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Quiz: What Does Your Dream Library Say About Your Age?

Updated on March 28, 2018
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Alexa loves reading, books and great looking libraries around the world.

The library at home is a cherished place of all book lovers, either children or full grownups. What does your own library tell about your age?

Hearst Castle Library
Hearst Castle Library | Source

How old are you at heart? Your books and the way you choose to store them can tell much about your age!

If you love reading, you know that books are special freinds and you are aware of the fact that your relationship with them advances with time. Where are you in relationship to your books? Does your relationship with reading reflect your real age?


You are 20!

Your library might not be as rich as others, but it surely compensates the lack of books through freshness. The titles in your library reflect your youth and energy. Many of the books you own belong to the Young Adult literature style and fantasy series are placed right next to classics, but one can only find there the books you love. You pair your books with action figures and you are not shy about adding color to your favorite furniture pieces. You have an opened mind, so you don't banish movie cover books and princeps editions don't impress you much.


You are 30!

You've already traveled for some time in the land of reading and your imagination is reflected by a library filled with treasures. Arranging a reading spot is a serious mission for you, worth paying a designer and you don't hold back from quality when it comes to buying "reading" furniture. Your exclusiveness and refinement go hand in hand. Your only regret is that you don't own the amount of money needed to raise your small wonder. You are on the right track though, and your library is starting to look like the one you imagine!


You are 40!

You have refined your reading tastes and habits. Now you have a mature appreciation of books and your imagination is paired with a deeper understanding of the world around you. This is why your library contains books and nothing else. They are arranged alphabetically or based on gender, because you treasure them all and you could never choose your favorites. You would never invest much in a fancy library furniture, because most important for you are the books themselves and you would spend a fortune on princeps or rare editions.


4 Tips For Your Perfect Library

1. Make sure you use all the space available. If you don’t have a separate room you can turn into a library, or even a small space to arrange and display your books, try to use what room you have wisely: use your hallway and use your empty closets (remove the door, or leave it open as part of the design).

2. Use the walls. Place some shelves directly on your walls. This way you don't need to buy expensive pieces of furniture and you can create your own patterns.

3. Create your own reading nest. All you need is a comfy chair and good light.

4. You don’t even need shelves in order to store your books. A much cheaper alternative would be the use of crates. Paint the crates your favorite color, or leave them the way they are.

Poll: Tell us your results!

How old are you, according to the quiz?

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© 2018 Alexa R


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    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      4 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hello Alex, I've gone through the hub. What I found is the arrangement seems to break a writing rule on hubpages site. It even applies to a basic writing skill.

      You should have started with an introduction. Then the body (text) and the conclusion. Add reference or sources of work consulted.

      But you start with a quiz which did not provide any information to your visitors or readers.

      Hubpages required you to add a table and a video which are in addition to the text. May I suggested you familiarized your self with the basics of writing a hub at the hubpages learning center.

      Many thanks.


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