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Poem: I Want to Run Away

Updated on November 16, 2011
anglnwu profile image

When words and dreams collide, poetry results. These poetry hubs reflect my life, my interests and all the things that move me.

Running away from life?


Ways to unwind, relax and reclaim your sanity:

Take a Vacation

Take a vacation--with your family, with yourself--just plan an escape--you'll feel better.
Take a vacation--with your family, with yourself--just plan an escape--you'll feel better. | Source

Connect with Nature


Enjoy family, friends and food.


Sing your blues away.


In Quiet Meditation


On the wings of prayer


I Want to Run

Under the shadow of Your wings

Away from the clanking din

My pillow—the softness of Your downs

To lay my head

And erase the lines of my frowns.

I want to run

To the highest peak

Where clouds bend to kiss

Emerald green of glorious kinds

Breathe in, breath out

In rhythm to nature’s quiet signs.

I want to run

To the softness of your embrace

Your heart thumping against mine

Tracing the lines of my imperfection

The warmth of August sun

Illuminating, yet no condemnation.

I want to run

Under the folds of quilts

Thick and warm

There to smolder fears and tears

The sweet slumber of suspension

Untold troubles no longer sear.

I want to run

Into the midst of chaos

Lost in the cacophony of distraction

To drown sorrows in the bitter cup

Dull senses, drunken nerves

Wallowing in the cusp of life’s mud.

I want to run

Where rivers cannot flood

Where fires cannot singe

Where wolves, serpents and ravens

Find no resting ground

To rule the nest, to sing.

I want to run

Into the winds beneath the wings

Of prayers made of faith and dare

To linger, to ponder God’s power

And I—a drop in the bucket

Insignificant, yet swathed in love’s showers.

I want to run

Inside of myself

To find the mirror of peace

The true syncopation of life

To rise upon the noise

To live, laugh, love …defy.


Does life get your down? Do you feel defeated, worn and tired? You’re jaded, stressed and on the verge of distress? You’re pushed from all sides and you feel like breaking? Been there? I've felt that way many times in life--when life is just unbearable and totally cluttered with life's demands and anxieties. I've learned to run away to a place of safety..a place where I can recoup, recharge and re-energize and feel alive again. Yes, the go-to place. It is different for everybody. Hanging out with friends, playing the guitar or guitar hero, getting a massage, a spa treatment, a night's out, flying off to exotic hide-outs or just a barbecue in the backyard--what's yours?

Enjoy a Spa Treatment or some relaxing routine.


Get Some Sleep...and Sleep like a baby.


Get Involved with Sports--a natural outlet for stress relief.


Run as Fast as You Can

When life gets weary

Its pace dreary.

When world is too much

And everything sucks.

When life gets lame

And there’s no one to blame.

When the daily grind turns frenzy

And your boss is crazy.

When life sends you on a spin

And straps of patience wear thin.

When burdens gets heavy

And you’ve lost your savvy.

When your strength is small

And you can’t stand tall.

When life leaves you lonely

Cherished memories just a story.

When happiness is nowhere

The vast emptiness stare.

When the inside of you is crying

But outside, smiling and still lying.

When the underpinnings give way

And you're trapped in storm’s sway.

When life mocks,

And you can no longer take stocks.

When life won’t rhyme

No matter which mountain you climb.


Run as fast as you can

Run, run, run

Find your spot in the sun.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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