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Ruba’i: Back From Desert Hell

Updated on November 9, 2011

Our Troops


Ruba’i: Back From Desert Hell

Bring our soldiers back from their desert hell.

The corporations have nothing to sell.

We love our soldiers to be safe at home.

We want our troops to be back home and well.


I really feel like I am on thin ice trying this type of poetry. I wrote this poem for our troops. It is a Persian form of poetry which I thought was quite appropriate given where our troops are fighting.

I always support the troops which includes wanting them to come home after their very long terms of service to our country. So this is written for all our veterans so they know how much we appreciate and respect them.

For those fighting abroad and fighting to recover at home this one is for you and all veterans. Happy Veterans Day I honor you.


I don't feel qualified to provide an explanation so I will provide you a link to read about this type of poetry. I am current learning the mechanics of poetry as I have undertaken this study and I hope you enjoy learning about this type of poetry as well.

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