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Obama as Othello: A Shakespeare Parody. Act 4 Scene 5 - Ted Nugent on Saturday Night Live

Updated on January 14, 2013

If you want to go back to the start when our main protagonist was a mere Senator then just click on this link.


Obama as Othello: A Shakespeare Parody. Act 4 Scene 5:

Ted Nugent on Saturday Night Live

The scene is the studios of NBC Television at Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

Tonight the legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live is about to transmit.

It is December 2010 and the show is jointly hosted by special guest presenters Richard Iago and veteran guitar hero Ted Nugent.


Iago: Good evening and welcome all you folks at home. This is Saturday Night Live and I'm Richard Iago

Ted: And I'm Ted Nugent in case you don't know

Iago: Tonight we have a special end of year show exclusively dedicated to one of the modern kings of showbiz

Ted: That's right folks. Tonight is wholly taken over by our special tribute to President Obama. We'll have jokes and sketches and all kinda fun.

Iago: How about that? Tonight we have Jamie Foxx playing the President and getting basketball lessons from Michael Jordan who appears as himself.

Ted: I thought it was about time Michael got back with the Looney Toons. It's a cartoon President we got.

Iago: We also got Arnie Schwarzenegger in a sketch called 'The Return of the Governator' where he goes on a tour around the White House.

Ted: With a 12-bore shotgun and plenty of ammo!!

Iago: Giving the President some political feedback.

Ted: And I'll be right behind Arnie with my bow and arrow to finish them off. You ain't never seen this kinda 'coup de grace' action in that 'West Wing' show.

Iago: We had hoped to have Tina Fey reprise her Sarah Palin role giving covering fire from an attack helicopter but the budget wouldn't stretch that far.

Ted: I love a flying turkey shoot,

Iago: Yeah! How about you Ted? You're gonna play a couple of tunes for us tonight as well?

Ted: You got it Rich. In the spirit of the show and the spirit of the wild I'll be rockin this joint tonight with 'Kiss My Ass' and 'Writing on the Wall'. I thought they would be kinda pertinent.

Iago: Right on dude! A musical dedication to Obama and I'm sure that'll be a whole lotta fun.

Ted: Hell! What do you expect folks. That Mao-Tse-Tung clown in the White House is always good for a laugh. He's the biggest joke in politics.

Iago: It's certainly been a tough few months for Mister President.

Ted: You said it Rich. Over 240 years after we fought for Independence we got the Brits attacking our shoreline again. And with our own oil. How come Obama couldn't get that hole plugged? It's been spewing out garbage for God knows how long.

Iago: Surely Ted you can't really blame Obama for the pipe leaking.

Ted: Who's talking about a crack in a pipe? I mean that big mouth of his. He was talking about the oil and saying he 'couldn't suck it up with a straw'. Well suck on the business end my M-16 instead dude!!

Iago: Finely put Ted! But talking about the crack in the pipe, that reminds me. What do you think of the first American President to admit to snorting cocaine?

Ted: I think he's still on it Richard my friend. This guys a dope. I'm high on freedom!! Don't do drugs folks, you might end up becoming a Democrat.

Iago: You gotta admit though that with Deepwater Horizon he handled it better than Bush did with the Louisiana floods. Wasn't that so cool when Obama met with the New Orleans Saints?

Ted: What the hell does he know about football? His game is basketball and way to go that fella that thumped him in the mouth.

Iago: Yeah, the President took a sore one in a practice game.

Ted: Keep practising dude! You might knock him out the next time.

Iago: Mmm! Do you know Ted? Technically that would make Joe Biden President if Obama was unconscious.

Ted: Biden's half-way there already

Iago: What? Half-way to the Presidency.

Ted: No man! I mean half-asleep! Stick something up his nose, might wake up the old fart.

Iago: But sure! Basketball can be tough. Twelve stitches Obama got outa that hit,

Ted: Yeah! And all twelve in that stupid mouth of his. Maybe shut him up for while. But hey Rich! If you thought he could handle a disaster then let's see how he copes with the fallout from the mid-term elections.

Iago: As he said, the Democrats took a real 'shellacking'

Ted: The Democrats were plucked, stuffed and roasted over an open fire. Just like a bunch of turkeys should be coming up to this time of year.

Iago : And of course Obama's shown he's no real hot-shot when it comes to being head of the Personnel Department. Another General gets his marching orders. The President sure couldn't pick a pumpkin in a turnip patch.

Ted: Maybe he should get Donald Trump to recruit his Afghan warriors. You know kinda like an 'Apprentice' type show on the TV

Iago: Cool idea Ted! We get all those military guys into two teams and let them slug it out for the top prize. Head honcho lording it over a quarter a million square miles of sand, stone and poppy fields.

Ted: Give them little fun projects to do.

Iago: Yeah!

Ted: Like build an A-bomb or maybe something a bit more complicated.

Iago: Absolutely! A real Manhattan Project for Trump Towers.

Ted: Blow it up Obama's ass!!!

Iago: Yes folks! It's sure gonna be a fun show tonight. Stay tuned for more after this break. Don't touch those dials.

Ted: Damn right you mothers! I'll kick your butts if you move one inch to that remote control. Uncle Ted has spoken and I'm the Commander-in-Chief around here.



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