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Updated on August 24, 2011


You can write poems. It's very fun and releases tensions of bad times. Take the poems below by a seasoned blogger. These poems are original poems written by Leslie Siegel from her heart and deep into her mind. They reflect true life experiences. Please comment your opinions below! They are well written and may give you ideas of your own poetry. Read and learn about them and most of them are very drama driven and tell of lost love, lost hearts, lost jobs and lost family members. They are written to teach and to enjoy. It's easy to write beat poetry. Just relax and free stream your thoughts on the subject of love, and war. Start with a blank paper and begin to write how you feel without thinking to much. As you write, it gets fun. You can really do a lot. Then after you have a paragraph, read it aloud and take out unnecessary words. Put it to music. Write another. Just free flow as I did. Good luck and send me any poems or post them below.


Flowing through popularity ebb tolls
Moods changing the tides
Split personalities falter then readjust
A full circle glide, people's rules must we abide
Survival of the fittest in our herds
They talk, they shout, they laugh off gaff
Steadily so remote
Slapping the back, underlying envy clap
One minute of King O’ the Hill,
Then suddenly bottom of the ‘sill
“Good job, good job”, raising the stabbing dagger
Saying great things, witty and fun
Isolation in full swing
Better saying nothing at all
Be your own worst best friend
When they start to ignore
No longer considered best of the bunch
Loud mouthed, crazy, doing the best
Losing patience, going under board
It’s not quite right finding a new dream
Ol’ riptide takes it out


Hey God, let life stay stationery
So we can all remain happily unconcerned
To follow life’s many paths
That would still be filled with hope and the Devil.

If the world stopped spinning
We could all enjoy the seasons of living without getting dizzy.

It would be grand if we never aged
Only in our brains
So we could have a ball in children’s bodies as old farts!

It would also be satisfying
If criminals stopped robbing
Because the rich donated 100 million to anyone who applied
The world would surely be a better place
But, maybe not!


Ten years past, ten years zip
You’re still a haunting psychic tick
Attacking the hearts that once beat rapid fast

Ten minutes ago, ten seconds gone
A dazzling love thrill once upon
As memories fade from subconscious will

Ten moments to now, ten meters to hell
Waiting breathlessly as you ran
Screaming “Uncle, uncle” to be let go.

Ten inches to him, ten feet to hold
Taking your place in a muddled fold
Excitement abounds when you were around

Ten fingers to judge, too many have said
Put you to bed, move on to others who won't falter or go
Except for you, our broken fate will never show


A starter's pistol was my live universe
An affair from a man that held me for ransom.
We proceeded, Mr. Live Universe and I
Running the streets in fear of being caught in cinches
Immortalized cheaters crawling on all fours, doggie style

Taking chances, running the baseball diamond ragged
Controlled by a Mama's boy philosophy shored up an ever downward spiral
As our times floated by between the thin sheets and paper walls
We moaned in unison to the ears of the ones that brought him into this world

Live universe created and patented by him, spinning infinitely into the finite reality
So sweet and safe he is, as I dock into the locked universe
Where there is no return, no key, no love, only mistrust & sadness
Violent separation like giving birth, his live universe is now locked & cursed


We find ourselves at the end of what was first culminated
Still like young lovers casting out our fears
Growing times together feeling strong, more linked than ever
Little things you do so reminiscent of love in late bloomer
A kind message, a fruit basket, a card spewing I love you just because
Sitting side by side enjoying the company of being
Wondering, marveling, exclaiming how we met
Very lucky, total chance, but meant to be on the Internet
Blessedly, we turned out to be good for one another
There was a future, a lifetime of caring, loving, doing
Knowing each has been wrought through the ringer
Nothing gets on our nerves, little idiosyncrasies just trivial pursuit
Traveled to New York, had a ball, you showing so much interest in my past
When we speak, it’s a nice chat pattern, no stress tuned in
Time has flown by in two years
Memories of old faded into fog
New moments with you take away ugly spaces and places of my past
Making love no longer a stretch or high maintenance
Emails flying back and forth like butterflies, rich with passion and interest
We converse making sure to be listening in
There is change on the horizon between us, but faithful though
Noticing how we are now, remembering the then of living in hell
Could short temper whiny, bothersome moods replace tolerance?
Conditioned responses changing from once soft fluttery kisses on the whim of love
A hint of negative feelings may come through loud, clear and above
Is it really much easier being mean and ornery rather than sensitive and sweet?
One who’s been thrown backwards knows the score
Chipping off the golden ice to reveal what we could become
Anxiety laced from a non-reaction to stimulus of a lifetime
Heads bowed in a laptop not wanting to communicate
Becoming all too familiarly remote, the twin bed theory
From whence we came, all full of rose pedals and love
May be one day treading on hard water, industrialized
Face facts we’ll both change for the good, the better and the worst
More times than not locking the bedroom door
But feelings can’t be mistaken so late in this old game
Will you grow tired of my antics, like I am hormonally deranged?
Where in the before time, you usually let things roll
But now, often times than not, you blow off steam seeming irate
There’s a secret part to you, a closed off portion
Your kiss distant, your touch not as reassuring, body language blaring annoyance
A bean counting hermit replacing a once spirited ardor
I didn’t mean to drive you away if that happens!


Noticing my bosses charm is waning and tarnished
Finally be overwrought with my loud uncouth way of booming around the office
Growing ever tired of spastic actions of a woman with a fine high energy
Most times on the norm, they seem happy, fulfilled, satisfied
With my underrated work level force
My boost declines, carrying more unrest in the ranks of the late great tele-ladder
As we move up, they are more uptight, more business minded, like sharks
Watch out, you may be devoured, let go or fired
Easily sent home for being too freewheeling
Others getting peeved, she’s too happy, too up, something’s wrong
The upper echelon wants to know what she’s on
Having too much fun - Relax, shut up, be quiet or you are gone
An empty desk, a sullen walk down the green mile escorted
Leave the card key under the now “unwelcome” mat
Another love affair with the wanted ads, another place, another chance
They won’t know you at first … until the full circle curves around
The pavement you will pound
Remembering other jobs when you were the best queen around
When all is done and said, employment put to bed, rest in peace
Wondering if it’s a self destructive mechanism in place
This makes me vulnerable to the executive switch
Deconstruction at its most highest level
A well-liked, underplaced employable girl lies flat on her face
Supervisor’s pitch is so off keel, taking the wind out of my ‘sales’
Wondering when and if the axe will fall
Getting caught and enthralled, put on the spot, the seat is hot!

Karma’s Rue will Rule!

Subconscious word of mouth
Running like diarrhea, diseased in all areas of life
World is shaky, friends are nil, enemies hiding behind bright smiling faces
Looks that could kill
Family so non existent, wanting no part, no fill
So that is why I am breathing, sitting idly by, my gray hairs seeping
Reflecting the reasons as to why I am vibed!
Simple tongues wagging, “over and out!”
Continuing to a final pit stop
Before you turn around, the whole world hears you
Rabid folks ready to plunge their teeth into your soul
A once free spirit, now too much said, a big mouth
Others assuming you’ll spill the beans of secrets, which you will
No longer a muse to soothe
Those who knew you, now weary of your “flapper trapper!”
The Karma of your oral voca isn’t always in good shape or taste
More like a dentist popping cotton between your cheeks!


Always hyper, full of life’s imaginations
Speaking a mile a second
Never quite growing up, always flying around in my mind
Like Peter Pan – In flight, all different directions
Sometimes brain isn’t pacing, a rollercoaster ride racing
Never reaching an age of reason
Still retaining that crazy, batty affliction
Can’t stop, always talk, talk, talk
Meds almost doing the trick
Pulling that psychiatrist’s stick
A thought, a process, an idea
With clarity, but buzzing like a bee.
That’s what they say of me!
Speeding out of control, a million miles a minute
Running of the mouth piece, chemical imbalance
Thoughts not exactly jumbled, seeming clear and concise
But to others my outbursts bring in thoughts of medical mind crisis!
No leash to bring me to bay
No lease on jumbled jargon’s way
Gene pool takes a dive
Chromosomes bearing the spot
Endorphins bursting In air
While the ‘tat, tat, tat’ of the nervous processing is speeded up and boarded out
Like a funny car souped up and racing about.
My bumble bee A.D.D. in full swing


Open arms, all right in
Wish to be where I should really be
Not stuffed in a cubicle
Taking calls, a 20 year old telling me what to do
Not of my own – Just a rabid spot between the crack of everyone’s ass!
Want to say fuck you!
Take it and shove
Can’t, stuck, sad
The best shunning my talent
Forthright and grandiose
No delusions … just enabled in full force


Alienation has landed, blowing away your sunshine
Can’t start anew, where no one knows you
Clean slate, another fate?
Roll out the red carpet, open the gate
Once easy to escalate and stick around
The same scenario happening
Like a skipping record, no escape
You as golden goose losing luster with others
Dared to cross the line
Looking for old friends, colleagues accepting of apologies
Venting machine broken down
No one wants you around
Pounded down of your own volition
Their finally fed up
Your gossip turning kind eyes to daggers
A jagged edge sword slicing popularity
Dead woman walking, not a happy camper
Here you are no more, it’s become a familiar shore
Heads turning away, putting you at bay
Nothing else to say
Once happy smiles lit your path
Now downward glances bar the way because of what was said
Don’t cry, don’t pout, be resilient and just ‘bear’ the ‘grunt’ for now
Nothing remains the same ever!
Think good deeds, good times and the many months you shined


Chance meeting or act of God?
Tittering on the edge of wondering why we were
The supermarket where we met, a flash point
Like Normandie and Florence
Our blooms became Reginald Denny against rioting mobs
Volatile memories surface then fade away
Heartfelt desires always seem to stay
Sneaking around zero ground
A stone's throw from another mushroom cloud
Detonated by an angry bee smoldering in rubble
His stinger a beacon to the men in blue
Who answered the call and broke us up
Gleaming handcuffs blocked the way
To opening a Locked Live Universe with you to remain!
Did the cosmos say "Make it so"?
Or possibly Lady Luck passing the romance buck
From whence we met
Thoughts of togetherness weaved life in two lonely hearts
We had a clue but chose to ignore, but who knew?
Until the Devil himself waved his pitchfork
Our fall from grace for lost quadrant's sake
Vainly weeping, wondering what would have become
What we would be borne from
A budding sweet love released from bondage under another man's thumb


Ring, ring, ring
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up
Want a loan?
Investments on the phone
Rules, laws and edicts
Against the soliciting marketer
Tele Me This:
Hello, hello, hello
Stop calling
No, no, no
Hang up, hang up, hang up
Predictive dialers gone wild
We need the lead
Just grin and bare it
Smiling and dialing all over the nation
As they pass legislation
Smearing reputations as retaliation
Continuous clicking of open line titillations
Remain resilient in the face of busy signals, A.M. hours
The stigma of high rejection, low pay
Overworked with a large turnover force
But with luck, we'll come through
And someone will believe the scripted malarkey
Pulling down on that one armed bandit
Ante up, ante up, ante up


Good times, bad times come and go
Past days move in an even flow
Even though moments pass gas
We react, cry, pondering why
A Vietnam Vet's post traumatic stress
What was, creeps in
Situations arise, burning ambers never die
In the deepest recesses of the mind
That is where you'll find 'Them', where they reside.
Those flashy, musty, messy old things that shape our lives
Coming back to haunt, flaunt and fawn
Flashing over and over, sometimes on a dime
Procured by an odor, a word or rhyme
Processing long ago deeds into static of the brain
Yielding flashbacks in color
Simmering, shimmering back and forth like R.E.M.


Just trying to draw my family back in
Mater’s rule is iron clad
Siblings afraid of her scold
Scared of the power she wields and holds
They cower and indulge her fancy, not wanting me with them
They’ve shunned my crazed openness
Umbilical cord detached long before my birth
An empty void where sisters and brothers should be, only trouble lurks
They perceive me as wicked and unclean
Not fit amongst their polite Martini Society
They live, they breathe, they laugh, they party
But only under Mom’s rule of thumb
Until the drama queen, known as me, her oldest daughter pushes the insanity button
Forgetting the dysfunction engrained in their brains over you
They fear retaliation from the ‘Big Kahuna’
Mom’s rage and resentment bars me from worming my way back to the fold
Time passes with no communication, no episodes
Frivolously, the wheels start to turn, crunching raw bones once more
Enabling my grandfather’s favorite daughter to trample upon my twisted goal
This is only to irk the one who brought me into this world
‘Ema’ waits with a clever to hack me off their limbs
Even surfing the Net is like a poison pen
Written by Me to ‘Mother’
Who goes so far as to keep me away and in my place, far from my kin
To her deathbed she shall curse me in her last dying breath
No room for niceties, make room for ‘Mommy’s can of worms’
No time to settle, she’s too set in her ways of despise to take heed and forgive


We met by chance in '82
Crunching autumn leaves
West Virginia’s colored hues
Brad Boyers had his goals
While shouting the praises of Alan Cranston!

Lost touch for years
He got involved
Memories never faded
Romantic notions of first love
Surrounded by an Allegheny Forest
Almost died in time’s firestorm

Reading his old letters
A futuristic gubernatorial path according to Brad Boyers
Never coming to full fruition
The path strewn with expectations
A shaky past of a Nomad named Brad Boyers!

Unbelievable circumstances
Befell his pool of downward coasting
Watery-eyed dreams of political aspirations
Rising up the Legislative ladder
State rep, Connecticut mayors, bouts for the Governor's Mansion
Elephant's destiny knocked his Donkey away
While senators met, recessed
Ingested amongst his constituents

Arizona bound to become a chef
Passion for sauces, a blur of brisket
Rise in weight, loss of hair
Wouldn't have cared
Because Leslie Siegel's love for Brad Boyers
Would have bared

The grandest cooks make the greatest politicking reps
Knowing the right ingredients, the correct mix
It's one for all, and all for the Bipartisan fix
His golf game hadn't suffered much
Even when joining ranks of the new young Aficionados

Brad Boyers arrived back home
The un-conquering hero
Looking for an outlet
Wanting to get involved in people's causes

The political arena, that's where he fell
That was his place, his platform, his Nirvana bell
Anywhere away from the painful aloneness
Tittering on the edge, an awful retch!

On a whim, the Internet allowed him to be found and contacted
Almost 20 years after us
By then he was already West
Cooking up a storm
Drinking in 'Phish' (his favorite musical group)

The putt was his game, he knew everyone's name
Had a certain something going strong, something gained
Those kind eyes gelled over with despair
What addled his flare?

So he headed home
To his destiny calling
A new position for the rabble
Gave it his all, settled in for the countdown to disaster

We spoke one day when I reached a shallow depression
Of losing yet another true love
Telling him, my first, that the second perished in an auto wreck
Although not truth, dear Brad believed
That the one so much like him had died

His words of condolences
Set my own heart aflutter
But 3 days after, reality hit cruel and bitter
Wrenching his life-force through a car window
On the wrong ramp of a freeway
He was killed instantly
In a flash of mashed glass

Letters stopped, phone calls ended, his vibe faded to black
Until months later his Internet obit
Floated into up from the sea

His name, the cause, his cause, those he loved, all listed in a row
Finally coming into his own
If not for too much spirits swallowed out of habit
He is missed, as I sit like a loose tooth
Out of place yet feeling in sync, but without Brad

God’s Strange Game

Sitting here reflecting on life

Thinking how it’s dealt to me

My blows and sadness

Saying things that sent many scattering

Sidelined my broad sense of openness

Comrades shooed away by changes in friendships.

Some can’t forget my tart, rash tongue

So they fade like ghosts roaming empty halls

Always asking why, but knowing the reasons of the deluge

On down the day, events unfold

Tickling through to the times

Wondering why it was “going down”

Understood through God

If what was stated was not true

Then why do some still shy from me?

Ones I used to seek out to chat and banter with

The rumor mill conked me on the head

Came back to haunt

They float by like the dead, no longer flanking my side

Non-forgiveness isn’t a virtue

My soul is down, my mind wondering if they’ll just let what I said pass into oblivion

I think not

Coming back to my bower, tears ‘a flowin’

Down feeling, cursed in my lifestyle

Then God shines and shows me something

In my place

Emptying the trash

Seeing a neighbor

Sitting by the mailboxes

Donning a hospital gown with wrists and throat slashed

Trying to take her own precious life of a lonely woman

Watching her rise and limp, with the stained hospital gown askew

Showing her bareness

I prayed to the Lord giving him thanks

For all the good and even the bad that’s come my way

My life experience shows a kind sunny slant, even if it is sad in the end

For all of it, I became glad

The snowball looming large and cold

But one day melting their hardened hearts to be as they were

Liquid, languid, soft and forgiving

I hope I can cope until then

Take “Stock” Of “Us” (Dedicated to the guy I sat next to at a telemarketing room)

My thoughts of you were open, jovial and bright

Laughed so hard that I thought we’d bust

Jokes, light hearted banter about my sordid past

Kept us in stitches for hours on end

The job we do is so monotonous

I thought I took away the boring monotony

Days passed, we always said hello

Your mellow, passive aggressiveness was brought out when we spoke

The things in my screwy lifestyle were poked fun, I liked it

So I didn’t realize you would turn everyone to ice

I felt almost betrayed

Because you saw me getting close with the resident “Therapist”

Now let’s be “Frank” …

Turning your evil side to me, leaving me to die, strung out by my gossip mill

A strong word to my wise … I tried to mend your mess of things

When I discussed others in the room

Having no idea that you got to “them”, spilling such rotten beans

It’s sometimes hard to pass you in the hall

Looking away, both our vibes inundated

Your crassness is even worse now that we have a beef

No more chuckling about pap smears and Petri dishes, cocoa butter and collector spoons

You were really cracking me up

Now just an uncomfortable silent running, we’ll never be the same

Sometimes I stare at you from the corner of my eye

And wonder what you think of our new uncomfortable vibe

Never again will we speak polite or at all

Just that weird uneasy void of distrust and a bitter taste and bite of bile

Some say that they don’t mind the talk

But it is the trust I must build back up

In a strange way, maybe what you id is good

I’ve learned to shut my trap and do my work

People have said they didn't know that I was present, but here I am

Still around, with this job, minus my favorite man in the room

A dear person you said I said was a drunk

He may never forgive me, nor converse on break

I’ve learned to only want him back, even you!


Shooting off your mouth

Gunshot to the head

Waiting; your gossip made you fatally dead

Stuff said; build a snowman, it won’t melt until summer

Bummer; some never seeing you the same again

Silent enemies close to you now

They’re loud thoughts penetrate, invading life and other things said

Lying on a nail bed

Laid out for the piranha’s in feeding frenzy

With outer personal facts falling apart like stale bread

Just for the intensity of emotional poetry, just for fun –

Where only inspiration comes when in trouble

So, things were said, over blown

Pick axe digging a self proclaimed grave

Saying too much, stretched to the limit

The rack is speaking

Chains rattling in decline into the unemployment line

Ears perked up ready to strike

A snake striking on all levels

Those few friends warn, a coffin beckons

The quiet babble going on behind your back is strong

Because of their new aversion

Meanness in you comes in all forms

Invading personal spaces

Dropping gunk into trash basins

Following behind with a sharp witchy giggle

On the verge of being and thinking evil

The talk on you aggravates

By the grave digger’s lantern light, fresh dirt settles lining the body

In the sweet embrace of serenity and darkness’ space!


Predicting a jobless baseball diamond

My time here grows short

Take me out of the ball game

Feeling like criminal court

All blame points toward me

The boss’ eyes boring into my heart

Silently saying to go now

Unwanted, get away and move on

All negatives streaking away, a home run, or I struck out!


Peddle to the grindstone, all the way to the top hop

Being here a year isn’t as freewheeling as it was before

Keep that trap shut, it might be too late

Speak when spoken to, maybe not even then

Take the helm of your sinking ship

Mutiny on the Bounty, shooting off your mouth

They’re asking questions later

Those in your crew turn their heads away

Your eyes cast down

People now bent against you, disarming your spirited vocals

No more “patty-cake, patty cake” with your cohorts

Spin the “Sale” on the flunky

They are not kidding around

Skull and bones wave away the signal flag of “I surrender”

Vultures closing in for your kill

All areas affected, friends, family, foe, and fun filled

I think it’s the end of my ways, my jokes, my world, my notions

Something negative lurks, I let it lurk

Evil emanating from my own dirty, dark, negative part of my soul

Too late to say “I told you so!”

Silence was golden; just don’t melt the calf for worship

The pipeline is clogged with your own feces

From what was said, it travels up to the guy at the head

Who demands the review for your golden idol?

Bought with your eager good will

Now shoddy and falling apart

In the end, a mean game of telephone persist

Until it’s time to leave this boat

You are like Titanic, they came to rescue, the rope slipped

Bargaining tables where once agreeable, now a full blown counsel

About lost cash and talking for free

Sitting here reflecting on life

Thinking how it’s dealt to me

My blows and sadness

Saying things that sent many scattering

Sidelined my broad sense of openness

Comrades shooed away by changes in friendships.

Some can’t forget my tart, rash tongue

So they fade like ghosts roaming empty halls

Always asking why, but knowing the reasons of the deluge

On down the day, events unfold

Tickling through to the times

Wondering why it was “going down”

Understood through God

If what was stated was not true

Then why do some still shy from me?

Ones I used to seek out to chat and banter with

The rumor mill conked me on the head

Came back to haunt

They float by like the dead, no longer flanking my side

Non-forgiveness isn’t a virtue

My soul is down, my mind wondering if they’ll just let what I said pass into oblivion

I think not


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