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Creepy Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Updated on October 10, 2013

Pet Sematary

Stephen King is a pioneer in the horror genre, and has completed many respectable novels and films, and ask any American who he is, they will know.

Pet Sematary could fall into the "cheese" category, until you really start thinking about this movie and its creepy ass elements. The fact that the film was created in 1989 helps highlight the "cheese content" but this is still a film that was way beyond its time. I cannot wait for the release of the modern remake, that is scheduled to shoot in 2013 and will be directed by Alexandre Aja!

Do not allow children under 12 to view this, and adult supervision is suggested for those 12 and up!

First Honorable Mentions;

I’d like to name a few of the works by Stephen King that are definitely worth reading/seeing, before I continue on the topic of Pet Sematary.

· The Shining A man and his family are left to take care of a haunted resort during a collasal blizzard

· Cujo A diseased dog goes on a rampage

· Misery A woman obsessed with a novelist hits the jack pot when he crashes his car near her house

· Shawshank Redemption A great prision break!

· The Green Mile A man with supernatural powers is wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of two young children

Back to Pet Sematary

When I first saw this movie I believe I was 10 years old, and it scared the hell out of me. I use to watch it weekly with a school friend and her sister. We’d order a Domino’s pizza and watch it after school. At sleepovers we’d quote things from the movie and scare the crap out of each other! I have such fond memories of my childhood thanks to this classic!!

So...what makes this movie so great?

It’s not the plot itself. It’s not the filming. It’s not the acting. It’s the undertones and the elements.

Where are you going to find another horror movie that has all these elements? You'll be hard pressed that's for sure.

· Mental illness

· Crippling disfiguring disease- tubercular condition, spinal meningitis

· Suicide-hanging

· Possession-of animals and children!

· Resurrection

· Sleepwalking?

· Ancient Indian burial grounds-which are just plain spooky

· Ghosts

· Child abuse

· Death by burning

· Murder

· Tragic accidents

· Gruesome child death-you don’t see that in a lot of movies

· Mysterious unexplained creepy ass painting?

The plot revolves around an all American family, and a husband with a struggling practice in health care. They relocate to a quiet rural down for him to begin working at a local school in the clinic there.

Things quickly collapse as the young couples son is killed by a tragic car accident. The husband begins being haunted by a friendly ghost of a student he tried to save that was also killed.

Soon he discovers that an ancient Indian burial ground can reanimate his loved ones, but not with their previous personalities...


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    • Bishop55 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      Thanks! I should have written more on this. I really liked AHS. 1 &2. How about walking dead? The comic was cool. I really want to see Bates Motel, but that's coming on AMC. I'm a big horror fan too.

    • mercuryservices profile image

      Alex Munkachy 

      5 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      I love horror, and this was a cool movie. Cheesy in a good way. Check out American Horror Story if you haven't seen it yet. The first season is great and it's on netflix.

    • bizarrett81 profile image


      5 years ago from Maine

      I'm excited to see a remake, I love Stephen King's books, but I don't like many of the movies. One that I would LOVE to see done RIGHT is The Stand. Great hub!!

    • profile image

      Proud Foot 

      5 years ago

      There's going to be a remake? I look forward to that very much, I'm sure it will be even more horrifying!


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