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Poems From the Porch 23

Updated on September 17, 2022
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John has many years of writing experience in poetry, short fiction and text for children's books. Basically, he just loves to write.


What Do You Fear?

Hello My Friends, and welcome to the porch this week. Before we get to the poetry let's just sit and discuss something that has been on my mind lately - fear. Let me ask, "What is your greatest fear in today's world?" Just have a think about that for a second.

We are all fearful of certain things like snakes, big hairy spiders, the dark, water (if we can't swim) etc. but I'm not really talking about those that relate mainly to phobias and such. It seems that every time you tune in to the 6 o'clock news or read the latest news stories on the Internet we are inundated with things to be frightened of, the latest being the Coronavirus.

We are constantly being bombarded with things we should fear: terrorism, nuclear attack, illegal immigrants, HIV, climate change, even the additives in foods we eat that could give us cancer or diabetes. It's as if the Government and authorities think we won't be happy unless we are fearful.

There are many different systems of control operating at the same time on all peoples all over the world. Political, legal and religious. First and foremost is FEAR in its many forms. So social pressure is manipulated through the media. It is also one of the most effective way of controlling a population, as well as distracting attention from issues they are embarrassed over or think may not be popular.

We have a lot greater chance of having one form of cancer, or having heart disease, or the flu, than contracting the coronavirus but we don't live in constant fear of those. We are aware, but not really fearful.The odds are much greater that we could be killed crossing the street or involved in a car accident or by an allergic reaction than by terrorism. But terrorism and new health threats sell news.

(I am not diminishing the threat and severity of the Coronavirus, however, as there is new information surfacing about its deliberate spread and that it may have been laboratory created and tested on prisoners.)

It just makes me wonder what will be next.

That's my rant over, now for some poetry.


Shauna L Bowling

“So, you say you need more prompts, eh? Let's see.....

What was your favorite childhood cartoon or TV show? Write a poem about it and see if we can guess the name of the show (or cartoon).

Okay, Shauna, I chose one. This was among my favourites as a child and should be obvious to anyone around our age. Let’s see how many guess it. I doubt I will have to reveal the answer.

My Favourite TV Show/Cartoon Growing Up

See if you can guess the name

of this TV cartoon.

It was one of my favourites

I watched each afternoon.

Rosie is our faithful maid,

Astro is our dog.

I work for Spacely Sprockets

and not for Cogswell Cogs.

Our young son is called Elroy,

our teenage daughter’s Judy,

I am George, my wife is Jane,

My computer friend’s called R.U.D.I

Skypad Appartments is our home

in modern Orbit City.

Our daughter has a digital diary

affectionately called DiDi.

Jane, stop this crazy thing!

— George ......

I take a flying car to work,

our home has space age cons,

our robot maid’s outdated

but we love her and keep her on.

Sometimes she goes haywire

when she suffers a short circuit.

Our Building Super’s robot Mac

attempts to be her suitor.

By now I’m sure you know our name,

unless you’re far too young.

We were first screened in the 60s

and in the 80s once again.

Our ancestors were the Flintstones

in stone age Bedrock days.

Technology has advanced since then

in oh so many ways.


Bill Holland

“... when you get the time, how about one about woodpeckers?”

Unfortunately we don’t have woodpeckers here in Australia, Bill, so I am not very familiar with them. i did a little research, though, and this is what I came up with.

Even the woodpecker owes is success to the fact that he uses his head and keeps pecking away until he finishes the job he starts.

— Coleman Cox


“How much wood would a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker could peck wood?”

Of woodpeckers I know little,

much less than I should,

so I did a bit of quick research

but my knowledge’s still not good.

Their physiology’s impressive,

their tongue wraps around their brain

to cushion it from impact

as they peck, peck, peck again.

These birds aren’t native where I reside

so, I’ve never seen one live.

I read they peck in search of food,

bugs and grubs that in wood thrive.

They also peck to communicate

and to make holes for their nests,

but, the Woody Woodpecker cartoon

is the woodpecker I know best.

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker | Source
Woody Woodpecker
Woody Woodpecker | Source

Linda Lum

“How about a poem about a cook in the kitchen? It could be an experienced chef, or someone who is hapless and helpless. Let your Muse guide you.”

Thank you four the prompt, Linda. I took your advice and let my muse guide me, and guess what? She said to write about myself haha. I am certainly not an “experienced chef”, and I wouldn’t call myself “helpless“ in the kitchen. Maybe, ”hapless” depending what I am asked to cook.

A Man in the Kitchen

I told my wife to stay in bed,

To have a restful day.

I’d make her breakfast on my own

In my unique and special way.

Poached eggs and bacon are the go,

I’ve cooked this meal before.

Boil some water in a pan,

Add vinegar, less is more.

Then crack the eggs into the pan,

And put bacon on to grill.

The technique’s very easy,

It’s the timing that takes skill.

My mother’s menu consisted of two choices. Take It! or Leave It!

— Buddy Hackett

I need to get those egg whites firm

But let the yolk stay runny,

Make sure the bacon gently crisps.

Then I’ll be on the money.

Throw some tomato in the grill,

Sprinkle it with sugar.

I’d add some caviar if I could

But my pantry lacks Beluga.

A few button mushrooms fried in butter,

And bread into the toaster,

Then a cup of tea with lemon

Is placed onto a coaster.

Now, if I’ve synchronised it well

All will be cooked to perfection,

And when I serve it to my love

It will exceed her expectations.

Of course, the dog will want a taste,

So, there’s a little on the side.

Then I’ll cook more for myself,

The husband of the bride.


Audrey Hunt

“I'd love to see what you can come up with using "Lies or Dishonesty" as the subject for a poem. Thanks, John.”

Audrey, there is so much lying and dishonesty in the world it is often hard to find the truth. My muse jumped on this topic, and the following poem resulted.

No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?

— George Orwell - Animal Farm

Seekers of the Truth, Stand Bravely!

Seekers of the Truth, stand bravely! For they create a land of need.

They wield the whip of poverty, and promote the growth of Greed.

The millionaires are singing to the beating of the drums,

See the building of their mansions, and the spreading of the slums.

Roll a wave of battle music from the east unto the west,

’Till it finds the homeless veteran, ‘till it fires his lowly breast.

Fight the politicians’ cruelty! Claim the rights that they begrudge!

Have the angels for a jury, and the King of Kings the judge.

It is more than just the present, it’s the future that we fight,

To prevent the lowly peasant crushed beneath the heel of Might.

Seekers of the Truth, stand bravely! For your worthy cause is grand.

You are standing for your freedom, fighting for your children’s land.

Break the old financial systems that support the rich man‘s lies.

Spread the truth ‘till tens of thousands march together and uprise.

Slowly, surely, onward going, the resistance growing strong,

Sweeping all the lies aside, let the tide of truth flow on.

Raise the sound of battle music, for each woman, child, and man,

So it rings across the oceans to the poor of other lands.

Let the poets and the writers stand for truth against the lies

Until words of TRUTH and FREEDOM are blazed across the skies.


© 2020 John Hansen


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