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Writer's Block: Tips to Get You Writing Again

Updated on March 22, 2019

My cure for writer's block? The necessity of earning a living - James Ellroy

Writer's block is an exorbitance an author can't afford. When you're trying to follow your dreams as a blogger, novelist, book or screen play writer: the last thing you want in your way is the inability to come up with great content.

Getting your creative juices flowing doesn't have to be hard. You only need to follow a set routine for success. Today, I will discuss the best ways to overcome writer's block. Now let's get started.

Allow Yourself to Free Write

Free writing requires little to no brain storming. Just write something. Start with a simple word or phrase: if you're looking for content for your blog start with phrases such as top ten lists, healthy living and food recipes.

These incredible topics will eventually lead you to an idea. Start writing around your subject. If you can't muster a concept or topic: start with one word. Then slowly add ideas around that word.

For example: if you are using a word such as knitting: you can start adding other similar phrases or wording such as sewing, quilting, fabric, machines, clothes and making. This will instantly give you a blogging topic to start writing about. Just start with a word and the rest will flow into your mind. The goal is to remove the block. Free writing gives you the chance to accomplish this first rule.

If you are a book author or play writer stick with your creativity. You don't want to copy anyone else so try to built your own unique concepts. Write down names to help with character building. Search personality traits on Google that is associated with your name choices. This will give you pointers on how to present a character. Allow yourself to ventured out of the box.

Love stories don't have to be cliches. Mix love with comedy, action, thriller, fantasy, magic or science fiction. Let your mind travel on a journey of creative possibilities. Never limit yourself.

Theme building is essential in writing any great story. Remember, to start by first jotting down notes and ideas. It will turn into content and eventually a wonderful writing experience for you as a published writer. Never second guess yourself: just start writing.

Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration: the rest of us get up and go to work-Steven King

Avoid Distractions-Adapt a daily habit of writing

Every good writer understands that distractions must be avoided so the task at hand can be accomplished. Turn off your favorite news program, television show or series. Avoid listening to radio stations or checking social media accounts. Make sure you go somewhere quiet like an office, bed or library room. Take care of family obligations beforehand. Once you have done all these things: you will be able to solely focus on writing. Imagine the possibilities of letting your mind go to work and how this can lead to a positive response from the public. The better you write, the stronger your chances are at achieving your creative goals.

A fan base is built upon interesting content. If you dedicate yourself to writing every day and avoiding constant distractions, you will be successful in becoming a highly viewed published author. Tell yourself "I'm my own believer".

Distractions are a cancer to creativity. Never let it undermine your goal of succeeding as a professional content creator: just get up, knock out all daily tasks and start writing. It's really just that simple. Let this be your everyday routine.

Edit and Proof Read Your Work

Proof reading is essential in succeeding in the business world. Google and other public domains only feature high quality content. HP is no different as well other various media outlets. Even manuscripts live or die based upon the quality of the content.

Good grammar is the basis for successful writing. If people have trouble grasping your content or idea, it is basically history when it comes to social marketing and mass appeal.

Make sure to go over your work at least ten times before submitting to a publisher. Mistakes happen but it can be corrected by a healthy dose of proofreading.

Get into the habit of proofreading your work. Don't be lazy. It will make or break your artistic goals. Challenge yourself by adopting this routine as a habit. The more quality habits you place into your work, the better it will be received by the public.

Ask friends, family or co-workers for their input. Let them read your work as well. Welcome constructive criticism. It will make you a stronger writer. Don't be too hard on yourself or become cynical to others opinions: stay humble. Everything will eventually work out in your favor. Time and hard work will eventually balance its self out. Be dedicated to your craft. Don't allow failure to discourage you. We all fail sometimes. It's called trial and error.

This concludes my article on how to overcome writer's block. Please, feel free to leave your comments below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Break through the clouds of self doubt and just shine- Theblogchick

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