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Part Three of Princess Leia Wields a Light Saber - and Who Would You Say Is the Greatest of the Jedi Masters?

Updated on January 3, 2020

Part Three Of Princess Leia Wields A Light Saber – And Who Would You Say Is The Greatest Of The Jedi Masters?

While Han Solo is grimacing in pain, the young Jabba-The-Hutt is paying him no attention… but is among the soldiers literally tearing Han and Leia's house apart… looking to see if they could find clues to the whereabouts of Princess Leia and the children. After the search, the young Jabba, accompanied by his soldiers, calmly walked back into the garage where Han is tied….

Han in pain… but still defiant: Why don’t you kill me!?

Jabba: Han, my killing you now would be akin to an author killing the antagonist on the first page of an exciting novel…

Han: I didn’t know you read… and I noticed that you see yourself as the good guy - the protagonist?

Young Jabba: You jest even in pain and knowing that this is just the beginning of your woes/sorrows… however, I now realized that there are bodyguards assigned to your mate… the fair Princess Leia or is it Senator Solo… anyway, these bodyguards have security locater beacons and I suppose that the Senator has one too…!?

Han still manages to laugh and to feign bravado: Can I least know who you’re working for?… I doubt that you’re associated with Jedi Order… or the other side… I mean most Jedis/Siths I know or heard about could read the minds of simple folks like me if they wanted to know something… you on the other hand must have bought your Light Saber on the black market - I mean it wouldn’t be too hard for you… like father like many of his sons, right… your know that your father could have gotten his hands on something as rear as a Death Star… so a Light Saber is nothing - by the way, did your father have hands?

Young Jabba: You are trying to entice me into a confrontation... to save time and prevent me from my task at hand - but I take leave of you 'Hand Solo' (The young Jabba again is mocking the fact that he had chopped off and deprived Han Solo of his appendage). The Young Jabba turns and walks away… and with his back towards Han, Jabba then concentrates and by use of the gifts from The Dark Side of The Force…which then causes one of Han’s metal tools to strike Han’s head… rendering him unconscious.

The Young Jabba, smiling at Han in his now unconsciousness state: This should painfully hold you and teach you not to blaspheme! As for my employers… you may make your inquiries to the Boba-Phat-Consortium….

Back at Luke Skywalker’s abode… Leia is preparing to leave her brother…

Princess Leia (smiling) playfully asks the rhetorical question: Do you mind if I take my daughter, Master Skywalker?

Luke plays along: You may - my Padawan...

Leia feigning outrage and insult: Padawan?

Luke pointing in the air to the proverbial Heaven: Yes – I was told by the powers that be... that I shall be your main teacher in the use of The Force and, specifically, your Light Saber training – it is only so much that our father could do while in Spirit… so… you do not have to complain anymore for you will be seeing a lot of me, little sister… I wished that our re-acquaintance were under more pacific circumstances....

Leia goes to Luke's bedroom and comes back after collecting her daughter… the sleeping Morrow Solo is slumped over her left shoulder.

Leia: Follow me brother to my ship… there is something I want to show you… and stay out my mind… trying to know. What happens to not skipping ahead to the last page of the mystery....?

Luke Laughing: You are learning to shut me out… it makes my Jedi Mind training a little easier…

Both siblings walked out of the house to the craft… the lights of the craft suddenly come on to light the path for Princess Leia. Two bodyguards, one representing Princess Leia’s royal court and the other representing the Senate, meet Leia at the craft’s entrance and take her daughter and secure the young Princess Morrow to her quarters. There is a broad smile on Luke’s face as he enters the craft - but before he could say something in support of what caused the cumbersome smile…

C3PO comes out from one of the corners of the craft and is obviously overjoyed: Master Luke… it has been so long…?

R2D2 then appears too, which made Luke smiles even more…

C3PO moment of machine joy is replaced with machine rivalry: Master Luke has always preferred R2D2…

Both machines are interacting in their language, arguing as are their custom. Luke and Leia are looking at each other… as if to say: it seems like old times….

CP30 addressing R2D2: I know that Master Luke is now a Jedi Master – it does not mean that I should address him as such. The argument seems to increase between the machines, as the bodyguards look on curiously…

Luke: Guys, you two are still fighting… and you CP3O (Luke pointing), I do not have a favorite between you two... you both have served me well… Luke then moves in closer and hugs both machines, as if they were long lost siblings. The robots still continuing their playful bantering…

CP3O: Well… with all due respect Master Luke – I more so than R2D2 have served you the best….among all your 'bots.'

CP30 looks at R2D2 with benign disdain and an air of superiority: What do you mean there is a disturbance at Princess Leia’s home… the Princess is not in danger… she is here with us… with Master Luke…

This new conversation between the two machines makes everyone, including the bodyguards, pay more attention….

Leia: What do you mean a disturbance…? (Leia looks at the bodyguards)… contact my husband, now!

Luke is concentrating and channeling one of the many gifts of The Force: Sister, I recommend that you do not go back to your abode… as a matter of fact, you should stay away from that entire quadrant… I sense danger... this also confirms that I must not wait to address the Jedi Council…

One of the bodyguards interrupts: Princess Leia, there was indeed a disturbance and there were casualties…

Before Princess Leia could inquire more, Luke interjected…

Luke: And Han… the Princess’ husband?

Bodyguard: He is at the infirmary and in protective custody...

Leia: What were his injuries… did they the nature of.... is he ok… and did they who is responsible? Luke senses that Leia was becoming overwhelmed and speaks to Leia telepathically to steady her and conveying that the happenings at her home are connected to The Dark Side. Leia acknowledges and confirms to Luke that she agrees with his assessment…and regain her public posture in the presence of her bodyguards as mother, wife, and state's woman....

One of Princess Leia's bodyguard who had inquired at his base on the disturbance: Captain Solo is ok… and his injuries are not life threatening… the investigation is still ongoing and it is known who was responsible for the disturbance at the Princess' home….

Luke, by way the tone in his voice, is genuinely concern: What of your son... his whereabouts?

Leia: Han, Jr. - he is with Han’s friend, Chewbacca….

Luke again communicates with Leia telepathically… where is your locater beacon?

Leia, her eyes watering, looks up at the roof of her craft…so as to better enable and assist her in the removal from her left eye what looks like a futuristic contact Len, which is also her locater beacon… Luke then walks up to the two bodyguards who were in the process of communicating with their respective bases at Princess Leia’s home and at the Senate...

Luke… in Jedi mode and in a whisper… says: Sleep!

Both bodyguards are overcome with what looks like an instantaneous case of sudden deep slumber, which causes both men to slip down out of their respective chairs and harmlessly slide to the craft’s floor.

Luke, collecting the locater beacon from Leia… also takes the beacons from both bodyguards, which were also located in their eyes.

Luke then turns to R2D2/CP30: I have a mission for both of you… (Luke manages a smile) just like old times… (we then hear the excitement of R2D2, while CP3O is looking at R2D2 shaking his head in disapproval). First, pilot the craft and take the Princess to these coordinates… Luke then communicates the coordinates to Leia and to the Robots telepathically... then when you are finished physically deliver my Light Saber to the Jedi Council and let them know that I will be there as soon as they grant me an audience... underscore to the Council that this audience is of great import….

Leia checks on her daughter and then comes back with farewell hugs and kisses for Luke…

Leia: I will send Chewey and his band to assist Han and I will also summon the loyalists to the Empire both in the Senate and in my realm.…

Luke: OK sister, and I too must formally commune with Master Yoda… there are mysteries to resolve concerning the danger we face… once again, it seems like war is nigh between the Jedi and the Dark Side of The Force….

Princess Leia is a little perturb: Nigh? Brother, as I have been telling you all these Lunar moons – that war is here! ... It is not formally declared, but nevertheless, it is here! They will sue for peace so as to prevent the Senate from officially sanctioning war, while they continue make inroads secretly… trying to leave us outflanked in allies and ordinances.…

Luke nodding in agreement: Contact the old allies of the Empire... I heard that our old friend Lando has become a powerful viceroy... and if you are going to communicate with the Jedi Council in the interim… do so through covert, secured channels. You must set up a security apparatus, outside that of the Senate’s, before resuming your duties in the halls of power… also rely more on your 'gifts' from The Force... as I have said before, The Force is strong within my family… you must provide a dossier on the Boba Phat Consortium - I sense that it is and will be a prime player in the bloodletting to come….

Princess Leia: I already had R2D2 and CP30 gathering Intelligence on the Boba Phat Consortium… I suspect... sensed some time ago that it were intimately involved with The Dark Side… and the impetus for its meteoric rise in the halls of power and influence….

Luke: The Force is indeed bubbling within you my sister… I am sorry for ignoring your pleas all this time… I will take care of the locater beacons… and feed them to the creatures in the lake… giving our enemies ‘something’ to search for….

We see the meditation room of the sacred Jedi Temple… illuminated with candles, which then provide the lighting to see the ornate images of the noble, fallen Jedi Masters adorning the Temple walls. Master Skywalker is looking at the images of the Jedi Masters with the utmost of deserved reverence: Luke sees his father, Anakin Skywalker; Qui-Gon Jinn; Obi Wan Kenobi…. Luke pauses and he lets his Jedi-vision peruse the rest of the images of the fallen Jedi Masters, especially one located in the Honorable Jedi section. We then see a look of curiosity/benign confusion on Master Skywalker’s countenance when he finished looking at all the images…

Luke… with his mind now teeming: Master Yoda, how come the Jedi council has yet to honor Master Windu with an Image… was not he too among our noble fallen? There is a pregnant pause as Luke waits for the answer to his query from Master Yoda

Master Yoda in a coy, cryptic response: The answer I will not give you because it is not yet the time…

Luke momentarily has that look of frustration… but quickly catches himself as if to say that I am now a seasoned Jedi Master - not that petulant Padawan who once gave The Jedi Council, and, moreover, Master Yoda much angst….

Master Yoda clearing his throat: I speak to you… though from the Spirit realm… rules they still are must follow I… Master Yoda then starts laughing, and, as if to confirm that he is privy to Luke’s recent thoughts, says: Petulant you were young Skywalker….

The curtains that were drawn suddenly opened to what is akin to the pulpit area of the Jedi Temple where we see the current members of the Jedi Council sitting on the cushions, Monk-style. Many of the cushions are empty… signifying that many of the Jedi Council’s members did not bother to show up for the convocation, even one where the reclusive, renowned, Jedi Master Skywalker was scheduled to appear. One of the Council members addresses Master Skywalker, while beckoning him to come closer to them.

Council Member: Master Skywalker, come closer… and we are indeed a privilege lot and honored to have an audience with a living, breathing legend of the Jedi Order….

The rest of the Jedi Order/Council members are nodding and murmuring in agreement to the sentiments conveyed to Master Skywalker. The Council designated Speaker continues: Many members do not show up to our meetings (he looks around at the empty council seats) nor do they take part in the important training of the young Padawans - they come here only to use the sacred Temple as a means to further their venal endeavors… but Master Skywalker, a few of us have kept the faith and have persevered… and, perhaps, now, that since you are here… that you will stay and convince the many who have left and those whose faith in The Force is wavering… let them return in droves and that once again this sacred of sacred places be like it was... thriving under the tutelage of Master Yoda, Obi Wan…

Master Yoda’s Voice interrupts with an utmost sense of urgency: Bring this meeting to an end - you must!

Master Skywalker then quickly interrupts the council speaker’s soliloquy: Thanks for your kind words and for those of you who respectfully deigned to give me an audience with this August body (Luke looks at the empty seats where the missing council members normally would sit) - I wished that I were here with better tidings… but once again, The Dark Side of The Force is threatening us… and all that we know and cherish are in grave danger…. You know my brothers and sisters that I chose the life of a recluse and that I would not have sent word by way of my sister, Senator Solo, and to be here now in person if the warnings were not warranted… some of you must have felt and sense this disturbance in The Force too...

Suddenly Master Skywalker (Luke) pauses and there is that malignant look of concern. The rest of the council members have this look too and are on their feet immediately and by way of The Force… they propelled Master Skywalker from them, whereby the latter hits the far fall - about 45 yards away - of the back of the Jedi Temple… as the localized explosion rips through the pulpit area of the Jedi Temple… wiping out the loyal Jedi Council members to The Force in one fell lethal swoop.

As alarms sound and Luke is securing his bearings… he hears Master Yoda’s voice….

Master Yoda: To an end this meeting must come - which part understand you not?

Before Luke could answer Master Yoda… there are knocks at the closed Temple doors…

Luke: This is Master Skywalker (Luke used Master Skywalker… so as to engender more respect from whomever was behind the door so that they would right away invoke the Jedis Temple’s emergency protocols) do not come in the Temple… there’s been an accident…. Take the young Padawans to the underground tunnels… contact Senate Solo… do according to the emergency protocols. Luke momentarily wondered if the protocols are the same like when he was there as a young Padawan and decided that the protocols are the same on account of the fact that the voice (s) behind the closed Jedi temple went away I obvious agreement.

Luke, with his back leaning against the damaged far Jedi Temple walls… is in Jedi concentration trying to determine if any of the Jedi Masters/Council survived… when he is interrupted. Luke is surprised… pleasantly so… we are let into the surprise because we hear the soothing, paternal voice and distinct British accent of Obi Wan Kenobi….

Obi Wan: Hello Luke – or should I say Master Skywalker…?

Luke… with a pensive smile...: Obi Wan… where have you been, old friend…?

Obi Wan chuckling: Perhaps, I am not here – and that you have conjured me up to assist you in your hour of need…

Luke: If that were the case, I sense that there will be many hours of need to come and I hope that you are not needed by others…

Obi Wan: My boy… don’t you know that in the Spirit realm that you are omnipresent? You have become complacent with the manifold gifts of The Force and the defeat of the Emperor…your love for The Force has waxed cold… like so many…. The irony is that the relative peace has done more to dwindle our ranks and create apostasies than when The Emperor ruled in fiat and fear…

The doors to the Jedi Temple are violently flung open… and a hooded figure enters… Luke closes the distance between the two and tries to probe the hooded figure’s mind and is blocked and rebuffed. Luke ten sniffs the surrounding air…

The hooded purple attired figure standing in the entrance of the Jedi’s Temple doors, which he closes as violently as they were flung open: No need to try to attempt to read my mind… I will tell you who I am if you ask Skywalker…

Luke has stopped his approach to the stranger and he is cavalierly observing: Well then… you have me at a disadvantage stranger… your smell tells me that you are amphibian… there are many among the Jedi Order ranks with your Amphibious nature… so perhaps, you can show yourself by lowering your hood…

The stranger accommodates Luke… as the hood is lowered…we see that it is slim, over six feet, gray eyes - part reptilian fish/humanoid – think of a bluish/grayish Sturgeon face… coupled with a humanoid body from its neck down….

Luke, as if the light bulb epiphany suddenly came on, says: Master Yoke…

Master Yoke: Even away from the Jedi Order… you know its members….

Luke: You still consider yourself a member of the Jedi Order in light of what you did?

Master Yoke… shaking his head in disappointment: Look who is throwing stones… there is an image among the dead Jedis that says Anakin Skywalker… that should say Lord Vader… oh, but that name would have prevented your father’s image from hanging from the great Wall of honor… incidentally, we meant too for you Skywalker to be part of the wall… along with the recent Jedi dead….

Luke: They were your brothers and sisters….

Master Yoke: Throwing stones again, Skywalker?

Luke, ignoring the slights to his family’s pedigree: Incidentally, where is your Pod brother… don’t your species normally travel in twos…?

Master Yoke: Oh, like the Sith Lords? Well, he is securing the tunnels… you think that we would not know of the Jedi's protocols… being part of the Order? Right about now, the young Padawans should be in our charge and please don’t tell me you are worried about my brother slaughtering the ‘Younglings?’ (Once again, Master Yoke referenced Luke’s family history… a chapter when a young Anakin Skywalker murdered young Padawans in the Jedi era of Master Yoda).

Luke hears the familiar buzz of Master Yoke’s Light Saber coming to life… and it gives off a royal purple ambiance…

Master Yoke in a grating, mocking tone: I am told that you surrendered your renowned Light Saber to the council… as a form of authenticity and the price for what turned out to be your brief audience with the Jedi Council….

Luke… easing toward Master Yoke: At least you are giving me the honor of dying like a Jedi… by way of a Light Saber… more than what you afforded the members of the Jedi Council….

Master Yoke quickens his steps… raising his Light Saber to the height of his chest… Luke then summons the broken pieces of furniture and the building blocks of the Temple walls where he crashed into when he was tossed from the explosion site. Master Yoke easily maneuvers out of harm’s way and discards the flying debris propelled toward him out of his way as though they were nuisances… Master Yoke pauses suddenly because Luke is now simply standing with his arms folded.

Master Yoke: Any last words….

Luke: What makess me so special than those who fell earlier… Do what you must….

As Master Yoke elevates his Saber to chop into Luke… some of the undamaged Light Sabers of the fallen Jedi Order… from the Temple’s pulpit area among the reverent dead and debris… sped toward Luke and arming themselves, whereby, building what looks like a rainbow-colored, vertical prison bars around Luke… so that by the time Master Yoke’s Light Saber was supposed to find its mark on Luke… it hit the armed phalanx of Light Sabers protecting Luke. There is that look of momentary panic and disappointment on Master Yoke’s face, as he quickly steps back from the hovering Sabers and Luke....

Master Yoke is feigning cool calmness in the proverbial storm: Well played Skywalker…

Luke too is observing his kaleidoscope-colored Light Saber protective buffer: So you are impressed - but you still refuse to call me and give the honor of addressing me as Master Skywalker? Luke then disabled his protective Light Saber buffer that surrounded him and he is once again that vulnerable aged Jedi-in-distress… Master Yoke observes… but is wary… wondering what Luke is up to….

Luke: I once was in the situation that you are now in… like me… my opponent on the surface looked and seemed vulnerable - but my Master being wise had warned me over and over again to no avail… not to underestimate my opponent….

Master Yoke interjects, almost excitingly: You are speaking of the battle between you and the Emperor…

Luke with a sly smile: Right you are….

Master Yoke is still trying to figure out what is Luke’s strategy and end game… what of his seemingly, present vulnerability?

In the aftermath, Master Yoke’s puffed up fish-like face is seen severely deformed… with his gray eyes now bloodshot… with said eyes now escaping their respective eye sockets and resting on Master Yoke’s respective cheeks. Luke, like a forensic technician, is carefully observing the charred remains of Master Yoke… Luke is interrupted when he hears the voice of Obi Wan, saying: Note the significance of the lightning bolts… which only emanated from your left hand… and the fact that Master Yoke did not fade into nothingness like when your father and I and Master Yoda gave up our ghost… remember the significance, Luke! And remember too the riddle that the clay's intent is to usurp the will of its master… the potter!

There is another interruption… that of Master Yoda, which then again intrudes on Luke’s thoughts.

Yoda: Kill him you did… without interrogate him you should have… learn their plans you should have….

Luke is not in the mentor/men-tee mood… he is pondering all the cryptic words that Obi Wan said to him…

Master Yoda: Not understand what I said… left Master Yoke alive… should have… for the Intelligence he could have provided….

Luke in a smart aleck/mocking tone: Another brother has he!

Master Yoda: Petulant boy the same… you are… mock me you…

See Part Two Of Princess Leia Wields A Light Saber:


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