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Updated on September 3, 2014
Camel; Author Erdenebayar
Camel; Author Erdenebayar | Source

Words Are Bleeding Nerves

Do you care

To take a breath of fresh air

While heading up the stair

Never leaving your chair

The decision

Compare it with vision

Appears to be not fair

In one's mind the vision

Is an apparition

Stemming from, there is no scientific explanation

Of the cause, an unusual sensation

Wraps around

Without uttering a sound.

Poetry Reeling In Motion

Poetry, the two to four legged mammal

As swift as a cheetah with the grace of a camel

An intelligent animal.

Poetry, the simplest form of creative writing, inhabits many of the minds of the known as well as the unknown writers of past and present. At this precise moment in the evolution of time an unknown is composing her thoughts and presenting them to an audience who is willing to read the racing and calm words of her expression. Expression is the opening of the doorway leading into the isolated hallway where an occasional soul drifts to the exit of the building housing the brain of Jane.

Image an old brick school building. This building will house your physical brain. It is reminiscent of our early days as we walked to and from school. Education was and still is the key to developing our skills to find our place in a challenging world. After all, how Freudian can that be? I find that quite fascinating.

Author: Geralt
Author: Geralt | Source

Neural Pathways; Think Hallways

Sitting at a wooden desk with carved names and images where there was once a section to place an ink bottle, now it is only an empty circular opening. The desk is uneven and rattles each time the student places pen to paper. Phrased in metaphorical terms, it causes the thought processes to be disrupted increasing the flow of anger so that the pot over boils.


Author: LukeDavison
Author: LukeDavison | Source

Suggestions For Writing

Here are a few suggestions I would like to share with the reading audience in regards to the start up of creative writing:

  • Start a personal diary
  • Learn new words and different ways to phrase sentences
  • Read and observe various writing styles
  • Start writing and be comfortable with making mistakes
  • Start a poetry diary and make a mental note on your progress

Observe The Inner

How does one tick? We are all individuals with different styles. There are miles upon miles of various styles but the shoe must be a proper fit. Shakespeare had his creative way of building a sonnet. To define the meaning of sonnet: It is a poem, properly constructed with a single complete thought which consists of 14 lines, including rhymes arranged according to one of certain definite plans (look that one up in the dictionary). A mere attempt by my own hand resulted in this:

To write a sonnet as one can perceive

Takes great thought and a talent to write

However who can believe

To arise in the night

For the composing of words

Written on paper so white

The sonnet sings the song of the birds

By the sun's gentle light

Oh, let there be joy in the prime of my life

To write the sonnet of emotion

Words that cut with the edge of a knife

Yet, there are words conjuring, like a potion,

How do I make the sentences flow?

So that the reader shall comprehend

That this sonnet shall glow

And of its own fault shall mend.

I must hand it to Shakespeare since he really had a way with words.

The Sum Of All That Matters

Experiencing the process of creative writing gives me a rise in my serotonin levels. You may feel the same way also. In my opinion the creative mind releases the serotonin levels during and after writing creative material. It can be compared to a ride on a roller coaster; meaning the thrill of it all. What a fantastic experience! I have been keeping diaries for well over 10 years now.

Will I become a poet and write poetry?

Will I become a writer and express the inner me?

Much shall be said about what is on my mind

That I do not want a thought left behind

Oh to have a beautiful mind left open like a book

To have every spectator stroll by and have a look.

Keep in mind poetry and creative writing is a sacred relic to the unknown poet. Are you a poet and don't know it?

Wisdom Is Earned Not Given

Author: hotblack
Author: hotblack | Source

Wisdom is earned and not given

Count your years, how many have you been livin'

Owls are symbolic creatures of the wise

Open your eyes

Count each feather you have earned

Practice each lesson you have learned

The good in people is of grave concern

The bad in people we must spurn

As this world on its axis it does turn.


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    • J - R - Fr13m9n profile image

      Jane Ramona Rynkiewicz Frieman 3 years ago from Morris County, New Jersey

      My thanks to you Rock_nj for sharing my POETIC NEUROSIS. Sometimes I wonder whether my writings are read out there in internet land.