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About The Paranormal - Paperless Society

Updated on June 19, 2013

About the Paranormal

(Archived record of my LA Xpress NewsPaper Column)


Paperless Society

More and more, we are living in a paperless society. Many people enjoy this, as it reduces clutter; others, not so much. Some people fear that in a paperless society, all of our information could be controlled. In a "1984" type scenario, the people in control of our information could change history, censor, and control our businesses and lives. This leads to a lot of fear.

I was thinking about this scenario, however, and I realized that paperless-ness goes both ways. What would happen to the CIA if a hacker took down Facebook, or an electrical equipment neutralizing bomb were placed near the servers? It was then that it dawned on me, that if EVERYONE goes paperless, we are ALL at risk of loosing information, or having it changed on us; not just "the people."

Now is it possible, that this has happened before? Were we an advanced civilization long ago, then plunged into a stone age due to our electric gadgets loosing power and information? What would we do if we lost all of the information that is now only a digital blip? It wouldn't be so easy just to go online and learn how to grow food, or repair things. We wouldn't be able to ship items, how would we communicate or know where anything was? Our whole world would change instantly if the digital information were to vanish.

What would you do if this happened? If it were me, I would take what I already know and try to survive, then write down the information to help others, in the most permanent way possible. Is this why Egyptians and other cultures wrote in stone? They engraved their knowledge so deeply into stone that it has lasted to this day. We might not understand most of it anymore, but it certainly helped them out. They weren't about to loose any information in an electric blip.

So is it possible that a prior civilization grew advanced, stored all their information in a non-physical format as ours is today, then the information vanished and they determined to make the most permanent stone marks possible? People might say "well where is the archaeological evidence? Wouldn't we find old half decayed cell phones?" Not necessarily. That would imply that the information sharing devices people were using, were made out of materials which could last the siege of time, or that we would recognize the equipment. What if they made cell phones out of biodegradable corn plastic, what if they used an implanted biological chip? What if they shared their information and made calls through diamonds or crystal, and we have no idea how to "turn on the cell phone" so to speak? Some people studying the ancient crystal skulls that were discovered, believe this very thing.

Perhaps this is not what happened - after all we do have pre-historic skeletons that seem to imply our very stone and stick cave origins are the only thing that has ever existed on this planet. But is it also possible that another highly developed human race may have landed here with such technology, then plunged into the stone age with us after something wiped out their information sharing technology?

We have all heard stories of alien craft that contain odd flat panels with no seeming controls on it. One swipe of a hand here or there, might turn on the panel. This doesn't seem like such a far fetched idea now that we have touch screen smart phones. So what is it? Did another species figure out how to avoid losses and crashes of knowledge? Could it be possible that we can avoid an information crash and humankind develops into something like these aliens seem to be? Or are we going to loose everything due to our paperless society and plunge back into a less advanced civilization because we are getting rid of physical forms of information sharing?

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Sydney Silver's LA Xpress Paper Column, Original Printing photo
Sydney Silver's LA Xpress Paper Column, Original Printing photo


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