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Putting it in writing

Updated on February 19, 2014

Putting pen to paper

I have found it difficult of late to find my writing mojo. Various things get in the way - necessary but annoying crazy little things called work and such to name but one. I am sure I could quite happily not work officially, but create and offload my ideas onto paper. Pen and paper - well yes indeed, really, honestly. I have rediscovered the ease of picking up a pencil and putting it onto paper and using the eraser. It seems odd that it was only school years away that I did this. Ever since discovering apps and texting and typing, my spelling seems appalling. Why is it that spelling used to be my best subject and now I find it difficult to put letters together into the correct order. I cannot blame "text speak" as I never shorten my words in text apart from the odd "LOL" and "btw". I feel it must be due to merely not holding a pen or pencil and thinking about what I am creating. It is just one of lifes mysteries like why the hairdresser colours all of your hair then cuts it off.

Another excuse has been the loss of my laptop profile. It vanished overnight, gone, vamoosh. I am probably up there in a media cloud floating about as we speak. Having Googled and followed advice listed on various forums my profile remains lost. At first this was a disaster but it got me thinking that this is the time for a fresh start, an old email address with past history and associated junk email will soon be non accessible. The old heavy laptop is due an upgrade, as it is far too heavy to lift in one hand and so not something I enjoy transporting. Time to also pick up my Masters in Infection prevention and Control, which will require critical analytical and epidemiological skills as well as scholarly writing. My Twitter account is also being hacked and compromised on a weekly basis and so that is getting deleted tonight. My creative writing on a personal level really took flight with my Twitter account. At the time I opened my heart on the blog attached to my Twitter account. It was cleansing, spiritual and in effect changed my life completely.

I have written from an early age, my childhood stories were contrite, complex tales of my imaginary friend, an escapism from the madness of my home life. There is nothing quite like a piece of writing to transport you to another atmosphere. I am in awe of writers who capture us from the very first line of their creation. On the train yesterday I looked at my Kindle app and started 4 books but they did just not draw me in. It could be the way i feel at the time of the distraction of noise, but the one I chose was captivating even allowing me to drift off into a little sleep as it felt like a warm blanket the words snugly fitting around me.

I have recently started a few different writing projects. A joint venture with my partner on an idea I had for a story line, as well as some educational childrens books. I intend to keep at it and create what will hopefully captivate someone enough to read on. All I need to do now is find the passwords and logins for my writing apps.....


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