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Updated on July 27, 2012

Best Day Ever to be a Kid

Pittsburgh native Mac Miller has exploded from an underground hip-hop sensation into a mainstream musical figure among the likes of teenagers with rapid force. His google searches & twitter followers have more than tripled since dropping his latest mix-tape Best Day Ever. Having many outsiders wondering how some no name white kid rapping is quickly selling out venues across the country?

For starters, Mac has been able to exploit the niche market of weed rap garnering numbers of stoner groupies like his mentor and partner in crime Wiz Khalifa. But his subject matter is more than talking about his favorite herb; Mac Miller has captured an audience bored with tired themes and fake gangster personas. He has brought forth subject matter his audience can relate to "growing up in suburban America."

His last mixtape K.I.D.S. aka Kicking Incredibly Dope Sh** was a huge success among the internet rap community. With innovative visuals in his music videos, pop choruses and fast paced lyrics Mac Miller became an instant hit among self proclaimed hip-hop heads. Most notably known for his "Senior Skip Day"  (6 million views), Miller approaches the songs with a sing song flow and raps about everyday things. Things kids can relate too. 

Listen to 'People Under Stairs'


Hey!Microphone testing, testing

You playing politician you Martian Sheen on the west wing

Guessing, the best thing, for me to do is to spit it

This shit is never a gimmick you listen more than a minute

I’ve been spitting flows, since the kid was 6 years old

And if you listen close, I do this like some miss match clothes

Its whatever, put it together, you never could be this clever

I’m rocking the mic forever, you gunna stop me never

I’m cocky because I love that you 'Rocky' without the punches

Hockey without the ice, and boxes without the lunches

Flowing like me, no one and I got you mad, b***h

So your boys are nothing but just, average

I ain’t telling no body how they should live they life

I got my own shit to deal with so that just isn’t right

I’m just trying to leave the crib go out and live tonight

S***, f*** that, I’m locked in the lab working

Dropping the track, beats get bodied and bagged certain

See the world through 1st 2nd & 3rd person

Omniscient, listening so efficient

Trapped in my own goal-line ready to go the distance

Consider it a privilege, that’s a gift to witness

History in the making, you f***ing b****es

Just playing with ya’ll, still waiting in line for my name to get called

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    • Derick Ash profile image

      Derick Ash 

      7 years ago from Virginia Beach

      i need to upload something like this for my lyrics, written over the spittin nice collaboration.


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