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Poems from the Jersey Shore 4 - Colors of the Rainbow

Updated on April 23, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.


Another Secluded Week At The Jersey Shore

Welcome to the fourth week of Poems from the Jersey Shore.

We are working on six weeks of sheltering in place here in New Jersey. I admit it is a little bizarre not working. It is also eerie going to the stores and seeing people with masks. The good news is I can still draw and write.

The poems in this weeks segment are poems I had that I decided to finish . There are two new one also. I hope you enjoy them and come back for the next offering.

Yellow is...

Yellow is the rain coat

My momma made me wear

Yellow is the color

Of your curly long blond hair

Yellow are the flowers

In the very tall vase

Yellow is the glow

Of a sunshine face

Yellow is a canary

Singing a sweet song

Yellow are the bananas

Some are short, some are long

Yellow is the lemon

Inside the merange pie

Yellow is the bright sun

Shining in the noon sky

Yellow are the ears of corn

Hanging two or three per stalk

Yellow is the color

Painted on the walls

Green is...

Green is color of a

Parrot who likes to talk

Green are the feathers in

A great and grand peacock’s tail

Green is the grand stone

Set in a jaded ring

Green is the money

That makes a rich man sing

Green is the mint flavor

Of my favorite ice cream

Green are the many leaves

On each branch of the big tree

Green is my new hair

From the generic brand dye

Green is the twinkle

in the tail of a firefly

Green is them new moss

Sitting upon all the rocks

Green is the grass stain

On the bottoms of my socks


Blue is...

Blue is the face of a

Quiet and lonely man

Blue are the five fingers

On a very cold hand

Blue is the bright sky

On a cloudless sunny day

Blue is the water

In the ocean’s way

Blue is the hair on my

Grandmother’s‘sweet head

Blue is the mold on a

Weeks old piece of bread

Blue is the little berry

Hanging on each prickly bush

Blue, the color of the bruise

On my newly fallen tush

Blue is the ink on the

Freshly written book page

Blue is a little bird

Yelling on top of the cage

Pixabay | Source

Red is...

A series of 5-7-5 syllable Haikus

Red, the color of

A bunch of Valentine’s roses

Two dozen more dough

Red is the face of

The bride who just said I do

Two words something new

Red is the color of

A brave firemen’s shiny ride

Heroes sit inside

Red is the sting of

A really bright summer sun

Lotion cools what is done

Red is the big round nose

On a silly clown’s white face

You want to laugh and laugh

Red is the apple

Ready to fall off the tree

Pie for you and me

Red is the road sign

Which calls on us all to stop

No, watch for the cop


I once knew a girl

named Petunia

Who was just a

bit peculiar

She wore the strangest

clothes ever seen

A bright pink shirt, orange pants

shoes of green

In addition to that

on top of her head

She wore a cowboy hat

trimmed in red

Petunia, oh Petunia

why’d you take your love away

Petunia, oh Petunia

Wonder where you’re at today

Petunia made people laugh

up, through, and all over town

As she’d ride her backwards

bike around and around

Petunia, oh Petunia

why’d you take your love away

Petunia, oh Petunia

Wonder where you’re at today

Grey Hair

When I woke up this morning

I found another grey hair

Don’t know what’s causing them

But there‘s a lot more up there

I’ve heard they’re signs of wisdom

That doesn’t appeal to me

Now I have a lot of white hair

Oh Lord how can that be?

I’d pass them off and move on

I can’t let them go

I must realize the whole truth

My heads white as snow

I know each year I grow older

I’ll need some hair dye

To give me back some color

Be no more old guy

Pixabay | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt


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