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Protecting What's Not Mine Chapter 4

Updated on September 12, 2019

Feeling Flutters

Detective David Mitchel was at the peak of his career and his all-time bachelor's life, nothing to tie him down, along with the opportunity to go anywhere he wanted in the event of a better advancement, but that was all about to change. Marie, a young woman from Florida, running for her life from her previous boyfriend that decided to take up sanctuary in Las Vegas at a diner owned by her Uncle Mike, she catches the eye of the young detective when she walks into his precinct; lost and looking for directions. From that moment he knew there was something that would never keep them apart, but he would have never dreamed that thing would be an unborn child that not only wasn't his but could also become the deciding factor of what the future holds for the both of them.

Marie is released from the hospital and returns to the diner to help close up and let everything sink into her head. She kept her thoughts quiet as she put away pans in the kitchen area. "What the hell am I going to do? I have nothing to take care of you." She spoke softly to her belly as she rubbed the tiny bump while the tears and the fear grew more intense with each stroke. Just then, a small flutter ran beneath her, and Marie's whole world changed. "You're really there and listening, aren't you?" A secret smile crossed her lips, and another tear of silent joy rolled down her face. When the diner was closed up and ready to start the new day, Marie and her uncle sat at the corner booth discussing the baby and what she was going to do now. "I think it's time for you to get your own house, Marie." Her uncle spoke with a tone in his voice of mystery. Marie, in a panic, "You're throwing me out?" He giggled as he shook his head. "Never sweetie, but I think a new mom and baby need a home, not some dump over a diner." He slid a set of keys across the table.
"I think this is the perfect time to show you what your father left you." Marie's dad had been a detective as well, and while undercover working a case trying to bring down a violent drug ring, he was shot and killed by his partner. He was on the Mob's payroll this was the first time she lost the respect of law enforcement; she felt they let her down by not realizing or not caring enough that they had a rat in the department that murdered her father. Then to find out a week after his funeral, her own mother was screwing the man that had shot her father. Her uncle locked the diner up as Marie climbed into his jeep. She had forgotten how beautiful some parts of Vegas could be; especially around the lake where she had spent most of her childhood; which happened to be exactly where they ended up at. She had no idea that her uncle Mike had kept the lake house after her father had died. Her mother had sold all of her father's property off to pay for her nasty habits of drinking and whoring around.

Marie walked up the steps to the porch that peered out on the lake in front of the house. She followed the wooden rails to the back where it overlooked the large barn and twenty acres where her dad kept a few horses that they would go out after all her school work and chores were finished to ride daily. Marie continued to walk around the porch until making it back to the front door. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and pictured a family growing here, and the best part of the visual is that she really could see it being her family. David, the baby, and herself. She wasn't sure if it was just hormones or the sorrow that she felt wishing her father could be there to help her at this moment in her life. She remembered he gave the corniest advice, but right now she would gladly sit and listen and hang on every word he had to say. Just then a flutter crossed her fingertips once again reminding her a new life was on its way. She slid the key in the door and turned the lock. Marie opened the door to a room of an unchanged world. It was how she remembered it. The piano and guitar sat in the same place as they did all those years ago when her father and uncle would play to entertain guest or when they were giving Marie lessons. "I kept it in tune; just in case you wanted to play again always hoped that one day you would come back and raise a family here. I think your dad would be proud of you." He smiled with pride. Marie felt so overwhelmed with joy that she wrapped her arms around her uncle and just sobbed. She pulled back and made a special request. "I need to speak to David. I want to know if he meant what he said. Can you take me to him, please?" Her uncle nodded with approval, and he went to the jeep as she locked the house up once again.

Detective Mitchel's day started out with surprises as well. When he arrived at work, a gentleman was standing in his office waiting to speak with him. "Are you Detective Mitchel? I was told you spoke with this young woman last week." He held out a photo of Marie. David hesitated for only a split second. "First of all, it's usually polite to introduce yourself before you start interrogating an officer. With that being said; who are you and who is she?" I'm a Florida officer, and she is a missing woman from Florida. I believe she may be here in Las Vegas and some of the other officers say that she was in here speaking to you last week." He spoke with arrogance. "No offense but do you have any idea how many people, especially females, come into this department in just an hour? Even if I had spoken to her, I would be able to tell you. Is she a murderer, thief, or something along those lines? Do you believe she was kidnapped or her life is in some kind of danger? The best advice I can give you gives me the information you have and a copy of the photo of the young woman, and if I catch a break with it, then I will let you know." The officer was annoyed with David, and he could see that. He finally handed over all the information and left the precinct. Once the coast was clear, David made his way down the hall to the crime lab where he found CSI Wyatt running prints on a double homicide that made its way into the morgue that morning as well. "Wyatt I need to use your phone it's an emergency, Thanks." David made one fluid move as he reached into Wyatt's lab coat and scooped up his cell phone. Wyatt turned amazed at his actions and being sarcastic pulled a twenty out of his pocket. "Sure, Mitchel, help yourself. By the way, would you like me to buy your lunch today as well?" David couldn't pass up the opportunity as he snatched the bill from Wyatt's hand and walked out the door. "Thanks, dude, I'll be sure to bring you a pack of crackers and a bottle of water Wyatt was dumbfounded. "Come on Mitchel, don't play like that at least make it a sandwich and a diet coke. David?" Wyatt turned around and shook his head "Damn, I just borrowed that from my mom." The alarm went off as the prints found the matches and the result were not what he was looking forward to handing over to Detective Mitchel

David walked out of the precinct quickly and around the corner to make his phone call. The phone rang three times, and about the time he went to hang up an answer came. "Hello," Marie's uncle Mike had a massive and slow voice, which made it easy to determine if it was actually him or not. David always had a something special when it came to sniffing out the bullshit in people; a human lie detector his commanding officer would call him while in the Marines. "Mike, this is Detective Mitchel. Where is Marie?" He could hear the jeep going down the road, and he began to panic-.
Mike could hear the alarm and brought the vehicle to an immediate stop on the side of the way. "David, what's wrong?" David was surprised by how in tune, he seemed to be with him. "I need you to get Marie out of town. Keep her safe until I can get to you." He was trying to keep things short and sweet. David gave Mike a specific direction, and he would join them as soon as he could detour the little punk boy from Florida. David grabbed some lunch for CSI Wyatt and himself while out, and as he returned to his office, Wyatt was standing in his office waiting with paperwork; the double homicide from this morning no doubt. "Okay, Wyatt here's your lunch and your phone. What's with the long, sulking face? You look like you just handed the worst case in history." Wyatt stood there dreading every moment that passed.
"Well, Mitchel it sort of is. I just got a hit on those prints and well it came back as Little Tony Giovani and his mistress Janelle Carson." Little Tony was the leading supplier of guns and drugs to the MOB and ninety percent of the gangs in Las Vegas. David has been trying to get a conviction to stick on him for years, but every time they got close, he managed to weasel his way out. "Do we have a witness?" David asked Wyatt, and he simply shook his head. "Well, what do we have?" This was the question CSI Wyatt was dreading. "Single gunshot to the back of the head, execution-style. No witness yet. The other techs are running over all the security feeds, but so far nothing looks out of the ordinary. Ballistics' is still running; however, we know we're looking for a snubnosed .38 revolver. Little Tony was known to have one but its missing." Wyatt stopped to take a breath. David nodded, knowing there was something else, but Wyatt was going around his asshole to get to his elbow to get to the point. "Is there something else you would like to add or do I have to find out myself then come back and kick your ass later?" CSI Kevin Wyatt was fresh out of school and academy. The poor kid couldn't catch a break when it came to Detective Mitchel's standards, but underneath it, all David was really impressed by the kid. Wyatt put forth twice the effort of half the cops of the force and had the brains to boot, he never complained even when it came to these moments of dreaded hell. "Yes sir, that Florida cop was in here last night asking a bunch of questions about Little Tony and that girl." Wyatt squeezed his eyes shut like a little kid that just got caught in the cookie jar, and daddy was coming in with the belt. "Oh, he was. Well, then I think it's time to place Mr. Florida at the top of our suspect list then. I want to know every officer he spoke to last night and have them brought to my office." David pointed out his office door, and that was Wyatt's hint to get busy.

David made a mad dash for his truck and hauled ass to the lake house. He made every effort to make sure no one followed. Once he arrived at the house, Marie was sitting on the front porch swing waiting for him. "What are you doing outside? Get back in the house where it's safe." She was shell shocked by his tone. It was too late to stop himself once he figured out what he had done. She opened the front door and walked through. David touched her arm, stopping her gently as he turned her to face him. "Marie, I'm so sorry for the way I spoke to you. I'm just trying to protect you and the baby." He cupped her face in his hands and looked at her as dangerous as he could. "He's here, Marie. Your ex is here in Las Vegas, and he's searching for you, and I have already had to deal with the little punk. I'll be damned if he will ever put his hands back on you again." All of a sudden Marie became very unstable on her feet, and the sickness in her stomach found its way back. She rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. David was trying to help, but she refused to be seen so vulnerable. A while later, she retreated from the bathroom and sat on the couch where David sat. "We need to talk, and I need the truth, no games, no promises you can't keep. Okay?" She watched his expression for any signs of changing his mind about her. "What do you want to know?" He asked her calmly.

Marie took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Did you mean what you said about being with the baby and me? I can't handle the thought of getting to the due date, giving birth, and then you walk out because this isn't your child and you don't want to help. So are you absolutely certain this is what you want?" She was holding the tears back the best she knew how but the flood gates were ready to open. David stood in front of Marie, he removed the badge, gun, and laid them down on the table in front of her. "Do you see that badge and that gun?" She nodded silently to his question. "That badge and gun is my life; it's all I know, but I am willing to give that badge and gun up to spend the rest of my life protecting you and this baby. Does that answer your question?" Marie had no control over her emotions, but David was there to hold her together. That was when she knew everything was going to be okay. "What do we do now about my ex? He will continue hunting for us until he finds us. He will kill us if he does find us." Marie went to her bag and brought out a leather-bound book. "I need you to understand what you're dealing with David. This is a journal of everything from day one of being with him. Nobody has ever read this. I'm trusting you to do the right thing." She handed it over with a look of shame and fear. What would he find and could he handle the truth?

Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

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