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Rule By Secrecy the Illuminati Conspiracy

Updated on July 4, 2012


2012 | Source

Rule By Secrecy

In an effort to share with my readers my knowledge and the sources I have got this information from, I have decided to do a series of book reviews. All of these books make fantastic claims, some more believable than others. Rule By Secrecy is no different but in this book review I hope to show why this book stands out from the others.

What usually determines whether the information is believable and what must be taken with a grain of salt is the research and ultimately how this information is presented.

Jim Marrs does an excellent job presenting just the facts with very little fanfare in Rule By Secrecy. He is an award winning reporter and author and after reading any of his books it is easy to understand why. His attention to detail, extensive research and concise writing makes digesting the often overwhelming amount of information easy to understand.

In the opening sentence to this book he warns the reader and rightfully so, not to even begin if they are convinced that the corporate run media is telling them the truth, as the material will be disturbing and unsettling to some.

This is an understatement, his book systematically reveals censorship on a grand scale, stock market manipulation, how Wars are financed, started and stopped, the purpose they serve and who profits from them. Who are the groups behind revolutions, how they are linked together by behind the scenes deals and how they affect the common man.

He goes on to explain the UFO connection from ancient times to today, what is known and when it it was known. Everything from religion how it started and what purpose it serves to Alien races and their roles on this planet. His painstaking attention to detail leaves nothing to the imagination and answers all the main question of the many conspiracies and the theories behind them.

He offers the reader a broader view rather than trying to prove one particular conspiracy, his writing serves no agenda, but the truth. This is truly a remarkable book in scope and complexity and yet he has written it in such a way that one does not need a degree in history to follow.

That the Illuminati is behind all the major powers in the World there can be no doubt and in this book Jim Marrs allows the reader to understand how this is possible through careful research and painstaking trails of evidence.

UFO Question?

A quick illustration to add some pizzaz to the article
A quick illustration to add some pizzaz to the article | Source


What makes Rule By Secrecy the Tour de Force that it is, is in the way it is presented to the reader. It can be read from cover to cover or one can skip around to the subjects that interest them and it doesn't miss a beat.

The commentary at the end of the book which is basically a summary and conclusion wrapped into one is surprisingly only eight pages long and yet it brings together a massive amount of information in a comprehensive way.

His list of sources are impeccable and is 40 pages long, a veritable who's who of researchers and author's.

The book is broken up into five main parts with a commentary (conclusion) at the end of each, with 15 to 20 chapters in each part. This allows the reader the flexibility to read and reference separate parts and chapters or read the book in the order they prefer.

• PART I: Modern Secret Societies

The question isn't whether these secret societies exist, it has been too well documented to deny from the Freemasons and Illuminati to the Trilateral Commission. The question is how much power and influence these societies have on corporations that control energy, medicine, agriculture, communication, entertainment, politics and religion.

Globalization is a fact and a one World government maybe the inevitable conclusion of that fact. However what conspiracy theorist and the general public have in common is a need to know how representation and implementation of this government will occur.

Will the common man have a say in shaping this New World Order, or will the fingerprints of the Illuminati Conspiracy spread their influences behind the scenes to create a slave race out of the average man.

• PART II: Fingerprints of Conspiracy

What is becoming more and more obvious as time, research and history reveals is that conspiracies and those that are behind them have been ongoing not only in this country but all over the world for quite some time.

Perhaps some of the conflicts that the World has faced in the last 100 years were inevitable, such as WWII. However it is becoming clear even to the common man that many of these events are contrived and have the fingerprints of the Illuminati Conspiracy all over them. The Cold War, Vietnam War, The War on Terror, The War on Drugs and The Gulf War are just some of the many events that have shaped our World and yet the commonly held perceptions for them have now been revealed as lies.

The same names and organizations keep popping up in all of these events, over and over again. Yet public opinion remains the same, conditioning to accept the inevitable, apathy or a little of both?

It is also obvious that these groups and organizations act in unison and consider themselves above the morality and ethics of the average man, not to mention laws.

• PART III: Rebellion and Revolution

The author reveals in clear detail how the Rothschilds bankers' manipulated and financed both sides of the major revolutions of America, France and Russia. He shows why they did this and what they hoped to gain from these conflicts.

He goes on to show why the Civil War which most of America is still taught to this day, even at the college level was about slavery, was really for financial reasons and the break up of the American Union. Had it not been for Abraham Lincoln and the Russians may very well have succeeded, as Britain and France were posed to join the fray with troops on the borders of Mexico and Canada.

Slavery was fast becoming a financial disaster for slave owners, as it was far cheaper to hire migrant workers, than to buy, cloth and feed slave their entires lives. But because slavery is morally and ethically repulsive it is easy to convince children and the ignorant public that this was the main reason for the War.

The overwhelming amount of evidence to support these claims are shown to be the works of groups of secret societies within our own borders as well as the powerful elite of Europe.

• PART IV: Elder Secret Societies

Secret societies have now been shown to be the exclusive forerunners to groups such as the Council On Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and even the CIA (criminals in action).

From the Prior of Sion and Freemasons to the Knights Templar and Illuminati these groups may change their names to suit the publics image of them, but evidence shows that the same names and families continue to run these powerful groups and control the world through financial manipulation.

The interbreeding between these groups goes back thousands of years and helps to protect the true bloodlines, while consolidating their power.

• PART V: Ancient Mysteries

Recently discovered and translated (150 years ago ) clay tablets from Sumeria show that many of the stories of the Bible were borrowed from this civilization. Sumer thrived over 2000 years before the Bible was even written.

This was and is my favorite part of the book and although I hate plagiarism in any form and would prefer to write my own version of the truth, I feel that Mr. Marrs describes this section of the book best with the following paragraph.

"Just consider what current events will sound like two thousand years from now-- the greatest nation on Earth bombing some of the smallest and weakest for no clear reasons, people starving in some parts of the world while farmers are paid not to plant crops in others, technophiles sitting at home playing electronic golf rather than the real thing, and police forces ordered to arrest people who simply desire to ingest a psychoactive weed. People of the future era will also likely laugh it all off as fantastic myths."

In the ancient text of Sumer the scribes often meticulously transcribed information that I'm sure they had no prior knowledge or understanding of. Just as we often transcribe material about gravity, rockets, quantum mechanics, geology, archeology and mathematics that we may understand on a basic level, but couldn't explain if we had a gun to our heads.

So when the text read that '432,000 years before the Deluge (great flood) the Righteous Ones of the Rocket ships came down from their own planet.' who are we to call it myth or legend.

Consider most people alive today think the Civil War was fought over slavery, when it clearly was about money and breaking up the monopoly that is America.

This book Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs is a great reference tool for anyone looking to understand the truth about the World we live in. Whether you are a believer in conspiracies or just someone interested in the true history of our planet this book brings it altogether into one amazing reference guide.

The source material alone is worth the price of the book, as it would keep anyone busy reading for quite some time.

Although he doesn't give the Illuminati Conspiracy all the credit for running the World behind the scenes, the implications are certainly there.

I give Rule By Secrecy an A+ and would recommend forget walking the dog, doing the dishes, or vacuuming the carpet, hell once you start your personal hygiene will suffer greatly until you finish, so get comfortable cause you are in for a ride.


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      Blue....Message received in bold. I'll pick this book up before the week-end. I will completely ignore my dog, Home responsibilities & any contact with the outside world...not to mention, throw a sheet over the pile of books in my office, waiting to be read!

      You have thoroughly convinced me how educational, enlightening and vital I will find this book to be. (You always get your way with me, big boy) LOL.........Thank you as always. I can see how very impressed you are with this author, which has encouraged me to "listen intently" to you. When a genius gives such high praise to someone, we need to know that someone is a MEGA genius!

      I'll stay connected in order to be privy to your next publication.

      Take care, blue.....Good to know you are active, productive and well.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Thanks for sharing Pam b/c it is important get this information out there and into the publics consciousness.

    • profile image

      pam jason 

      3 years ago

      Great share TY it resonated deeply with me and I share these in the groups because these articles get people to wake up and listen more and more as time marches on.. Cheers great article

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I only read philosophical books now, I used read everything from, sci-fi to murder mysteries, although after reading The Stand it was a turn off, never really like King much anyway.

      My Mother (retired) and Brother are writers and did and do it for a living.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Perhaps I will need to look up Editorializing, not sure what you mean by that. Yeah, my thoughts do seem to jump around a lot, story of my life.

      Thank you for the critique it is exactly what I need. I'm an artist by trade so receiving constructive criticism is necessary, I'm not offended.

      Actually I consider it a compliment that you would take the time to help a fellow rookie 'writer' try to get better, thanks again!

    • slowpokevoyager profile image

      Roger Decker 

      8 years ago from Braggs, Oklahoma

      By the way, the review was very comprehensive, but it could have done without the editorializing. As far as the writing, it was concise and comprehensive. Easily understood. Those are the good points.

      Now, for the bad. You need to remember that there are a lot of people who would not read this kind of book without a little help from people like you who do. When you present the work to someone in a written form, the first thing you do not do is say it is a good read, or that you should rush out and buy it before it is off the shelf. The writer has publicists for that. I don't believe he needs any more help in that area. The second thing, you should try to put your thoughts in a more flowing form. The 'gerbil approach', as my brother would say, jumping from one subject to the next isn't very easy to follow. The book may be, but trying to tell someone about it isn't.

      Now remember, that is the constructive part of MY comments. But, all in all, I did like the article.

      Remember to keep writing.

    • slowpokevoyager profile image

      Roger Decker 

      8 years ago from Braggs, Oklahoma

      I have a comment about writers, and writing for a living, if you'd like to hear it? Writers are people too.

      What most folks can't seem to remember is that they (being writers) doesn't make them any more special than you or I. But the one thing they have done, which most people haven't, is put themselves in a position for rejection. And if you don't believe it, you need to re-read your own comments. You said it yourself when you stated you only read philosophy books. What most writers do who are successful have done is put themselves on the front line. The first in the door, and the first to get criticized by the 'Poison Pen.' In your heart, do you honestly think such writers as Dean Koontz, Piers Anthony, and the immortal, writer-by-the-pound, Steven King were born with the followers they have. For Pete's sake my friends, it took the man years to get where he is now. He had to go so far as to write under a pseudonym, Richard Bachman.

      What you have to do is not think about the rejection aspect of writing. If you enjoy what you write about, someone will read it. There are too many people in this world for you to be the only one who says, "Isn't there anyone else out there that likes what I like?" And that goes right back to what YOU like. If you enjoy what you do, or what you read, or WHO you are, that is what matters in LIFE. If you have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or you're married, or in any kind of relationship, what drew you to that person? What brought you together? What keeps you together? Even friendships, the one's that last a lifetime, have a mutual bond in something.

      I have been blessed in my life with two lifelong friendships. And each in their own way is unique to me and them. Likes, dislikes, agreeing to disagree, it all comes together if you enjoy what you do together. be it fishing (see my picture), or just hanging out.

      Writing is the same. If you enjoy what you write about, then someone will read it. IF you write it, they will come. (I hope you got that reference - Kevin Costner's FIELD OF DREAMS. Great actor.)

      Just enjoy what you do. OKAY? That's what matters. You can shoot for the sky, but I betcha my last dollar, whatever you shoot it with will eventually come back to Earth.

      As always, keep writing.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Agreed, however what does seem interesting and I guess makes sense is if you follow someone or someone follows you other people will see when comments are made and return to that article.

      then again with the 2 Moons article I completely changed my method and basically followed all the 'rules' and the readership is soaring. Remember, I'm an artist with Alien DNA so playing by the rules is a completely foreign concept to me.

      However what is also interesting is that I thought my job as an artist might end at the National company I work for and now it seems they may want to hire me full time, so I suspect TPTB want me to keep me in one spot to keep me from spreading my disease among the populace.

      Could be that I've got skills but c'mon far more interesting if it is a conspiracy!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I just started the internet band wagon about a year ago, other than research for restaurants I had no clue what made this thing tick. And as soon as you grasp a concept be prepared for it to change, against you for the most part.

      Being an online writer versus just an author of published subject matter is completely different. You have to work around algorithms, word play, keywords, and constantly refresh your content. While some think many hubs is what is necessary, I believe a handful of evergreen articles is what counts. If you see a hub decline in views or on Google then it is time to refresh the content, sometimes it just needs a couple of title rearrangements.

      Another option is to look on you tube, that is like having someone sitting with you to explain the functions and tactics to better traffic flow.

      Trial and error. The funny thing on this site is that no one will reveal how "they do it". How do they have dubious amounts of followers that consistently follow every hub, or how is it possible to write crap yet maintain a high score?

      Hell if I know.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Thanks that helps , very insightful however since I've only been on the internet since 2008 it is really about a learning curve for me and I tend to make leaps and bounds of what works or doesn't.

      What would really help is if I could sit down with someone knowledgeable and work through the process. I'm a loner, wasn't always like that though, which is kind of odd in a way.

      thanx for the insight!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I read anything that offers me an escape, fiction is just a word in a sense, there is always truth behind a fable, or conspiracy.

      I enjoy epic authors like Alexander Dumas, they hold no bearings for critics.

      As far as topics go, it is not required to follow the popularity contest of what is "trending". Just knowing the keyword placement and knowing how to work your title throughout the content key. You mentioned about the out bound links, and that is very vital. Use only pr rank links of 4 or higher, and if you can comment with your author name on that link all the better.

      Websites that will bear the right type of wording for your subject matter would be adwords and Google insight.

      Another method is to research your topic subject matter's websites. Look at their wording, page set up, read in between the lines, it takes some deep thinking, innovations and the know how to one up your competition.

      The bottom line is if you love to write, than a writer can find some type of joy in what ever subject matter is at hand.

      The reality of life tends to prohibit an immediate circumference of profit lent solely from the writers free will of desired topic. Each word written and published is one step closer to your individual authorship. Your unique style of composition rather than the subject matter is what will prevail in the long run.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Do you have a website I could visit?

      I have a pretty good library, mostly with books about the human race, these are my most prized possessions as you can reread them anytime you like and glean more information out of them.

      I stopped reading mysteries (fiction) about three years ago and generally just concentrate on concepts and ideas from philosophers about ascension.

      I have a list of about twenty books I'd like to buy but they are too expensive, mainly because most of them have been censored from the US.

      I would have to get a whole lot richer to buy a 200.00 book

      As far as becoming a successful writer online I doubt I could pull it off because I just don't care about many subjects. For instance I played football for fifteen years, but rarely watch it anymore, it is boring.

      I love baseball but would rather play it than watch it.

      I like reading about stuff that expands my mind not about mundane daily life stuff, I already have that and don't need to read about it.

      So becoming an online writer probable isn't in the cards, but I still enjoy it.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I just noticed the amazon listings so of course I will check out the books you list for reading. My dream is to have a library one day, when all this digital crap crashes it is I who will be prepared...

      Oh to become successful online as a writer. You first must define "success" You want to pay the bills? Or become the next great "it" as an author and kick back? Trick question. You should want both...And your writing skills will prevail. As you know my first profession is in the culinary arts, so the writing gig is a very slow pace versus running a kitchen, not to mention it requires some tact.

      Freelance writing will pay the bills....

      For your own writing, as they say high quality content, all the time, every time. Although, you have to play by some of the algorithm Google rules to obtain organic readers, in fact you need 3000 readers a day and it this is your only adsense outlet, you will need about 15 other sites to write on, in my opinion.

      For this format you will want a 70/30 ratio, 70% organic traffic baseline. Most hubbers will not click on the ads out of habit, and will "bounce" off the page quicker. Organic traffic will surf on the page for the most part.

      I do have to say, Hub Pages is one of if not the best format for targeting organic traffic...They almost make you publish high quality content with the "capsules" to suggest high traffic right at your ease. Building a website from scratch is a bitch. This site is also know to Google as an authority site which means your pr rank will merge will the guidelines quicker.

      I could go on and on... but here is some of what I personally think. One word to profit is time.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      This is a good one without a doubt, hopefully you'll go through amazon and I will get to see how much I earn from someone purchasing it from an ad on this site.

      I'm currently reading the Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock which I will offer some insight from on my next hub about apocalyptic cataclysm and conscious ascension in 2012.

      I just learned some new tricks that may help in getting going on becoming a successful writer online, which is kind of what I want to do as my graphic art job maybe ending soon, any suggestions you may have will be much appreciated.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great review! This book sounds like an interesting yet frustrating read. I say frustrating because the author lends the notions that the shady government has been double dipping per say for way way too long and there are only a small handful that choose to open their eyes to really take a good look at world history.

      I plan on getting this book though I may need a bigger soap box after I finish it.


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