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Saga of the Old Casserole

Updated on May 27, 2020

Till a few days ago the little CASSEROLE was lying in the kitchen cabinet feeling unworthy of itself. I was hoping to discard it sooner or later. One fine morning as I entered the kitchen I observed all the spoons, forks, cups, plates, etc. literally making fun of this little one who was not getting it's due respect. It got on my nerves and all at once I reprimanded them for their unruly behaviour. Grumbling and cursing they slowly settled down. Having got control of them I turned my attention towards the CASSEROLE who was almost about to breakdown. I gently held her in my arms and gave her a warm hug. I pacified her saying, “Honey why fear when I am here" .She didn’t still feel relaxed. I comforted her saying that a little beauty touch up would definitely make a world of difference. She looked terrified on hearing this." "Parlour and me" ,no never, she exclaimed." Why not "?I asked. Pat came the reply," I am scared to catch the virus". I caressed her and told her ,"Well dear, we don't have to go to the Parlour when I am there". She was so overwhelmed at this juncture.

Donning an apron I gave her a wash with lukewarm water. She enjoyed every moment as it was ages since she had a wash. Taking some white paint I applied a coat of it and let it to dry. Meanwhile as I held a pair of scissors in my hand she asked," Hey , what's that for ,I don't have hair." I burst into peals of laughter and told her to sit silently. I got engrossed in cutting a few pieces of tissue which had flora as she sat still gaping at me as if I had lost all my senses. Having cut out the pieces I dressed her in this beautiful apparel. She felt so proud of her new dress and asked me" Hey ,we r all done right." I had to control her excitement and told her to stay still. She needed one final touch up of varnish. I pulled out a brush smeared some varnish and asked her not to wander about for the next couple of hours .Like an obedient student she did not budge from her place.

As I went to her room the next day I was so stunned to see her. She was glowing radiantly. I held her in my arms and cuddled her like a baby. She looked so pretty. I took her to the kitchen. Upon seeing her the spoon ,fork, plates, saucepan, cups, started shouting out with glee. The whole scene made me go down memory lane reminding me of the song I learnt during school days "RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER".I was still lingering in those thoughts when I was disturbed by a noise. As I came out of the trance I heard all of them asking me " Hey ,when is my turn." I too repeated their statement," Hey, when is my turn, when is my turn". I strictly told them it would not be so in the near future coz if I were to give a makeover for each and everyone who would prepare my breakfast and lunch. I could hear them grumbling and screwing their mouths and saying to each other," Yes we are her bonded labourers". I didn’t bother much because I do not want to starve.
Meantime the CASSEROLE was still staring at me with a ray of gratitude. I exclaimed to her, "Hey , you beauty, the HIGHWAY MAN is coming to take u on his horse". She whispered to me in soft tones," I don't want to get married, I want to be with you forever and ever". Hearing this I felt on top of the world and promised not to part with her.

She has become my prized possession glowing radiantly on my teapoy. Finally, it is the story of THE CAGED CASSEROLE WHICH WAS (DEC)OUP(AGED).


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