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Why the life is called a life.

Updated on March 24, 2017

This is life, why it is called a life.

This is the life.

why it is called a life,

due to it's different colors and shades,

of grief and happiness,

sometimes it shines bright,

sometimes it becomes darkened.

This is the life,

why it is called a life,

one who is living within the limit of it,

should not take any result of his act or deed,

as the triumph or defeat,

as the success of failure,

as the miseries or joy,

as the cry or laughter,

he should accept all the results voluntarily,

it is the custom of our world and society,

he should also give up the rigidness,

he should be more polite in accepting the happenings.

This is life,

why it is called a life,

one who lives within the surroundings of it,

should not think that he is bound by the house,

property, wealth, health and prosperity,

the thread of his breathing,

fastened with the love of his life partner,

the love of his family,

and the love of his true friends.

This is the life,

and that's why it called a life.


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