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Remember Christmas Poem

Updated on November 30, 2016

The Memories

When you are a child, you see things differently than an adult. Everyone knows that Christmas is an exciting event to children every year especially when they get lots of presents. Unfortunately, kids today are not all aware of the other joys of Christmas, or what it is even about. Well, I have loved everything about Christmas for as long as I can remember. I treasured the fact that it is Jesus’ Birthday, and I adored spending time with my family, perfecting traditions.

When I first wrote this poem, I was about seventeen, and everything I wrote was based on my Christmas at that time. There was almost an urgency in writing this all down, knowing that things would all change very soon. Now that I am older, I read this and remember. It is full of my own special memories of a very wonderful time of year.


When it’s time for Christmas

To come caroling again,

I will know.

The icicles will hang stiffly

From the rafters of the house,

And sparkles will fall swiftly

To the white ground.

Singing will be heard for days ahead

As celebrators prepare for the special day.

Outside of our home

The festivities grow,

As one by one

More and more people arrive,

And our Christmas trees disappear.

On the radio, sweet symphonies

Of Silent Night

And other popular holiday tunes

Play over

And over again.

My sister comes home from school

In time to decorate

For the happy holiday,

And we hang holly, wreaths

And mistletoe throughout

Our shining clean house.

The old, clay manger scene

Is set up in it’s usual place,

And we gaze at Baby Jesus,

Mary, Joseph and the three Wise Men,

In wonder and awe.

Finally our precious,

memorable ornaments

Are displayed for another year

On the long, green, pine boughs of

Our stately,

Round Christmas Tree.

I will know

When Christmas Eve is here.

I wake up to the smell of sugar cookies,

Candy, and chocolate made

In the spacious kitchen and

My nerves run rampant

When I realize

What glorious day it is.

By early afternoon, my two sisters

And I have a special monopoly game

Set up, and the carols are singing

From our radio.

More and more sweet smells

Waft into the room, and

We become edgy.

The game is done

After a lively fight or two,

And the long hour of dressing up

Is upon us.

We whine and grumble

As we search for something suitable

For the rare occasion of church.

Finally, we slide

On icy, beaten roads

To the special service.

Candlelight makes it beautiful,

Carols makes it merry.

Time for home, eggnog

and cookies.

Excitement has risen

To a forte when

The last event of the day

Is at an end. We fall into bed

After hanging our

Long, striped stockings.

We are not able to wait

Any longer

For Christmas

To come.


My Christmas Today

Now I try to make Christmas as wonderful for my children as it was for me; although it is a hard feat to accomplish. I bake cookies and chocolates in hopes that this will evoke some good memories for them to hold onto. For awhile we had a traditional outing with my husband’s family to select a tree, but things have changed once again. Instead of fighting with my sisters every Christmas, I am now arguing with my son. At least we can always count on the important things; our family


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    • erinb62 profile image

      Erin Buttermore 5 years ago from Laconia

      Thank you for the positive feedback!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I think you've captured a kid's excitement at Christmas. Voting this Up and Beautiful.