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Pulling (Poem)

Updated on July 16, 2015

You are the ocean waves.
Your icy touch implies that you are unapproachable.
You retract into the vast sea,
only to rush back, restless and powerful.

Crashing down on the smooth sand,
you frighten me.
Your cold glare rips through my skin like shards of ice.
Moving back and forth you get nowhere,
caught in your own self-righteousness.

Suddenly you lash out like a tsunami.
Destroying everything in your path.
Then you drift back to the ocean.
As you slip to the depths,
I plunge into the water trying to find you,
but you are already gone.

The waves of your ghost pull me under.
I am drowning in your past mistakes.
As I break the surface, gasping for air,
I see you in the distance watching me.
Waiting for the chance
to pull me under again.


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