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Release Me Beloved, A Poem.

Updated on August 24, 2012

Release me, to the given plan

heart conversion, in subversion.

Search high and low,

yet here I stand; at your feet.

Exhausted devotion, flapping wings

gasping breathe, I look below

feet touch the ground, still?

Gaze ahead, eyes bare vision,

witness all that is white

glowing light,

rest assure to be is true.

Silky worms have got you stitched

shiny fine liquid, flushed down.

Blush cheeks, cool down at night

nonsense whispers,

chasten thrives, for words of action:

height, might, flight, all to close!

Oh dear...

weeping melons, full of seeds

bring me out, each one by hand

to plant by night, rise by day,

all that was written

before the world began.

Oh significant I,

through your infinite eye

can`t you hear me?

I’m done to please,

don`t what to just matter

and emotions to cluster,

you’re with me, yet out of sight.

From my starry eye,

we lay in bed, side by side

and our dreams wide apart.

Are you not the one that said?

“the stars seem bright

when I’m in sight?”

Can`t you see?

I need to help lit the dark.

Do not place the sword in my hand

and stand before me in my way!

Your too dear but not essential

duty calling to meet a need,

that’s the way

hand me a tissue, to wipe the tear.

Dreaded one not here to play

come and fight for delight,

and smile yourself to sleep!

My spirit hunts through the night

flashing light over truth

lies stand naked,

shivering in the cold.

Fear ran off,

forgot to close the door behind,

once a belief, oh what a relief!

I’m ready to fly, release me....

breathe easy on me,

there is my name written,

on a mountain top with gold!

Poem Description:

A poem regarding life, martial relationship, God, bitterness & hope.

It`s about two people sharing a life together, apart from heart desires. No room for dreams, well not any time soon! Together juggling every possible aspect of theirs lives well, devoted to the family plan. Torn from responsiblities, as she is drawn to a new burning in her heart she can nolonger subside. She is ready, to extend herself outside the home, pursue her calling. Playing small is going against her will, expressing her dreams would add pressure to the relationship and lastly the time factor- after all timming is everything!.....the only thing left to do is be true in every matter. She asks her team mate to release her towards her dreams, to understand and support her along the way. Far from being a selfish women, she is certain this new venture will benefit many, even her homefront.

My first collection of published poetry:


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    • pearlmacb profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Switzerland

      @saddlerrider1, thanks for your comment. Im glad to hear you enjoyed this poem, especially coming from an inspirational poet like yourself:)

      Hi Tom, I love imagery painted in words, Im glad to hear you got something out of this write. When time permits I will visit your page.

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom rubenoff 

      9 years ago from United States

      My favorite lines: "weeping melons, full of seeds

      bring me out, each one by hand

      to plant by night,"

      Very interesting images!

    • saddlerider1 profile image


      9 years ago

      This is an interesting perception of wanting to be released. No one should be controlled by another, we should all have our freedom to fly, to achieve, to dream and to love. The imagery was stark and your words fully descriptive behind the meaning. I liked this poem very much and found it uplifting in many ways. Well done.


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