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SMS, Thoughts & Quotes - 2

Updated on October 2, 2012

In continuation to my previous hub on motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes, I am glad to put up the second hub. If you have not visited the first part, you may like to visit by clicking here. Without any more wait, lets read out the next series of 15 wonderful SMS, Thoughts and Quotes....

1. Time & Smile are two critical things in Life..
Sometimes time makes you forget how to Smile...
Sometimes someone's Smile makes us forget Time...

2. HOPE Anticipates, FAITH Believes, PATIENCE Quietly Waits, MOMENTUM comes with ACTION, However we need to have Victory on LIMITATIONS.

3. If we give enough time for the improvement of our self;
we will never have time to criticize others.

4. Memories sometime behave in a crazy way... They leave u alone, when u r in crowd.. & When u r alone, they stand along with you like a crowd...!

5. Problems Are Like Little Stones.. If U Keep Them Near Ur Eye, They Hide Ur Vision..

But If U Keep Them At A Distance, U Can See How Small They Are...!!

6. Sometimes We are Only Given FEW MINUTES to Be with the One We Care..,& THOUSAND HOURS to Spend Thinking of Them...!!

7. Written at the reception of a corporate company:

8. When money crosses the optimum level of value in life...then,
The first casualty will be relationships...

9. When I hear somebody saying,
'Life is tough..'
I am always tempted to ask,
'Compared to what?

10. What is Success?...

A good Reply: "It is when people search for you on GOOGLE instead of FACEBOOK..

11. Open ur book of life only for some people. Bcoz in this world, very few care about the chapters in it ! Others r just curious to know the story !

12. It takes less time To rectify a mistake Than Trying to justify it...

13. It's paradoxical that the person
on whom you have the maximum control is
Yet the hardest person to change is

14. Alexander said: "For any success, If there is a way, I will find it. & If there is no way, I will make it

15. The worst regret we can have in life, is not for the wrong things we did, But for the thousands of right things we did, for the wrong people!

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Hope you like this collection. There is more to come in the next hub...I will publish the 3rd part soon. Until then I look forward for your comments, feedback and suggestions.


Many of these messages, thoughts, quotes or poems may be authored by people around the world. But since these messages are received from Friends and Relatives as SMS on mobile, many times names of the authors are not mentioned. We give these authors full credit of their work and thank them for sharing their Words of Wisdom by way of which it somehow reached us on mobile in the form of SMS. Thanks again!!!


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