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Poem - One Bench Away...

Updated on March 13, 2017
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I have been writing intermittently for over 10 years. And I continue to write poems, stories, etc., because it is always fun to write.

One Bench Away...

One bench away...
What's left to say...
Just one bench away...
Today could be that day...

When i saw you,
Just for the first time,
Somehow i knew that,
One day, you'll be mine

A pretty girl walking,
Only you on the street,
And then the magic began,
And my heart skipped a beat

Had heard so much,
About love, about beauty,
Never thought even i'd get,
This great feeling within me

Have i seen you,
Before in my dream,
The most beautiful girl,
Of all that i have ever seen

I've searched so long,
For the most sweetest girl,
There is nothing else like you,
You are the jewel of the world;

Here a little "hi",
There a little "hello",
I can't describe the joy,
Just to see you in yellow

Like a piece of the sky,
Fell down, when you are in blue,
But then again, any colour would,
Look good, as long as it is on you

Do you even know,
When you are dressed in white,
How amazingly wonderful you look,
Really, you are an angel in the night

I wonder how you'd look,
When you will wear green,
I think you would look really cool,
Like you just stepped out of a dream

When the whole world becomes,
A city that only brightens after dark,
You are a divine source of inspiration,
That is when i long to see you in black

I want to see you,
When there's only me and you,
Somehow, i will see you in the night,
When the world belongs to just us two;

How to tell you,
How you make me feel,
And how i've waited so long,
For a girl like you that is real

I love these magical moments,
When i'm with you, now i know,
I need no words as i can feel you,
And i promise, i'll never let you go

I will find a way to,
Tell you about myself,
I just think about you and,
Then the poem writes itself

It's difficult to believe,
That this could be true,
This feeling is incredible,
Wow! i can't live without you

One bench away,
What's left to say,
Just one bench away,
Today could be that day

One bench away,
What's left to say,
Just one bench away,
Today will be that day.

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