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Rise Again

Updated on November 27, 2009


Rise again

When some had fallen

I still stood

When the strongest man had grown too weak

I still stood firm

Upon one knee

And when the strongest still

Screamed while upon their back

I crawled free

And when all others

Finally died

I cried aloud

And breathed a final breath

Than rose to my feet

And charged

I struck with all my strength

But felt only air

I fell to my knees

As my chest burned

A blade stuck through my heart

I rose

And turned again

To see all the rest

Battered and broken

Rise again

We shouted

We screamed

And for the first time

We moved as one

We slew this beast

We won this battle

And as its blood hit the rock

I too drew my last breath

Thanking all creation

And God himself

That I was the only one to fall this day

And as my eyes darkened

I shouted never forget

To rise again












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