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Post Coronavirus Effect #1

Updated on June 1, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The relationship is far from

Being perfect, but she never

Stops desiring him. However, what

Happened during the lockdown

She could not handle well

And she cave in to the urge,

Increase libido which she has

Been suppressing for some weeks

On this day, the libido

Increased again, but to suppress

It becomes difficult for she

Has been overwhelmed by it

His presence before him results

In an incident leading to

Another, it was a cascade reaction

And like a lightening she has

Found herself in his arms,

Warmly wrapped up by his

Love, his breath soothes her

The smell on his body she perceives

Well, and the air freshener

Hanging at different corners of

The room releasing its contents

Intermittently gives the atmosphere

Of the room a nice smell,

She could feel his heart

Beat, as the pumping organ

Buried inside his thoracic cavity

Keeps pumping blood out now

She can feel that the rate

Of the pumped fluid has increased

As she rests her head on his chest

With the left external auricle

Placed on his chest, as she

Was listening to the increased

Heart rate, she felt his

Right hand on her head,

One of his fingers is running

Through the furrows of her

Neatly plaited hair. She has

Recently plaited her hair because

One of the co-occupant of the

Flat they were living in

Knows how to plait hair.

She also knows, but for

Beauty and ease; quick finishing

Of the plaiting, they used to

Resort to each other’s assistance

When they want to plait

Their hair. This she has done

During this lockdown when they

Were together and primarily because

She does not like living her

Hair without being attended

To, she cherishes her hair

And does take good care of it daily.

His finger is again running

Through another furrow, she could

Perceive the odor of the

Hair cream she applied on

Her hair on his hand when

He lifts up his finger.

She does not want him to

Remove his fingers from caressing

Her hair and as if he

Knows what was in her

Heart, he places his hand

Back and continues with the

Caressing now she feels being

Lifted to the firmament she is

Enjoying every bit of the

Caressing, then the fingers get to

The end of her hair, he

Pulled the packed hair a bit,

Then leaves it, touched the

Back of her neck, running her

Fingers to the scapular region

By now she has become

Wet, as her vagina has

Released substances and the clitoris

Has become turgid and larger

She feels like being here

Forever, she is in another world

And she loves it. Then on

Her abdomen she senses something

Hard, like a bulge from

His genital region pressing hard

Unto her, “what else is he waiting for?

She asks herself, then she

Feels his finger on her

Zip, he is unzipping it as

She also moves her fingers

To his belt’s buckle to

Unbuckle it and soon they are

Bare as he carries her to

The bed. After this her body

Becomes calm and relaxed those

Sex hormones have gradually been

Returning back to their baseline

Level in her blood stream and

She believes that must be

Happening with him too. She

Gets up, dressed up and left

For her room. Then she thinks

About her spouse where he is

Maybe he is also doing same

Now she cannot tell. Well

If he is doing that, “I cannot

Blame him” she said. For

Tasting sex once, you would

Be desirous of it where

You are, but those who have

Not tasted sex before would not

Be as pressed as those who

Had at a time or another

Tasted this other world.

And for those who could

Keep themselves after experiencing

This other world such people

Have rare gift from the High God

And that is why one of the

Greatest teachers counseled in the

Holy Writ that if you cannot

Keep your libido it is better to

Marry than to burn, I am

Married, but this lockdown to

Stem the spread of the coronavirus

Has put me in a tight corner

Which I cannot resist any further

As she was on this thought,

Her phone rang and it

Was her husband calling again

He has been calling when

She was in somebody else’s

Arms but since she does not

Take her phone along she

She could not hear the phone

Ringing and when she gets

Back to her room she has

Been subsumed in her thought

About the position of her

Husband where he is thus,

She has not bothered to check

Her phone logs until he calls

Again. She answered his call

And her hubby asks her to

Switch to Skype as he wants

To see her beautiful face

And the new hairstyle that

She said she has done. Having

Told him when she was plaiting

The hair that she will be doing that

His mind has been with her

For hours now and more than

Ever before he desires her

That day he would not know

Why his libido would press

Him hard that day like that,

But since she was not around

Due to the lockdown that has

Forcefully separated couples, families,

Relatives, they cannot be together

Physically to satisfy themselves as

His heart has desired that day.

“We would have locked ourselves

Indoors all through today” he

Said to her, for the libido pressure

On me is heightened today, he concluded

However, since being together is

A wishful thought, which cannot

Happen, no, not on the immediate

Like this, I have come to think that

Seeing your wonderful face would

Be enough for him where he is

It would calm down the urge

In him. Can you please on your data

And put the Skype on?

Yes darling she replied him

As she puts her data and the

Skype on and they talked and talked



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