thing to happen, we would have left Ben and his wife take the whole money

-Brother: We did what we supposed to do, Ben was the cause of this whole mess

-Sister: No we have hands in it because, Orlando was willing to take the 20%, do you remember that he was even willing to forgo the prize but you insisted that he don’t

-Brother: Yes of course, I insisted because he was the rightful owner

-Sister: Now, where is he, who will now claim the prize? Orlando and Monica are both dead so we fought for nothing and now our family will remain divided and Ben will go to jail

-Brother: It was all his fault, he was greedy, he killed Orlando

-Sister: And Orlando killed his wife. What are we going to tell the kids when they grow up?

They both looked at each other and began to cry, nothing was enough to console them but at the end the fact remains that they have two family members to bury so when she was finally discharged and they got home, they didn’t know how to handle the situation as most friends and relatives distanced themselves from them. People tagged them evil and that Monday, instead of them rejoicing for a big prize of a whopping Thirty thousand dollars won by heavy phone usage, they sat crying then few weeks later they sat in the court room crying not for Orlando but for a remorseful brother about to serve twenty years imprisonment for first degree murder.


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