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Poem - When Ego Comes To Town

Updated on November 24, 2010

Warring Tribes

Come to Visit Again

Locked Horns, Stubborn Feet

Dig in Your Heels

Camouflage Your Insecurity

Yet the More You Fight

The More Obvious it Is

Conglomerates Have Nothing on You

At Least They Have Profit to Inspire

Blocking My Every Snippet of Goodwill

Rejecting an Openness

That is Required

For Negotiations to Begin

You Muddy the Waters

So No one Can See In

Dare They See

The Real You

Then You Cut Til the Wound Weeps

And the Natural Thing to Do

Is to Retaliate

But then You Will have Honoured Your Battle

I Back Down

My Self Respect only Shrapnel

And It takes All summoned Potency

To Walk Away

While You Exult

Streaming Your Triumph

But Only I Know

That there was no Victory at All.


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    • know one profile image

      know one 7 years ago from Australia

      I like these types of poems. And I really like this one (not sure I get the capitalisation though). It makes me want to be there... but I'm not so good at walking away. And maybe that's why I want to be there ;-)