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Frankie's Hair

Updated on October 19, 2009

Frankie last Halloween

Frankie's Hair

A little while back, my little one was talking to me about her hair. Just to let you know, she's got big hair. Real thick, extra curly and has a life of it's own it seems. This little story is dedicated to her.

Frankie's Hair

One day I was outside playing with my friends and I felt something kind of weird around my hair. It was a tingle or a tickle.

My friends stopped what they were doing and started staring at me.

"What's wrong with your hair?" one of them asked, surprised.

"What do you mean, "What's wrong with my hair?" There's nothing wrong with it! It just sort of tickled" Frankie exclaimed rather indignantly.

"'s growing!" another yelled rather excitedly.

"Huh?" I reached up and sure enough, my hair DID feel bigger. It was reaching my shoulders."Oh my! Oh no! I wanted it longer but this is silly!" I shrieked in confusion.

My hair then decided to start spreading out behind me, growing like kudzu over the yard, causing my friends to run screaming in terror for their moms.

Me? I didn't know what to do when i saw it start engulfing the house. I mean what could I do when my hair is growing faster than I could run. There, that's what I'll do! I'll run!

So, I ran and ran but my hair still kept on growing like Rapunzel's hair on Miracle Grow. I ran down the street and the hair kept on growing to cover the block.

I made it to my Grandma's house and I banged on the door screaming "Grandma, Grandma! My hair!"

Grandma opened the door and just stared at me! I must have looked weird with all that hair blocking everything. She looked out the window and gasped at the sight. Oh what a sight it was too! Traffic was at a standstill since it covered the main street, people coming out of their cars and practically swimming through the curls to get to the surface.

"Frankie! What have you done?" Grandma cried out.

"I dunno Grandma! It just started growing!" I exclaimed.

Just then, some of the tendrils started going in her house and taking over as the rest began growing even more at an alarming rate. Over the streets and the hills. Over oceans and mountains.

Finally, when my hair did meet with the water, it started covering the whole world! The news reports were nothing but "Hair eats world! News at AAAAAAAAAAAA! It's in the news room!"

While I was stuck on Earth, the hair starting reaching for the skies, eclipsing planes, (which had a soft landing so no one got hurt} and then it reached space, covering the stars and planets and reached Heaven.

Oh that caused a big tizzy up there let me tell you! And then, finally.......

I woke up!


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Wonderful exciting hub. GBY My Dear.

    • profile image

      Streehbach 8 years ago

      It was real! I know it's real! I saw it, felt it....RAN FROM IT!

    • profile image

      Ken 8 years ago

      :) this one is my favorite out of the two so far