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Running With Scissors-Semper Fi Stanley Patrick

Updated on March 9, 2010

Running With Scissors

I joined the Marines and I went to a war.

I’ve been hit by a truck and more than one car.

I spent eternity in an asylum and I went to a jail.

I was tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

I put myself out on the hard road of life.

I’ve opened myself up to a world of strife.

I hitched a ride away from my home and town.

Rode thousands of miles and then just turned around.

I’ve run with scissors, walked under a ladder.

Got a Polar Bear mad and then got it madder.

I kept mongoose and a Cobra inside my refrigerator.

I’ve urinated in the wind and slapped an Alligator.

I’ve taken a bull by the horns and pissed in his ear.

I’ve called the Wizard of the KKK a freaking queer.

I’ve poked Leroy Brown right in his eye.

I’ve jumped off a roof and tried to fly.

I’ve jumped to the ground from an airplane.

I’ve flown into the eye of a hurricane.

I’ve tried every danger, I’ve sought every thrill.

I’ve ridden as fast I could down Suicide Hill.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t try, nothing I wouldn’t do.

You can bet your tattoo I ain’t afraid of you.

I’ve seen the Pearly Gates open and then shut.

I’ve gone to hell just to warm my butt.

There seems nothing new for me to try.

It seems I simply cannot die.

I’ve just been an extra in your movie so far.

The script doesn’t define me or what you are.

Go on to Wall Street- buy and sell.

Then go alone when you go to hell.

When I was sent to war I was told a lie.

It was the domino theory- well that pig doesn’t fly!

The world explodes and continues to cry,

While you Wall Street freaks continue to lie.

Before I shuffle off and say goodbye.

I’d like to spit in your Wall Street eye!

Write my story and call me a fool.

But don’t use me to recruit a kid out of school.

What you want to see is not what I’ll be.

To assume makes an ass out u and me.

Ira Hayes was found dead in a ditch

After fifty arrests for drunkenness.

Stanley Patrick took his own life

When the cops came to oppress.

Both Ira and Stanley were Vets and manly,

But help came too late for him and Stanley.

Why the haste? What was the need?

Stanley had some problems but he wasn’t a weed.

You send us to war and won’t tell us truly why.

We go to our deaths and beyond- Semper FI.

Johnny Cash-The Ballad of Ira Hayes


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