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Obama as Othello ; A Shakespeare Parody. Act 2 Scene 5 - The Presidential Inauguration of 2009.

Updated on February 3, 2013

 Curtain's up for the first scene at this link. Just click here.

Obama as Othello ; A Shakespeare Parody. - Act 2 Scene 5.

The Presidential Inauguration of 2009.

It is the 20th January 2009 and the grand Inauguration Day for the 44th President of the United States of America. Othell' Obama is addressing the massive crowd on a cold day in Washington while the great and the good of the US political elite look on.

.Obama: ....... In the due reverence of a sacred vow,

I here engage my words,

The GOP will take their bow,

Cos they're strictly for the birds........


Among the throng ex-President Bush and former Vice-President Cheney whisper their thoughts to each other on this grand occasion;

Bush: Hell! Why do we have to have these things in the winter or is that too obvious? Maybe the crime rate is high enough in this city that they don't want no more trouble. I'm freezing my nuts off here.

Cheney: It kind of adds to the gravity and splendour of the occasion George. Sunshades, t-shirts and shorts wouldn't have the same effect don't you think?

Bush: I dunno. How about moving it to Florida, I like Florida.

Cheney: I guess so, we win elections there,

Bush: Yeah! I can just imagine Jeb taking the oath in Miami.


Obama: ....... And therefore little shall I grace my cause,

In speaking for myself,

It sure feels good to be the boss,

But I owe it to yourselves..........


Over on the other side Ex-President Bill Clinton and new Vice-President Joe Biden marvel at the spectacle;

Clinton: Aretha sure was something there, really smokin with that soul good buddy. Ah half-expected the Blues Brothers to give it up for ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Love’

Biden: Maybe ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ would be better for an ex-Senator for Illinois. Not my kind of music anyway Bill. But just what was she wearing on her head? Looks like somebody forgot to unwrap a Christmas present.

Clinton: Best Christmas Ah ever had in a long, long time Ah tell ya. Only 27 Republican days till the christening Ah thought to myself, 27 days till we got ourselves a real President.

Biden: Why is Cheney in that goddam wheelchair?

Clinton: They say that something went in his back when he was moving out.

Biden: Probably overdoing it at the shredder,

Clinton: You got it! But you know Joe, lookin' at that bum right now, Ah say , lookin' at that bum I can't help feeling that he looks kinda like one of them James Bond villains. You know what Ah mean?

Biden: Like Blofeld or one of those Robert Ludlum crackpots intent on World domination,

Clinton: Yeah! Those crazy-ass dudes.

Biden: (smirking) Whatever gave you that idea Bill?


Obama: ........Farewell the plumed troops and the big wars,

That make ambition virtue,

We'll bring them home to base because,

We just don't have the revenue..........


Cheney: Why isn't Sarah here today?

Bush: Oh somebody has to stay on watch. Got her in charge of Homeland Security. She's back home in Alaska keeping an eye on the Russkies from her bedroom window,

Cheney: Do you think she'll run for the 2012 race?

Bush: I hope so cos I sure as wouldn't mind coming under her tutelage,

Cheney: Careful there, Laura might hear you,

Bush: Aw! She knows I'm only kiddin, we got a good thing going on. Always have.

Cheney: That reminds me. That dufus Obama managed to screw up the oath of office,

Bush: Yeah! He..em...can ... em... can't even hardly string .. you know... hardly string two words together

Cheney: Well! Maybe his missus better check out their wedding vows. They might not even be married,

Bush: Wow! That would be so cool. Democrats shackin up in the White House and living in sin. Get Karl Rove onto that rightaway Dick.


Obama: ......And not with vain thanks,

But with acceptance bounteous,

I'll sort the recklesss banks,

Who tried to screw all of us..........


Cheney: Your old man didn't look too sure on his feet coming down that red carpet

Bush: No, I think his shoes are too tight. Jimmy Carter looked kinda sprightly coming down though I must say. It's hard to believe he's 150 years old. And of course Bill and Hillary were skipping down the steps still so much in love after all these years.

Cheney: Yeah! She’s almost managed to perfect that startled wide-eyed smile for the cameras.

Bush: I think Bill goosed her just to get the perfect look.


Obama: .............But to have their balmy slumber,

Upset and waked by strife,

Sure was the greatest bummer,

In every American's life............


Biden: What do you think Bush and Cheney are talking about over there?

Clinton: I dunno! Maybe how in the hell we're gonna clean up the mess they've left us with,

Biden: Mmm. But a shame Othello fluffed his lines. Hope that’s not a harbinger of things to come.

Clinton: Well I suppose, on the other hand Georgie boy uttered a perfect oath and then made a compete ass of the Presidency for 8 years.

Biden: So?

Clinton: So! Going on that reversal of fortunes maybe Othello will play a blinder in the Oval Office.

Biden: Reminds me of Reagan. He could certainly deliver his lines,

Clinton: Absolutely. Ronnie always found his mark on stage. If nothing else he was a fine actor,

Biden: And never better than in his uncanny portrayal of an American President.

Clinton: All the World's a stage ma man

Biden: Mmm. But yeah, things are really in a mess. Bad enough on Iraq and Afghanistan without the dollar hitting the skids too. Do you think Othello can carry the military with us in the next term,

Clinton: Could be tricky. Those artillery guys just missed him during the salute,

Biden: (chuckling) You're wicked Bill, I guess they overshot the target,

Clinton: Yeah! And blew up the British Embassy.


Obama: ......We need financial rectitude,

To save our economy,

The Republicans have wrecked it good,

And even done for Fannie Mae.........


Bush: What do you think Clinton and Biden are talking about?

Cheney: Probably worried about following all the great work that we've carried out,

Bush: You think so?

Cheney: Either that or humpin!

Bush: Never mind, I don't care cos I'm over all this. Now I get to start my own library don't I?

Cheney: Of course George. Every President can compile his own collection for the National Archives,

Bush: Great! Get some Tom Clancy in there, maybe a few Grishams too,

Cheney: (mutters under breath) Or a box of comics and cartoon books,

Bush: Will you help me with the library Dick?

Cheney: Sure George, just tell me the colours you want,

Bush: Oh plenty of blue ones, maybe leather bound with pretty gold writing on the side.


Obama: ........And if I fail in my great calling,

Then Perdition catch my soul,

To find what got the Dow-Jones falling,

And put us in this hole.............


Meanwhile over in the Press Gallery seasoned journalists Montano and Ludovico cast a critical eye over Obama's maiden speech.

Montano: This is a great speech here Ludo. That's certainly the marriage consumated I guess. The nation's love affair with Obama has reached a crescendo and a tumultous euphoria,

Ludovico: Sounds like you're writing copy already dude,

Montano: Well, I'm just saying that he's a really popular choice for President. He's young, he's vigorous and charismatic and I guess he's restored some faith in the political process among the American public. He's a breath of fresh air in these cynical times don't you think?


Obama: ..........So here today, I bring you change,

A change you can believe in,

As George goes back home to the range,

And Dick's no more deceivin.


And now the people's hearts, brimful of fear,

Await a new direction,

I'll do what I can , throughout this year,

To avoid an insurrection..............


Ludovico: Gimme a break man. He's seduced them with his easy charm and expert guile. He's a polished entertainer that's for damn sure. But this is strictly the Honeymoon period for now and it ain't gonna last for too long. I bet things go pear-shaped pretty quickly after this stage-managed courtship

Montano: Really? You think so?

Ludovico: Oh yeah! I can already sense an underlying weakness about this guy and I think he's gonna struggle with the demands of high office. Just you wait and see. We can expect a weak foreign policy, prevarication and vacillation on the economy and unwanted interference from Washington in state affairs. They'll stick their noses in everywhere,

Montano: What exactly makes you think that then?

Ludovico: Du-uuh! ..... He's a Democrat!



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    • Shinkicker profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Scotland

      Yeah, me needs satire cos me an intellekshall. Dat Shakespeer guy was pure dead brilliant by the way.

      Cheers Rob glad you enjoyed it :-)

    • Robwrite profile image


      9 years ago from Oviedo, FL

      Funny stuff. I love a good political satire, especially with a Shakespearean slant. Intellectual humor is so rare these days.


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