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Updated on March 4, 2012
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Willowish tree branches drip~

The thaw has set in. ~

Slush and sliding down~

Melting snow falls to un-expecting ground.

Glistening, glossy, radiant~

The sun does glimmer shimmering~

As it dances off the icicles~

Aloof the main barb stays as firming.

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Sloosh and slood my feet do walk~

On top of the slushy sod~

I stare at winter as it is challenged~

By the springs intruding thaw.

The mail box covered~

With a white solid crusty snow~

Holds nothing of letters~

Proved futile~

As I trudge back up from below.

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There are the dainty birds~

Who land on the partially melted path~

They flutter than flee~

As their little feet needn’t freeze.

Oh there are signs of footprints~

From animals marring the smooth snow~

Yet kitty so graceful~

Walks carefully above the crusty frothy covered throw.

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Quietly I look around~

To see the never ending melt~

The spring thaw has come our way~

Just a hint of the new birth to be felt.

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Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv




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