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Prince of the Fallen World

Updated on July 8, 2013

On a burned wooden cross,

Nails of bitterness cry out,

With pain and sorrows,

And in their midst,

A boy banished by fate,

Was tailoring branches of hope,

For all to see and none to take.

-Hear my cries and aching death Judas,

You lived to forge new Heavens,

Cursing thousands of lives,

To bathe in crudity divine,

And raptures of eternal splendor.

You dare to leave me here alone,

Among the shades of old?

The world will know my tale,

My tears won’t lie,

You butcher of humanity!

Do your eyes see from up there,

Daily bees of tremors, cold incarnate

That adds crude sour on my soul?

The lyre of flowing life sings,

But do you hear it, do you feel,

When roaming through the ruins,

I clothe the pureness of free tombs.

Why do you give me suffering

Creator of all, master of the stars,

For am I not your human seed?

Mercy dear Father, Light of Light,

For my torture reeks of greed.

Questions erupt from life,

Like a volcano with no flame,

Just dust and gluttony brake down,

In reason of despair, dressed in kind flows.

-Rejoice my son, the night is near,

And let thy dreams engulf your heart,

Feel now the ancient paths of light,

For your now the sight of love.

Let rain of blood and desperation,

Cover the fullest caverns of Hell,

And leave nude thoughts through pain,

That linger on your mind too long.

Forgotten beggar, prince of the world,

Thy path is solid, mercy becomes you.

Mornings await, lives will be sold,

And the food of eternity will come

Sustain your earthly body without harm.

Your fortune, believe in I,

And cast a shiver in crude eyes,

That don’t accept the truth of life.


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