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SMS, Thoughts & Quotes - 3

Updated on October 2, 2012

This is the 3rd hub on SMS, Thoughts and Quotes. This is a collection / archive of wonderful motivational thoughts, inspirational quotes or messages received in the form of SMS from friends and relatives. These words of wisdom, should not go away with phone memories getting this is a small effort to collect and archive them for future.

1. Great lines by CHANAKYA:- We have to learn from other's mistakes., Because life is not too long to make our own experiences...!

2. Fabulous lines on a Traffic signal -"LEFT is Open for Those Who don't want to go RIGHT." "Means RIGHT Always have OBSTACLESS."

3. "Speak sweetly... So that, if ever you have to EAT your words back, they don't TASTE bad."

4. Don't think that ''TIME'' will change our LIFE.. TIME only changes the EXPIRY dates on the ''OPPORTUNITIES'' !!

5. Don't be happy for a particular reason, B'coz that happiness ends when reason ends...Be happy without any reason & u'll be happy in every season!

6. Wen I was a child, I used to forget, I was told "Learn to Remember" to move ahead. Now, when I'm old not able to remember, I'm told "Learn to Forget" & move ahead....

7. "CAN I" & "I CAN" are the words that can change the way we approach in life. Choose the right option & create a difference in our work & relations.

8. TIME & LIFE are the co-teachers..LIFE teaches us the use of TIME...and TIME teaches us the value of LIFE........

9. There Is No Market for Your 'EMOTIONS'...! So Never Advertise your 'FEELINGS', Just Display Your 'Attitude'. & Prove ur Capacity & Ability.

10. The Biggest Obstacle To Happiness Is 'Under-Valuing' What We Have & 'Over-Valuing' What Other Have.

11. "In times of difficulty some people break down,,while some break records,,, Performers r born in difficult situations & not in comfort zones,,"

12. "If you are not satisfied with what You are Getting...Check out what You are Giving."

13. Smile, its not just a word, S : say M : more I : in L : less E : energy...So always SMILE..

14. Character, Maturity, Honesty, and Love... Are always to be Judged in Adverse Conditions ! Else Everyone Seems Good at the Coffee Table!

15. Never Play With Feelings Of Others, Bcoz you May Win the Game But You'll Surely Lose The Person For Ever

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Many of these messages, thoughts, quotes or poems may be authored by people around the world. But since these messages are received from Friends and Relatives as SMS on mobile, many times names of the authors are not mentioned. We give these authors full credit of their work and thank them for sharing their Words of Wisdom by way of which it somehow reached us on mobile in the form of SMS. Thanks again!!!


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