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Pay the Price

Updated on May 16, 2016
...Is not always save...Tessy needed to go her own way...
...Is not always save...Tessy needed to go her own way...

Tessy had everything pertaining to life and godliness. Her life was a bed of roses having been born with a silver spoon in her mouth unlike her mates that didn’t even see a wooden spoon to be born with. Being groomed in the Christian faith at a period when knowing God was the key to a successful youthful life, she wouldn’t have asked for more from life.

The glimpse of destiny and reality of God gripped little Tessy. Life is all about God, she already knew and stayed in the edge built around her. So great the opportunities that located Tessy. She led the youth of her church and every parent saw her life as a great emulation for their children.

During youth events, she had the slots to speak, motivating, encouraging and moulding the lives of the youth of her church. As it were, her parents, spiritual instructors and friends watched her to ensure she stayed on track through their prayers, admonishment and rebukes. Her exemplary life exceeded to her academic excellence.

Soon came the need to leave home as Tessy got admission to study for her tertiary education. Then came the wind of temptation and so great was the fall. Tessy could not stand the outside world. How free it seems to live life on your own terms! Not having to be controlled by anybody became her watchword. Surely, as you lay your bed, so you lie on it.

It is true Tessy was born a great woman but staying the great woman was to be determined by the kind of heart Tessy really had. Her inner capacity was as strong as being at home and her light could not shine at the outside world. She sought freedom. There has to be more beyond this life created for her! In her crave for a taste of the world system, Tessy subscribed to having a feel of life. Not too soon, she gave a yes to her determined admirer Jessy. She sold her soul to the fashion of life and began her new experience on campus, so she lost grip of divinity for humanity. There was no campus hit Tessy didn’t attend with Jessy. She got involved readily with his sexual appeal.

Tessy hadly thought about consequences but said yes to anything Jessy asked. Soon, she lost focus and dropped to an average turning into a confused, indecisive, easily manipulated and cut-off-from-God Tessy. The once spirit controlled Tessy now was an emotion controlled freak.

How often we lose ourselves in search of reality that lies in trivial things of this life. We give ourselves up for the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life to rule our lives. God has created us for a purpose which is good. (Jeremiah 29:11). He has set the course of our lives and He expects us to follow and be in charge, become fruitful and multiply Himself in us to the world. (Genesis 1:28).

God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. He has made provision for all that pertains to our lives and godliness. If we fall, He has given us sufficient grace to rise up, purge ourselves and be on the move to bring Him glory. God created you and said you are good. If there be any impurity in us, we got it in by ourselves and it is our duty to get it off our lives. Hence the need to pay the price to get the prize.

There are prizes to be received from God. Paying the price entails building inner capacity through an intimacy created through consistent fellowship with God, creating godly characters of a disciplined spirit, love, faith and letting the fruit of the spirit produce from your inside. Finishing strong is the deal. Tessy had all one could desire to become the best product but she sold it to her emotions and inability to control her thoughts. Tessy’s mind became the giant that destroyed her glorious destiny as she failed to enhance her inner capacity.

Even Jesus Christ paid the price before he got the prize. He left the comfort of heaven, passed through suffering, and didn’t joke with his devotion to God. It is indeed no pain no gain. How many of us today want to get to the top without first counting the cost and preparing to meet the demands.

Until you pay the price on the grounds of building intimacy with your maker, and bearing the fruit of the spirit- that is, godly character that will sustain the gift of God in your life, you cannot receive the prize of a fulfilled destiny here on earth and eternity with God. The Lord’s standard is ‘keep yourself pure and I will use you for every good work’. Only the pure in heart will see Jesus! So pay the price!


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    • profile image

      Chris 2 years ago

      Great piece. But I would love to read about specific situations and how Tessy was able to overcome or succumb as the case may be. Without getting too graphic a fair description or taking the reader into Tessys' mind and thinking would suffice.

      I also think that Jessy is somewhat feminine for a guys name.