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Power of love and our Dharma;

Updated on February 26, 2016

“A perfect mind comes from a perfect heart. Not the heart known by a good doctors stedoscope, but the heart which is the seat of god”
Mahathma Ghandhi

It is the power of love

It is the power of love (which is a form of god) That is responsible for the earth to rotate without a pivot that means the stars stands across the sky without falling on the ground: that keeps the ocean within its limits; that makes the mind blow incessantly in all places, (that power) is mysterious, infinite on without a second and permutes the whole cosmos. The entire creation saturated with divine love. Hence just as the supreme being, the embodiment of love, showers it on humanity, men too should share this gift given to him, with others. But men conditions his love by associating it will worldly relations and wastes his life. physical ties cannot be called love in the true sense of the term. A sincere real devotee of god will exhibit this rare quality serve man kind without expecting anything return.

It is the mind of man

It is mind of man devoid of this factor which is responsible for conflicts and disturbances in religions. For years people have lived in unity in spite of various and communities. “Religions are many, but the god is one, jewels may be of different patterns but gold is the same; God’s creations are numerous, but they all breath alike; nations are numberless, but they form part of one world”. There is nothing wrong with any religion, but the mistake lies in the minds of the followers. Man nature should keep himself constantly reminded of the fact that he is a human being like an animal. Divinity shines in everyone and hence there is so need rate others.

Mahatma says: “All the worldly relationship are temporary like passing clouds; They are subject to change with eff lure of time, but ‘Reality’ is absolutely the same, that is the principle if divine love. Love form less-surrender and love are synonymous. Surrender is realising that everything belongs to the divine. The entire universe, runs on its own. It is this power that attracts and ploughs the hearts and sows the seed of affection in it and imparts Bliss. Unrest in the world arises because of the absence of love and broad mindedness. Some people, without any reason derive pleasure in causing harm to others not realizing that one day they will have to reap the consequences of their mad acts. Cultivating divine qualities offering worship to express ones is gratitude to god, one should carry out his duties honestly and diligently when god is bound to be slow on him, his rewards.
“When There is righteousness in the heart
There is beauty in character
When there is beauty in character
There is harmony in home
When there is harmony in home
There is order in the country.
When there is order in the country
There is peace in the world!”


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      Carly Sullens 

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