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Sable's Bean Bag Coffee Hut - Answer to Cam8510's Flash Fiction Challenge

Updated on June 15, 2020

Sable's Bean Bag Coffee Hut

Sable's new plate glass window for her coffee house
Sable's new plate glass window for her coffee house | Source

Cam8510's Writer's challenge

Answerer to Chris Mills (a.k.a. Cam8510) writer’s challenge.

The rules are:

It must be a Flash Fiction Drama In a thousand words or less

Props are: Coffee Shop and Walking Cane

I'll go post this challenge as a question in the Q&A area of Hub Pages.

All the little kids love the rocker
All the little kids love the rocker | Source

The Dream was born

From the time Sable began to read she accompanied her mother, (an avid reader) to a tiny coffee shop. Not a run-of-the-mill coffee shop, this one catered to children also, with sodas and juice drinks and a corner of the shop with a place where children could sit and read while their parent(s) had coffee and lite lunches.

In the children's corner was a bookcase which had hundreds of books or more, books written by HubPage authors and even some wonderful children’s books it had a chair without legs with a rounded bottom. And Sable could sit and rock and look or read the children’s books while her mother enjoyed her coffee and read one of the others books in the case.

It was during one of these visits that the dream was born, and from that day forward Sable could think of nothing else but owning her own coffee shop. Most of her friends teased her when she told them that her dream was to own a coffee house. You gonna compete with Starbucks? One friend asked. . Where is there a Starbucks around here? Sable retorted.

The Dream realized

Sable worked and saved her money and purchased her Coffee house. It was perfect, right on Main Street. But, It seemed that someone was trying to stop her from opening her coffee hut shop.. Who?

The city inspectors red tagged everything and the repairs to the little shop were eating up her savings, but Sable persevered, she repaired and replaced everything but the plate glass window, which would have to wait until she made enough money to have it replaced.

In the following two years Sable's little shop thrived. While Sable campaigned for the new council members she held small group meetings in her coffee shop, her candidates were elected and Sable thought finally someone to fight the corruption in city hall.

How deep does the corruption go?

Sable heard through the Grapevine the one of the former councilmen Stanley Popinjay, who lost his seat to the candidate she had campaigned for and also had wanted to open a bakery in her shop.

Stanley Popinjay was a little man who bears a close resembles to Phil Deville, one of the youngest rug rats because of the one tuft of hair on the top of his head.

Sable later learned that charges had been filed against the newly elected candidates, in order to overturn the latest election.

Sable's New Plate Glass Window

A new city hall was build across the street from Sable's Bean Bag Coffee Hut, and tonight would be the first council meeting held in the new building. Sable's New Plate Glass Window arrived and was installed the day before and Sable was preparing for the crowd that would be coming over after the meeting.

The mayor's reprimand

After his reprimand by the mayor at the last council meeting for talking too loudly, the city’s own phlyarologist ambled toward the podium, proudly displaying his new walking cane with it’s pure silver mermaid cap, which he slammed down on the podium, causing people nearby to jump, Stanley Popinjay unzipped his briefcase and spread its contents across the podium, leaned forward and began to whisper inaudible into the mic.

Mr. Popinjay, I’m going to have to ask you to speak up, have some respect for this court, uh I mean council, or I will have you removed.

Stanley was horrified, that the mayor would treat him in such a fashion when he was the one who manufactured evidence for the mayor to eliminate someone from the council who might reveal the corruption that is going on, and in a huff picked up his new walking cane to walk away leaving his papers strewn across the podium. The next speaker had to wait for Stanley Popinjay to return and gather up his papers.

Sable was busily making coffee, preparing for the meeting to end when many of the people would come in for coffee and a piece of Sable's own homemade pies.

Sable dropped to the floor at the bang and the shattering of her new picture window, she thought she had been shot. After what seemed like an hour, but was really only a few minutes, Sable peered over the counter and there before her stood Stanley Popinjay red faced and looking like steam coming out of both ears.

Stanley was so angry that he came in when Sable’s back was turned took his new walking cane by the small end and as if he were taking a swing at something slammed it across one of the tables, the pure silver mermaid cap came off smashing into Sable’s new plate glass window.

Everyone came out to see why the police were there and the council took a break to see what the chaos was all about. As the mayor looked on, a haughty smirk crept across Stanley's face.

© 2015 Shyron E Shenko


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