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Pulchritude of Existence

Updated on August 8, 2017

I can imagine how life can be

The greatness of God is what I see…

Despite all the failures and struggles of thee

Believe me, life and wonderful and happy.

‘Cause God created you and me free

Never mind all the dark night

‘Cause in the end we’ll all see a light

A light that shines so bright

A light that will give our way a radiant sight.

The earth is only our bivouac place

Where we laugh, cry and make things craze

Sometimes there are problems we need to face

But these are all part of it in order to finish the race.

I feel like an eagle soaring high

Spread my wings and fly in the bright sky

Close my eyes and feel the air as I fly.

That is life as we always know

It is like a plant that we sow

Neither always happy nor sad yet we need to go and go

Struggles we need; for us to grow.

I assure – in the end of this wonderful journey;

With God – we’ll feel true happiness and prosperity.


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