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Raisins, Grapes and wine - who has the worse fate

Updated on January 25, 2011

Just a little bit odd...

So this is an odd question... one day it just popped in my head. I guess because the question fascinated me I keep coming back. Yet, while I have replayed over and over every possible scenario in my head, I am still unable to come up with an answer. I honestly don't know which one has a better fate.

Who has the worse fate?

The Shiveled up grape that is left on the vine,

The grape,

The raisin, or

the wine?

Now, if you have made it this far you are probably scratching your head and wondering what mental institution I am writing this from. Well, I will answer.... none. I am writing this in the complete comfort of my home.

I will however warn you, if you continue to read on, you might find yourself wondering about these food's different fates. It will pop into your head at the strangest time, forcing you to ask someone else the same question that I just asked you. So don't say you haven't been warned!

Grapes - ready for the picking and ready to come home with you and arrive at their fate!
Grapes - ready for the picking and ready to come home with you and arrive at their fate!

The Grape

 The grape, whether it is a green grape or a red grape, has a purpose and has a fate. But, whatever that purpose is, does it lead a fullfilling life?

When I think about the grape it really only has two outcomes. Once it is picked from the vine it is packaged and shipped to the store, placed on display for our purchasing pleasure. Okay, so maybe I am being a little bit overboard by stating that buying grapes is pleasureful. It's not; it is just like any other grocery shopping task. Which frankly I hate grocery shopping.

Anyway, back to the poor little grape. The grape is sent to the store where we purchase it in all intention of eating those juicy grapes. If you get a chance look at these grapes. Their fate is in your hand. When you look through the bag, you will notice it is full of nice, juicy, plump grapes... ready for the eating.

Then there are those occasional ones who never made it into grape adulthood. They sit on the vine shriveled to pieces. They have died a premature death. They will notf fulfill their purpose. They will not be eaten. Instead, they will be quickly picked off the vine and thrown into the closest trash can. As a grape, this can be a horrible fate. Imagine... just being thrown out. How horrible. (That doesn't mean, however, that I am suggesting you eat the grape just so it can fulfill it's purpose. However, lets take a moment of silence for that poor shiveled up grape.)


Now, since we have given our due respects to that poor shiveled grape, let's get to the star of our show... that plump, juicy grape. It is so yummy and tasty and it's whole purpose in life is to be eaten. Now is that a satisfying end to your life. I know I don't wake up in the morning thinking today would be a great day to be eaten! Do you?

Now while you continue to think of that poor eaten grape, don't feel bad, because the fate of the grape is much worse. After all, not only did you pick that grape from its vine and dislodge it from its comfortable resting spot at home, but you have thrown it into your mouth and are slowly grinding your teeth up and down in a grinding action as you completely tear that grape to pieces. If that is not enough, you will eventually swallow that grape so it can be fried in your stomach acid.

Poor grape. In order to fulfill its purpose in life it must be taken from its home, thrown in your mouth and chewed up before it is burnt. Not what I would call a happy ending!

The Raisin

So now that you have seen the fate of the grape, you are probably wondering how on earth can it get much worse? Well, I will tell you!

Being a raisin is one more tortured step beyond being a grape. After all, the raisin will go through each and every tormented process as the grape, only the raisin takes the torment one step further.

While the grape must first be relocated from it's home on the vine (same as the raisin), a portion of these grapes will be used for raisins. So while some of these will sit in your home, the raisin will go off to the raisin making factory where every ounce of life will be sucked out of it until it is made into a purposely dried up grape. Can you imagine being a plump, juicy grape and then having all the water sucked out of you? This is the fate of the raisin.

If that isn't bad enough... once it has been dehydrated, it will then be squished into a box where it will find itself in someone's cupboard. Finally, after sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, that raisin will face the same fate as the original grape. It will be chewed and mutilated before it is swallowed and burnt by stomach acid.

It sounds morbid, but is being a raisin worse than being a grape?

Would you like a glass of wine now?
Would you like a glass of wine now?

The Wine

 So after I have acurately described how unfair the life of the grape and the raisin is, it seems it is only fair that I include wine in this. After all, wine is made from grapes... it is just a special kind of grape.

So obviously, the wine will have a very similiar fate as the grape and the raisin.Only the wine will take it another more painful step. Instead of being just eaten, or being dehydrated, the wine will be taken from its vine and put into a huge bucket where it will be walked on and stomped until all the juice is collected below.

Now I don't know about you, but this is definately not a fate that I would want to have. But then again, I very much dislike feet. And if I was a wine grape, I shudder at the thought of having other peoples feet stomp on me.

When that torturous step is finsihed, the juices extracted will be bottled up until it hits the final fate... where it will be dumped into a chilled glass until is is drank.

But, hey, on a positive note, at least the wine doesn't get chewed! 

It's your choice

Would you rather be...

See results

What's your thoughts...

 So now that I have detailed the life of grapes, raisins, and wine.... what would you determine as having the worser fate?

On a serious note, while this seems like a silly topic, there are some life lessons that you can learn from this. After all, the worst fate of all would be that of the shiveled up grape. It wasn't even able to fulfill its purpose in life; instead it was thrown away in the trash.

So, when you feel like you aren't living your life to the fullest, think of that shriveled up grape. You don't want the same fate. So hold your head up high. The pathways through life are tough and sometimes painful, but in the end, as long as you fulfilled your destiny, you have lived a meaningful life.


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