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Resignation letter - How to write

Updated on January 1, 2015

How to write resignation letter

Many people face the problem of how to write a resignation letter. There are many reasons for the need to submit a resignation letter to your boss. To take up a better job opportunity, better work atmosphere, on health grounds, for family convenience, or just want to give up working for someone. Whatever reason it may be, it is always better to write a resignation letter politely so that you won't get into the bad books of your employer, which is very essential for your future, especially if you are quitting your job for getting into a better job.

Resignation Letter - Step by Step guide

It is only one of the ways to write and you can make changes as per your need.

Step 1. First write the date clearly on the top of your letter on the right side.

Step 2. Leave a line, and then write your address clearly just below the date. The address should include your email id also.

Step 3. Leave a line and write your employer's address, or the HR Head.

Step 4. Leave two lines and address your boss.

Step 5. Leave two lines, then write politely that you are leaving your post (of whatever is the designation you are holding) and giving the notice period of one week/one month or whatever, which was earlier mentioned in your term of appointment. Remember to mention the last date of your working there.

Step 6. Start the next paragraph where you thank your organization for giving the opportunity to work for them. In the next sentence, wish the company all success in the future.

Step 7. Leave two lines and conclude the resignation letter with Yours sincerely.

Step 8. After leaving two lines, write your name, just below it, and then sign there.

Step 9. Read it once to see for any typographical errors, and correct them, if you notice any.

Step 10. Neatly fold it and take it or post it in an envelope, with the address written on it.

Resignation Letter - by email

Sometimes there are situations where you cannot go to the office personally to hand over your resignation letter or send it by post. In this technology world, letter of resignation is also sent by email. In such a situation, in the subject it should clearly be stated that Letter of Resignation - the sender's name, which will make it clear that the email is an important one from the many emails received. In the body of the email, address it by name. In the first paragraph, mention clearly you are resigning from your post effective from the date you require. In the next paragraph, appreciate the company for the opportunity and support given to you, and wish them success in the future. In the next paragraph, remember to offer your help in the transition period if required. At the end, conclude your mail, and type your name, and mention your mobile number and personal email id.

What Not to Do in a Resignation Letter

You might have had some frustrations and displeasure during your employment with your employer or with a co-worker. You should not make your resignation letter to vent your feelings. It is important that you write your resignation letter in a professional and courteous way, which will be in your employment file for ever. When you need a reference in future that file will be referred. Hence each word to be chosen keeping it in mind. Otherwise your own resignation letter will haunt you in your future.

Also not to start your letter of resignation with creative or emotional way. Just write it in a professional and polite way.

Watch a video of writing a resignation letter


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    • lex123 profile image

      lex123 3 years ago

      Thanks Teaches for your feed back. I have known some people showing their frustrations in their resignation letter, and for some it had even affected in their new job.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Good approach to giving that final notice. Your advice to not mention negative reflections is excellent. I'm sure this will help people to write professionally and with purpose that important letter.