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Regrets of The Past: Part I

Updated on December 17, 2012

Before You Read

Hello Everyone!!

I'd just like to thank everyone for their support and awesome comments left on numerous hubs. I've just surpassed 10,000 Pageviews!! I feel really awesome about it and can't wait to get more views in the future. I'll be posting more on that personal accomplishment soon. I just wanted to to introduce to you a short story I've been writing these past few weeks. It's my FIRST EVER. I've always been weary about writing short stories because I felt I wouldn't write well in a shorter format. Now that I've learned to treat a short story like a novel (but shorter), I think I've gotten the hang of it. So take a look at Part I of Regrets of The Past. Leave me comments on what you think of it! It would be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


Part I

When I first entered the building, I noticed immediately that Doctor Brown had renovated the place a bit. It'd been quite some time since I'd seen her. I guest that's what happens when two friends live their own lives. It's not that we decided to not be friends, it's just what happens when you grow older. Maintaining those friends become harder especially when marriages occur, children conceived. Shiela and I see each other on a semi-yearly basis. Usually it's for someone's birthday, engagement party, or a reunion among all of our other friends from "back in the day". Today Sheila would become Dr. Brown, my psychologist and mentor. Over the years I would have sought her guidance and logical means to solving a problem. Though today, I really need a professional.

Lo the many years Sheila and I have been friends, I've found many loves and had been very happy. Though none of those loves lasted longer than a year or two. I must say that I've realized over the years that there is a reason for this, one I cannot identify. It's been harder to come to terms with the reasoning behind all things that occur over time. Unfortunately my battle with love was never about bad luck or my partner's inability to commit to me. The reason is deeper, I think. That's the whole reason I had come down here to see Sheila in the first place. I have to figure this.

I know it has something to with me.

The walls were mauve in color, a beautiful tint that complemented the plethora of portraits and paintings that hung on the walls directly behind the receptionist's desk. Sheila always had good taste. I smiled a little bit when I saw a picture of her son, now a teenager, smiling as widely as his mother always did in those days. He was a handsome young man, intelligent, and a great deal like his mother. I continued through the hall and up to the receptionist desk.

Dr. Brown's receptionist heard my approach, glancing up and smiling at me. I got the impression she remembered me from the last time I had visited. That time it wasn't business, but just a quaint lunch between friends.

"It's so good to see you again," she said.There was an excitement in her voice. I was pretty used to this; People really like me.

"Thank you, I said. "It's good to see you too."

"Sheila is with another client. If you'll have a seat, she'll be with you shortly."

I sat, though I'm still in awe of my decision to come here in the first place. It's very unlike me to seek the help of friends, close or otherwise, for an issue so serious. There's always the fear of appearing whiny of vulnerable. That's what I try my best to avoid. My friends don't perceive me that way, but I'd rather not give them inkling. I want to appear strong and sometimes hardened if I can. My ego could never take it.

I've always had a deep seated fear of spilling my most delicate thoughts, exposing myself as an over-dramatic, overzealous person. It's crazy right? I should just be myself right? I wish I had an answer.

I gaze at the clock, 9:30AM, just as my appointment book said. I'd made it a few weeks ago after an ordeal. I shudder to even bring the thought to surface. Now isn't the best time. The room was eerily silent save for Shelia's assistant who typed away. What typing would she have to do anyway? God, she must type sixty words per minute. I heard indistinct voices coming from behind the cherry wood door directly across from me. Dr. Sheila Burnett Psy.D.

Burnett, right. I had forgotten about the change in names. She married a few years back. I've only met the husband a handful of times. A busy man from what I hear. Thoughts of the past came up. I remember Sheila working so hard for that B.S. in Psychology. She was sing then, had a different last name, and taking care of her son all alone. Times have truly changed. The door knob turned and Sheila walked out accompanied by her client, a voluptuous woman with a wide grin on her face. Must have went well.

The woman was dressed in a floral dress. One of those dresses best suited for wearing in the warm spring weather. Her light brown skin tone matched the color of the walls. She was a beautiful woman and her smile made her look all the better. She was taller than Sheila and spoke in a thick New Jersey Accent. At least that's what I gathered. Her voice was a little elevated. I could everything she was saying.

"Oh yes, I do love the recipe! It was so great of you to offer it to me." The woman smiled.

"It's my pleasure, really. Good food always puts a person in a good mood. Same time next week then?

"Oh yes, definitely."

"Ok, thank you. Let Sheila know and have a good afternoon."

The woman continued off with a smile on her face. She stopped at Sheila's assistant's desk, halting the incessant typing that had been taking place there. I hadn't realized that my gaze had followed the woman until Sheila called my name. I was shaken back to reality. I looked at her and stood, stepped, and staggered towards her. My clumsiness was alive today. I hugged her tightly, wrapping my arms around her as tightly as I could. We'd always shared this sort of embrace. It was how close we'd always been. We released each other.

"It's so good to see you," she said. "How have you been?" Her smiled held steady as it always did.

"I've been good," I said. "Same ole, Same ole." I always use that phrase. It was my way of saying as little as possible. I never cared much for elaboration despite my preferred profession."

"How's the writing?"

"I took some time for myself. I plan on getting back into it sooner or later."

"Well that's good to hear. How about we head in and get started. I'm anxious to ask what brought you here."

I think I smirked a little. She led me through the doors and into her office. It was just as beautiful as her lobby. She had paintings hung all around, bookcases, and several plants scattered about the sunlit room. A coffee pot sat on one of her end tables, only halfway full. She really loves her coffee. A comfortable chair sat in the center of the room across a psychology chair, that thingy that people lay on. I can never think of the name of that thing.

I lay on the leathery thing and Sheila sat across from me, crossing her legs mechanically. No visible wrinkle on her denim pants. She wore a black jacket over a plum-colored shirt. She reached over at her desk and grabbed her pad and a pencil. She prepared herself.

"So when we spoke last, you didn't sound too well. It seemed like you were anxious about something. Want to start there?"

I sighed. My heart started beating faster just at the thought of it all. I hated feeling vulnerable. I guess I really didn't have a choice this time.

"I broke up with Derrick." There was a surprised look on her face. She scribbled something down.

"I see," she said. "Now if I remember correctly, Derrick and you have been together for a very long time. The longest relationship you've ever had if my memory serves me. You brought him with you to my wedding. You and him broke up? How did this come to be?"

'It's a long story," I said.

"I have no more appointments today. Tell me everything that happened."

To be Continued...

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    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      AE Williams 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks Lisa! This has made my day. I love when people ready my creative pieces. It's my first short story!!

    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Chronister 

      6 years ago from Florida

      This is a great start! I definitely want to read on!!

    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      AE Williams 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      :) Thanks so much. I just wrote this while sitting on break at work. Some of the words were changed, but it's nearly unfettered.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Aubrey.. I feel the same way and I have the most crazy way of exposing myself.. what a great story.. I love your friend Shelia.. I had to read part 1 part 2 was so good. I know there has to be a part 3.

      Happy New year..

      Loving this story


    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      AE Williams 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks a lot! I really appreciate this comment. Lo those many years... Lo those many days... it's an interjection used to call attention to something (or express wonder or surprise). I'm so glad my dialogue sounds good. I always have trouble with it as far as knowing if they sound enough unlike each other. I will definitely give your work a read once time permits. Thanks for the follow and look forward to developing a new friendship.


    • wtaylorjr2001 profile image

      William H Taylor 

      6 years ago from Binghamton NY

      Hi, this is a great start. I just have one question if you don't mind. What did you mean by Lo in the second paragraph? I like your dialog. When I write dialog all my characters seem to sound the same. The trick to writing good dialog is to have several voices in your head I believe. Do you know a good way to become schizophrenic? I hate to proofread my work, and I hardly ever do it. I need to get a good grammar book and go through my hubs one by one. I find it hard to keep up with writing fiction hubs. I try to do one a week but even that is dropping off. I am writing a science fantasy story about a young man named Brent Talis. If you find yourself ever bored and with free time on your hands please read it and tell me what you think. And please hurry out with part 2

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 

      6 years ago from Southern Georgia

      Yes, I always have to go back and edit my tales, Aubrey. It's part of the game. I find myself changing even my older fiction from time to time. Funny how no matter how many times I look there are always things needing improvement. You're welcome, from a fellow Georgian. :)


    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      AE Williams 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks, I appreciate the support and the help. This is a bit rough, so I'm sure there are some things that need working on. I'm ALWAYS open for input. :) Also... it's funny you're next on my Reading List. So look for a comment from me in a couple of days. Thanks fellow Georgian!

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 

      6 years ago from Southern Georgia

      A good beginning, CN. I'm sending you a personal message to make a few suggestions. I hope you don't mind. :)



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