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Poem: Rejuvination

Updated on March 11, 2009

Poems by The Magic<8>Ball

For my Lovely Wife after her recent surgery which after 3 years of pain and misery restored her health.

By Ben Patridge

Is this the anticipated day?
my sunrise
my erupting hope geyser
my Haley’s comet of elation
my new years ball drop time to celebrate

exhilaration consumes
tears of disbelief swell
cautious …
have I been here before?
cautions …
am I dreaming inside the padded room?
cautious …
dare not this future I foretell?
breathe in … out … cautious …
hand in hand stepping over and thru with you

How? When did life win with complexity
splitting diamond with porous wood nails
innocence lost amongst individuality
winds of self righteousness have filled these tattered sails

amazed by this dawn of forgiveness
yearning second by second to pair
one singular desire for joy endless
a gift found your sultry soft hazel eye stare

In three breaths of sweet affirmation
a resonant tone in the chambers of my heart
electrically charged with rejuvenation
feeling now two never shall part

distant hope now replaced by excitement
hands squeeze with determined resolve
calm waters replace
strife, sadness, anger, hate
with two hearts that answered God’s call

now thankful for this moment
watching the sun rise over this day new
kiss me beneath the sun’s warming shadow
feel my embrace as I whisper I love you


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