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In The Nick of Time: She Found Herself

Updated on October 15, 2016

She walks through the hollows,

she swallows, she swallows,

the past that followed,

that followed,

She died to find what is already inside,

a perceptual hue: the colour of blue,


will do whatever you want it to do,

just let it bleed through,

and feed you,

listen as the depths read,

keeping you safe and sound,

in the underground you walk to be found,

and as you walk around, trust the ones who are just,

and let go of the ones you must,

shadows turn to dust,

a thick crust surrounds trust,

a heavy lust is held in the center,

and then you reach the cusp

A light love,

she swallows, she swallows,

what is gone, and what has yet to belong,

in a world of no right or wrong,

she walks through the hollows,

in two places at once,

weaving in and out,

threading the cloth of her soul,

once dead and dormant,

like a lump of coal,

in the center a burning flamed flickered silently,

to trust it all,

that is her call,

knowing that in the end it's all lost and she's found,

in the nick of time

Love is The Thread of The Soul
Love is The Thread of The Soul | Source

Believe in one time,

believe that we still have time,

I will meet you again,

with a touch of fate,

I'm on my own two feet,

walking towards you,

on solid ground,

all these beautiful people are part of hello and goodbye,

without a reason why,

I believe I will meet you again: in faith

I may be thirty,

I may be twenty four point nine, nine, nine,

but the one thing I know,

it will be; in the nick of time

Climbing The Vines of Salvation to See The Sunrise
Climbing The Vines of Salvation to See The Sunrise | Source

In the nick of time, the dollar shines,

and crime becomes crime,

It is what it is my friends,

salvation climbs the vine, in hopes of seeing the sun shine,

will you shine?

will you shine?

she decided to put aside who she thought herself to be,

to become someone she could depend on,

Love is tallest,

look up!

Do you trust yourself?

She looks up to see, she is not all that she thought herself to be,

She is what she can, and cannot see,

So she asks love to give her sight,

so that she may not fight, but own the right,

to light with love,

in the moon, in the stars, and in the sun,

where we are one,

we are one,

In this place where the hollows meet the sun,

love fills her heart,

and she swallows, she swallows,

in the nick of time

Looking up!
Looking up! | Source

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