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Princess Leia Wields A Light Saber - Part Two....

Updated on January 3, 2020

Princess Leia Wields A Light Saber - Part Two….

In Luke Skywalker’s modest home, we see and hear the clashing and clanging of the Light Sabers: Princess Leia wielding that of Darth Vader’s crimson Saber and that of Luke's, which has an off-white purity color. Luke, with a sly smile on his face or what could be made out in the limited lighting, retracts the blade of his Saber, while simultaneously using his mind to push Leia backwards into the far mud walls of the home. Leia crashes into the walls and loses her Father's crimson-colored Light Saber, which is then summoned into Luke’s opened hand. The respective lights that were provided by the dueling Sabers that increased and added to the ambiance of the almost, darkened home… now give way to the flickering lights from the almost exhausted scented candles....

Luke’s home, like his mentor, Yoda, is sparsely decorated with a lone, crowded book shelf, few pats and pans hanging off the mud walls. There is no inkling of what could pass for updated amenities and so it is that some of these same books, pats, and pans - unwashed utensils - located in what look like a sink of dirty dishes - like nuisances are furiously and speedily coming at Leia and preventing her from retrieving her Light Saber or engaging her brother, Luke.

Leia steadies herself and rises… recapturing her balance and now having a look of feigned disdain on her countenance toward her brother... in Luke's bedroom, Leia's ten-year-old daughter, Morrow Solo, stirs in her slumber. Luke Skywalker, attired in the traditional Jedi clothing - what amounts to a blackish/darkish brownish hooded robe and matching slacks, seems to glide closer to his sister... with Luke now holding and securing both Light Sabers. When Luke gets to a few feet from Leia, the hooded part of his outfit… nonchalantly slides off his head… just as easily as how Princess Leia’s Light Saber found his hand. Luke, still had that same sly, coy smile on his face… when Leia beats him to the opening words of the pending conversation....

Leia: Where… why did you take my daughter...?

Luke: She is my niece too you know… incidentally, young sister, I paid you too much respect by drawing my Light Saber… when simply using Jedi mind manipulation would have sufficed to neutralize you. So… you’ve decided to take up the family’s religion and its training… and father’s Saber at that (looking at Leia's Saber) - though, much training you need (Luke coyly smiling and emulating the speech pattern of his mentor Yoda).

Leia does not smile, but goes pass Luke to his bedroom and is comforted in seeing her daughter, Morrow, lying face down in the modest bed in child-like peaceful slumber... Luke follows his sister, and, as if to show off his seasoned Jedi skills, manipulates the blanket that was partially covering his niece… by causing said covering to move by itself and protectively... fully cover the child from just below her the nape of her neck... all the way down to her toes.

Luke (looking over at his niece like a doting uncle) My niece… (he pauses as if to give Leia props as the child’s mother) your daughter is in grave danger- I sense it!

Leia, looking up at her brother… and walking back to the room where their Light Sabers’ altercation took place.

Leia: So that gives you license to kidnap my daughter… you seldom come to visit and The Force knows that I am not going to send my children out here (she looks around and surveys the area with an air of wealthy, regal arrogance) to visit a jaded uncle – famed Jedi Knight or not! I have begged you to come and visit or at least look into the many Senate Intelligence reports I am receiving about the rise/resurrection of the Sith Lords, and, moreover, The Dark Side of The Force….

Luke (interest peaked): Sith Lords - plural!?

Leia (with dripping sarcasm): You boast about your training... how is it that your insights of The Force do not apprise you of this danger? Your Jedi colleagues think me a fool and pay me little respect… and those that give me an audience and lend their ears to my concerns… do so patronizingly… and out of respect of who you are and my relation to you…. Surely, Master Yoda, father, Obi Wan must have warned you of the growing threat - or did you cut them off too…? Most of the Jedi Order have become corrupt... making a lucrative living off the notoriety of the Order…. You would think that they too would sense the growing Force in me, and, especially my training, limited as it is with Father. I wished I had more time to train - but being a mother, wife, princess, and Senator….

Luke (still seemingly not to be too concern with what Leia had to say… cavalierly asks): How is Han… If I did not see the results.... (pointing to where his niece is sleeping) of my niece and I heard that I have a nephew too… I would never thought that the Han I knew would settle down in marital bliss….

Leia (smiling broadly, if only briefly, of the mention of Han): Han is doing well; and he is quite offended that you have not come by to see your niece and nephew… chalking it up to your practice and negative effects of what he calls that 'weird' religion….

Luke (in a tone mocking sense of playful bravado): I did come by and took your daughter from her place of studies - the teachers were too happy to pay respect to the great Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker and your daughter assisted me in playing with their minds to allow me to take her from their care with impunity and no resistance - given that this was the daughter of Princess Leia/Senator Solo - so kidnapping is not the correct way to describe your daughter being here with me…. And yes, I have engaged certain aspects of my Jedi training because it is what alerted me that my niece was in danger… as for your Intelligence that tells of the resurgence of The Dark Side of The Force and Sith Lords... I will personally pay a visit to the Jedi Order and convey our concerns on such matters….

Leia (smiling and surprise): Our concerns? I suppose that I have convinced little brother that the threat is real – someone should mark the moons when this took place….

Luke (smiling): Little brother? I was the first to leave our mother’s womb… Are you going to communicate with The Order telepathically because I swear their Jedi skills have waned… even in that basic endeavor....

Luke (reaching into his robe's pocket and retrieves his Light Saber... then also giving to Leia hers): Take mine…(Luke pointing to his Light Saber) my Saber and present it to the Jedi Order during their weekly convocation… don’t worry, they will know that it is my Saber…I will come to them shortly but in the mean time, I must go into deep medication and get rid of the proverbial ‘cobwebs’ and renew and strengthen all aspects of The Force in me that I let be dormant....

Leia (smiling and with slight case of benign sarcasm): You mean like communicating with our father?

Luke: I remembered little sister… that you used to refer to him… disrespectfully at that, as Vader!

Both brother and sister then looked at each other as if admitting to the coming reality about to ensue… and further reminiscing, if only momentarily, of the terror that was their father, Darth Vader... The Sith Lords, and The Emperor/Dark Side…. Luke is drawn by one of the dying, burning candles and he sees Yoda who whispers....

Master Yoda: Train your sister in all the ways of the Jedi, you must! Princess Leia, although in the room... do not see Master Yoda or hear the conversation between Master Yoda and her brother.

The scene switches...

It is Princes Leia’s home... the place where she resides with her husband and two children… we see Han Solo dressed in what is tantamount to overalls… working on a craft... and although there are computer/robotic help around and available in the make-shift large garage structure, Han is doing the craft's maintenance work with his own hands. At the moment, Han has a wrench-like equipment in his hand and is bending over the engine of the old seven foot long space craft.

We hear the grating, meddlesome artificial voice of a Robot/Android…

Android: Master, why do you insist in doing this labor... when I could do the same in no time…?

Han (without looking at android and placing his unoccupied index finger in the air) Leave me alone… there's ‘something’ about doing it the old fashion way… It's something with all your circuits… will never understand….

Han pauses - like when a gifted musician hears dissonance that others are unaware of - and is focusing and listening… when he drops the wrench... immediately after, there are blasts outside the garage area, which then is followed by one of Senatorial guards, assigned o the family of Senator Leia Solo, staggering into the garage area and falls. Before Han can defensively reacts, there is another pinpoint blast that disables the talkative android that was suppose to be doing the maintenance of the craft for its master. We also hear and then see what was causing the clanging of the metal feet: it was one half dozen or so Humanoid/Android looking soldiers marching and coming through the garage's entrance... taking up strategic, defensive positions. We then see a ruby-red wine hooded figure, leisurely walking through the entrance of Han’s garage… the figure walks right up to Han and takes off his hood, exposing its face…. Han, who was now standing with hands over his head, as if in surrender mode… eyes grow wide and there is a sheer look of both panic/defiance on his face….

Han (looking at the figure and even though he knows that only the figure’s face resembles his old-arch nemesis… the words or screams nevertheless still come forth): You’re dead, Jabba!

The figure, standing over six feet tall and indeed resembling the face of Jabba-The-Hutt… with the attendant bloodshot-red-eyes… except, only that its face is not fat like the original Jabba-The-Hutt, and, moreover, it had no prehensile tail... but humanoid appendages… two normal arms and two legs….

The Figure: You knew my father Han Solo!? But as you can see... pointing to its person... I walk up-right… as you may have now surmised by now - you may put your hands down - that my father had many children… even siring some among your female species, resulting in me! Father is long dead and his death will be avenged shortly - but for the moment… Mr. Solo… where are your children…?

Han (resorting to the Old swashbuckling Han Solo we came to love) Like I would tell you… perhaps, you father should have told you more about me….

The Figure (Jabba Junior): Oo, Mr. Solo, I have studied you… and, again, I am in need of the whereabouts of your children… your daughter and son cannot be found at their usual settings and a father would know where his children are… incidentally, your wife - the hands that took my father’s life - is missing too. You must know Mr. Solo that I pay no credence that your wife is of royal lineage or that she is Senator.

Han Solo: You should be afraid of her brother….

Jabba Junior (there is cackling laughter resulting his eyes becoming even redder) You mean the noted Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker?

Jabba Junior willfully unlooses his robe so that Han would see - as if some form of not too subtle display of Psyops maneuver - to show what looks like a Light Saber.

Han, seeing the Light Saber, do not betray his concerns of seeing a son of Jabba-The-Hutt carrying the renown weaponry of the Jedi Order or those who practice the religion of The Force… but instead retorts: Look how far the Jedi Order has fallen… to let the Son of a noted scum into its ranks….

Jabba Junior: Your are mistaken, Mr. solo… remember it is not only the Jedis that carry Light Sabers… but The Dark Side too! The young Jabba gestures to one of his soldiers near to Han… Hold his hand!

Han: Ok… I don’t know where the kids are… they’re with... must be their mother… and I don’t know where she went….

Jabba Junior edges closer, while the android soldier holds Han’s right hand… placing the hand between a vice like contraption located on one of the garage’s counter....

Han (his voice a tad elevated): I can’t tell what I don’t know fellas… what do I call you... you dad was a business man, I can pay… triple what your employers are paying you… what else you want…?

Jabba Junior (walking up to the expose vulnerable hand of Han Solo): You are fortunate that my orders are not to kill you... yet - but there are other ways…

Han (looking down at his hand which is the focus and attention of his captors): Look, what... you going to do…?

Jabba Junior (smirking in malignant arrogance): The answer lies in your namesake Mr. Solo…

With that said, Jabba produces a miniature machete-like menacing and glistening weapon... seemingly out of nowhere and summarily cuts off Han’s hand from the palm down to his wrist area.

There are the initial piercing cries and then a sputtering of moans from Han as the tears come involuntarily from his eyesHan is now slumped over on the ground… holding his still profusely bleeding arm....

Jabba Junior continues: You are indeed now 'Hand' Solo… but take comfort... for my Intelligence dossier on you… says that your brother-in-law, that Jedi Master, has an artificial appendage too… and you just might live through this to get one for yourself… by the way, I could have taken your hand with my Light Saber - but it would have cauterized the wound and I simply wanted you to feel some pain... well, a lot of pain... (Jabba... turning to his sentinels) spread out men and find me the signature for Senator Solo’s flight craft….

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