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SPRING FEVER ~ A Short Romance

Updated on March 30, 2011


It was March and the frigid March winds were blowing to beat the band!  The sun was out extremely bright but there certainly was still a chill in the air.  However none of these cool conditions outside hindered Brendle from getting spring fever.  


Brendle Sapphire Brown was a woman in her early fifties with long natural blonde hair which she wore in a pony tail today.  She was about five foot seven inches tall with what some people might say a voluptuous body type.  Presently she was dressed in navy blue tight stretch work out pants with a plain little white tee shirt, and flowered socks on her feet.   Brendle often ran around the house in just stocking feet, she found it homey as well as un-cumbersome.


Bren as most people called her was standing in the window on the east side of the house staring out her office that overlooked the drive way where the sun spilt generously.  Bren could see her chocolate point Siamese cat rolling around in the sun baked sand.  She stood there admiring her fanciful pet as Bren herself had the sun poring in on her also through the window and thought on what she planned to do with her day.


Spring fever brought on spring cleaning to Bren, and that is exactly what she intended to do today.  She was going to start her spring cleaning right away!  Brendle had only a month before her children and their friends would start coming to spend the summer staying at her home.  So Bren had a lot of cleaning to get done before their arrival.


Brendle’s home was a large Gabriel roofed house sporting five upstairs bedrooms and a very spacious down stairs.  There was a finished third floor which now was used as attic space and that is where she would start.  This third floor could be transformed in to serve as a bedroom for the young men that were coming.


Bren always looked forward to the spring and summer when her four children came to stay with their friends.  All of her children were now in their early twenties and going to college at various locations.


There was her first born Kevin Junior a future chemist who was named after his father Brendle’s late husband. 

Than came Blade the second born and like his creative name followed his own path studying advertizing in school.

Last but not least came the twins Calley and Dwendle who were like night and day although born identical.  Calley was out going and bubbly while Dwendle was quite and more of a studious type. Both girls were beautiful with their jet black hair and almost violet blue eyes. Calley was studying the arts and did modeling on the side while Dwendle was always having her nose in a book as she was planning on being a doctor.  Sometimes the modeling agency could convince Dwendle to model with Calley because agencies were intrigued by the look a like thing but just as often Dwendle turned jobs down too.


It was tradition that every spring and summer the kids were allowed to have their friends stay with them at Brendle’s home that over looked the bay in Rhode Island.  Bren loved the house being filled with people and such joy, especially since her husband had passed away three years prior.  This year each of her children had a boyfriend or girlfriend coming to stay as well as a few long time friends from high school and it was possible that a couple of college professors would stay for part of the time.  By the sounds of things the house would be filled most of the time.  So it was imperative for Brendle to transform the third floor to be suitable bedrooms.


Up on the third floor Bren found a lot of dust which she expected.  What she didn’t expect to find was so many memories strewn about.  Yes there were the twins matching rocking horses, and the rocking chair that Brendle rocked all her babies in.  There were four old fashioned trunks that held special items for each child to have when they obtained their own homes. Ahh, finally Bren spotted the four single sliegh beds that she saved to set up just for when the house would be filled with smiling faces again.


Bren decided where each bed would go, began to dust and took the plastic wrap off the mattresses.  She than set to work constructing the beds and put a trunk in front of each one.  Bren washed the windows and took note of what she would have to buy from the store to spruce up the beds and for window treatments.


The next day Bren bought four sets of sheets, four comforters, and curtains for the third floor windows.  As she put the final touches to the third floor, she felt pleased with herself that this grand room came out so spiffy. 


The rest of the spring cleaning went easier and it all made the time fly by.  It was nearing the time when some of the kids would arrive and Bren still had to finish the office which she saved for last. Yes Brendle’s spring fever had turned into spring cleaning and now she almost was done and would be soon enjoying a houseful of young people bustling around.



First the twins arrived with their boyfriends Todd and Josh.  Than after a few days came Blade with his lovely girlfriend Trisha.  A week flew by when Kevin came with his long time girlfriend Marylou.  The house was brimming over with fullness but that was not where the guest list ended.  In a few short weeks Kevin’s mentor Professor Mason Twig would be arriving, and Dwendle’s guiding advisor Doctor Philip Harris was also scheduled to arrive.

Here and there, were going to also be some of the kid’s best high school friends also anticipated to take turns staying for the summer months which challenged some of the sleeping accommodations. But having large rooms and two of them on the second floor with twin trundle beds came in handy.  Bren made sure Professor Twig and Doctor Harris had their one queen size bed bedrooms, and had the girls share second floor rooms with the guys sleeping on the third floor.  Everyone seemed to have fun with the living arrangements. 


It was no secret at least in Brendles’ mind that the kids inviting these different mentors every year were her kids attempt to fix her up with a love life, but so far in the past years no sparks were there between Bren and any of the eligible bachelors that stayed there.


Hot and mid July and now the house brimmed still over with happy family and guest.  In the outside opened car port there were stacks of boogie boards, coolers of every size, beach chairs, and pretty much anything for beach and water fun overflowed out there.  The outside shower had various towels drying on the wooden slots, and underneath the umbrella table at any given time seemed to be a couple of smiling faces chatting away.  Bren was in her glory that the whole house inside and out felt alive!


This was one of the special evenings that Brendle set aside to have a large dinner out on the north screened in porch with candle light and the works.  It was anticipated that all the family and house guest were to attend dinner at eight o’clock.  Chicken, fresh fish and steaks were being cooked on the grill while a large salad was assembled with tomatoes picked from Bren’s own garden.  Twice baked potatoes were being baked in the oven, a home made New England clam chowder with a special bacon zest was being cooked by Bren for the first course.


The table was set stunning with shinning wine glasses and striking candles burning as the sun had been setting lower in the sky.  Everyone enjoyed the festivities and there was no lack for stimulating conversation.


Coffee and clean up time came and Bren after everyone helped bring dishes into the kitchen found herself alone filling the two dishwashers she had installed for just these big occasions.  The coffee pot was brewing away when Bren heard this soft deep voice right behind her go through her very being; “Can I help you with that?”  Bren turned to see Philip standing behind her with a very eager facial expression and a slight smile exposing his bright shinning white teeth against his black ebony skin tone. He had his gorgeous long dreads pulled back, and cologne on that tantalized sensations in Bren she never felt before.


Philip was standing so close Brendle could almost feel a sensual hot breath coming from his lips which she was sure made her feel very flush.  Brendle wasn’t usually shy excepting help when it came as an offer, but being so flustered by this handsome gentleman standing so close to her she answered a thankful “no”.  This “no” didn’t detour Philip however as he than said “well if you won’t let me literally help than I will at least keep you company”.   Brendle was sure she blushed at the statement, but accepted the sentiment most graciously.  As Brendle went about her clean up Philip made pleasant conversation and than proceeded to help her carry out the coffee pot as it had finished percolating.


As the night out on the porch continued on with conversations becoming more fun and almost silly, Bren every once in a while felt herself blushing at times when she caught Philip staring at her with his sparkling green eyes.


The next morning raced by with everyone grabbing something for breakfast and heading to their various destinations for a fun filled summers day.   That is everyone but Philip who seemed to be stalling for time alone with Bren.  Quite resonated through the kitchen as Bren and Philip sat there drinking the last of the coffee.


Truly it was too quite for Bren, and she felt at a loss for words to start a conversation.  This is when Philip spoke up almost with a whisper starting off like he had trouble finding his voice.  Yes Bren was hearing correctly, Doctor Philip Harris just asked her if he could have the honor of taking her out for dinner on Saturday night.  Brendle was flabbergasted but found herself with out question saying “yes” to his invitation.  This was going to be the first actual date since her husband had passed away.   Bren after she said yes than questioned herself “how she could had said yes?” But the deed was done and now she was obligated to this dinner date.


Astonished was an understatement when the kids heard that their mom actually was going on a real date with Doctor Harris!  However all the young people were delighted and happy for her being very careful to be nonchalant about the occasion? 


It was Brendle that had butterflies in her stomach, along with what she thought might even being some hives itching away on her arms.  Nervousness only began to describe the feelings Bren was toting as she began dressing to go out to dinner with Philip on this summer kissed night.  She barely had one dress almost on when she decided to try another, than another, until she had at least fifteen outfits strewn on her bed!  Finally Bren decided to go with her original dress a classic black sleeveless shift, dressed up with a classy set of pearls, with matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet as well as two dainty pearl rings for each hand.  However the summer tan Bren had complimented the outfit more than anything.

She wore her hair up in a French twist which showed off her long lovely neck.  Brendle was so nervous she was unaware of how beautiful and radiant she actually looked.


There was Doctor Philip Harris standing there as dapper as ever in a black cool material suit with a light pink shirt and a shinny black tie at the bottom of the stairway as Brendle came gracefully down.

Philip held a bouquet of a dozen pink roses which he immediately handed to Bren with a quick swooping kiss to her cheek at the same time whispering in her ear how beautiful she looked tonight.


The dinner went off without a hitch, and the conversation flowed easily and fun.  During dinner it was mentioned by Philip as Brendle already knew tomorrow would be the departing date from her home for him.  It was time he had to get back to his practice with his vacation already been spent up in her picturesque home.  The night ended with one hell of a passionate kiss between the couple that both wished should have lasted for an eternity.  However both knew it was not the beginning of anything because tomorrow Philip would depart causing the end of an extraordinary thing.


The summer was winding down and just as quickly as Brendle’s children and friends had arrived they all parted to their various destinations back to college and now Brendle was feeling the empty house alone now.


Brendle tried everything to perk herself up from the loneliness, but nothing was too much working this time.  It was about four thirty on a Thursday afternoon when Brendle decided to lay down for a nap.  She questioned if it was her imagination if she heard creaking in the big house?  But soon brushed it out of her mind as she slipped into dreamland.  Brendle was a woken by the phone wringing and couldn’t believe her own ears when she heard Philips voice on the other end!  He asked her if she was free for Saturday evening to go out to dinner again, and this time with glee in her voice she said yes.  He was expected to arrive on Saturday and would have to spend a night in her guest room due to the long ride he had.  Brendle was so excited she could hardly contain herself with joy as she ventured into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea.  As Bren walked in through the kitchen door way that is when she felt the arms grab her, one hand over her mouth and the other securely wrapped around her upper body!


The man had black gloves tightly on her lips and whispered don’t say a word and no harm will come to you!  It was obvious that this man met business!  Bren shook her head in agreement and that is when the masked man released her and showed her the gun he had pointed at her!  This dark sinister character was dressed all in black and had a rope over his shoulders which he quickly used to tie Brendle up in a kitchen chair. Than he wrapped a handkerchief over her mouth without saying another word!  Brendle could not even think straight when she was asked where she kept her valuables!  But finally as the gag was released temporarily Bren told the crook where her jewelry was and the safe where she kept some extra cash was as well as the combination.   It didn’t take the thief long to collect what he had came for.  Before he turned to leave he warned Brendle one more time not to make any noise or he would finish her off. 


What a pickle Brendle was in, tied up tight with a gag over her mouth and it might not be until Saturday when Philip came would she be discovered in this predicament. Could she survive that long?


Brendle struggled and struggled to get the ropes loosened until almost eleven o’clock that night, until she finally gave up falling asleep sitting in the chair.   The next morning she awoke with renewed motivation and started again to some how loosen the ropes.   Finally she was able to loosen her feet a bit, and tried to use them to inch her way across the floor.  That is when the chair tipped and it was a total black out for Bren!  


The hospital room was a noisy muffle when Brendle started to come to.  The first thing she saw was Philip in front of her and his voice in a calm strident whisper say “Well good morning Sunshine”.

Brendle had an awful headache and couldn’t seem to focus well until the flash back came of being tied up and her struggle to get loose.  Philip couldn’t have been more kind using choice words on the condition he found her in.   She had been in a coma for at least four days and Philip stayed right by her side as well as calling all her children to be by her bedside.


Apparently her house now again was filled with young people but for a somber occasion thinking their mom might not make it. 


Days went by and finally Brendle was released from the hospital and three of her children were still at the house to help out.


The police collected information from Bren, but it was thought they had already caught the crook breaking into another home in the next neighborhood down the road.


Little by little Brendle’s children returned to college however their presence at the house was replaced by the up-beat Doctor Harris.

Philip had taken another long weekend off to spend with Brendle and to make sure she was alright.


During that long weekend Philip and Brendle bonded greatly.  It wasn’t long before they were routinely dating and than before you knew it the house was filled with wedding guest for the special occasion!


Everyone was thrilled with Philip and Brendle getting married.  The newly married happy couple decided to live in Boston where Philip had his practice. But each spring and summer would hold the same happy times with family and friends as guest in Brendle’s home in Rhode Island. Although now Philips grown children are also thrown into the mix.  He had two, a boy and girl in their thirties, and there are grandchildren to even make the Rhode Island home even more festive! 


If you happen to be among the friends of Doctor Philip Harris and Brendle Harris it would not surprise me at all that some day with their new addition to their Rhode Island home, that you might be among the guest staying there also. 


Just think how hard and fun now spring fever hits the Browns and the Harris’s these days!




Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight3/30 /2011@LisaLuvLLC




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    • Lisa Luv profile imageAUTHOR

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 

      7 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Thank You kindly Robert

    • profile image

      Robert Brooks 

      7 years ago

      Another wonderful and flowing story...I could feel the atmosphere that described so realistically.


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