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Positive and Negative Life

Updated on April 10, 2020
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The idea of being positive is should be taught from the childhood, so the parents has to learn their children how to be positive.

Positive and negative life

Although all humans are the same, everyone has a different life, everyone lives what we can call a separate life that consists of experiences, situations of success and fail, bad and good memories and goals they desire to achieve.

I think a lot about life, and results people get upon their acts and actions in their lives and I got that there are two types of life positive life and negative life, positive life is the life that depend on positive and happy thoughts and optimistic expectations. and per contra, negative life is the life of bad, pessimist and negative thoughts, expectations and points of view.

in fact, I didn't only think about the two kinds of life, but I lived the two kinds of life. I lived the life of success, happiness, luxury and optimistic way of thinking, and I lived the life of sadness, failure and depression. So, I have an enough experience to say that there are reasons which we can learn and apply on our life so that we live the positive and happy life. Of course, there are conditions we can't control, but it doesn't eliminate the fact I mentioned, there are reasons for the happy positive life. Some of the happy reasons are almost known, public and general, and some reasons are related only to everyone’s life, they are like a private reason which everyone can know by their life experience and searching.

Let me give you an example for what I mean, in general, money is the great reason to live happy life, almost no one can say that the money is not a source of happiness or they can live without money, that’s what I mean by a general reason of happy positive life, but if we talk about the healthy food, here we can’t say it’s a general reason of positive happy life because it may be like that for a person and a reason of boring life to another one. Now after we knew the meaning of positive life reasons, we have to search for them throughout our life to apply them and get the happy positive life we desire. Searching for the happiness reasons is not a choice or a kind of entertainment, it is a must for everyone to live. People who don’t search for happiness reasons to live a positive life failed even to live they entered into dark circles of depression, frustration, psychiatric diseases and, unfortunately, suicide in too much cases. That result proves that living a positive life is a must because the negative life is a way ends in a dark circle or it’s a kind of death.

Now, let’s ask ourselves, how can we live a positive happy life and make every moment a happy one?

The answer simply consists of one word, UPDATE. Yes update, update your desires, habits, thoughts, ideas, relationships, money-spending plans and whatever relates to your happiness in a direct way or in an indirect way. Every day think about your life details and aspects and ask yourself what details and aspects of them are give you the daily positivity and happiness? and what they lead to in the future? Are they really reasons of happiness or just fake reasons? And here we have to stop to explain the meaning of fake reasons of happiness. If you are in a relationship depends only on money and interests exchange, empty of the warm feelings of love, it may gives you a feeling of happiness but a fake one because once the interests end, the relationship will end and you will find yourself facing the fact that all were fake there is no relationship and there is no happiness. So, think about your life details and at least be aware about what is really and what is fake.

I can say confidently that, the main key and the great base of positivity is READING, because by reading you can know, understand, get experiences and be aware of every aspect or detail of life and then apply what is positive and delete or reject what is negative.

The idea of being positive is should be taught from the childhood, so the parents has a great rule in learning their children how to be positive and to support and help them to be positive and choose the positive choices.

I remember a saying for a specialist in “positive energy” explains that if we’ve learned from our childhood how to focus on our desires and try to achieve them and don’t care about negative matters, we will accept a great power not to be affected by any negative conditions around us.

Now, I want to tell you a story because I believe in the effects of stories when we want to explain or show an idea. The story is belonging to a woman who was living in a small flat in a narrow street for many years, every day, she used to wake up late, have her breakfast and watch the television, and after a lot of hours, go to the supermarket to buy something to eat and watch the television again until she sleeps. A day after a day and a year after a year, she was doing the same actions which gave her the feeling of being useless, loser and lonely, she was living what I call it the negative life, she was thinking in a sad bad way until she waked up one day and asked herself about her reason to live that life, why she almost doesn’t do any useful or amazing things like the people she always sees on the television and she found the answer. The answer was her negative thoughts which were running around that it’s impossible to do something or became another person living a successful wonderful interesting life. Once she discovered the problem, she started to search for the solution and she found it, as long as the problem is the negativity, then the solution is the opposite, which means the positivity. And then, she started to search for the positivity in each detail and action, she started to wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, do exercises, improve her knowledge and skills to start a new career, build mature relationships, read, have fun and sleep early.

The woman lived the two kinds of life, positive and negative, and of course got the results of each. But the happy news is that once you start your positive life, you gain the positive results and delete the negative effects from your whole life.

The reasons of positive life are everywhere and exist at every time, all you need is to focus on them, to understand and learn them, to be aware of their update, because they are updated from time to time, and to apply them on your life. And at the same time, to avoid negativity in all its forms and kinds. Always remember that your actions are your thoughts and your life is a result of your actions.

Release from bad ideas, from the sadness circle from the darkness in your mind. Leave the area of depression, hatred, boring activities and poisoned relationships and live the positivity in its all forms.

I like a quote of Jim Carrey the famous actor as he said “I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that if you don’t exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance”.

He described searching for and applying the positivity reasons by the word fighting, because they deserve to fight for find and apply as I told you there is a positive life or a kind of death called the negative life which means that the meaning of life is only the positive life.

So, from this moment and forever you have to start searching for the happiness reasons and the positivity in any life aspect and to apply them in addition to learn people around you or even any person you deal with how they can be positive and think in a positive way or what results they will get by this kind of life and how can this kind of life affect their feelings, actions and relationships.

At the end, I want to prove my words with a practical prove which is my life itself, as I really lived the negative life with its all bad feelings which pushed me to the edge of death, which was the reason that wake me up and warn me to stop killing myself with these horrible thoughts and to start searching for the reasons of happiness and the positive life to live the real life and to get the positive amazing wonderful gorgeous results every day and every moment.

Live positively, think positively and act positively because positivity is the soul of life and without it there is almost no life at all.


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