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Screenwriting Classes NYC

Updated on September 25, 2012
Writing, whether its a screenplay or a novel, you can learn a lot from a workshop where you get real feedback.
Writing, whether its a screenplay or a novel, you can learn a lot from a workshop where you get real feedback. | Source

You might imagine that Los Angeles would be the center of the world when it comes to anything connected the silver screen, from actors workshops to script writing classes, but if you live on the East Coast of the USA don’t despair, you’ll find plenty of screenwriting classes in NYC. You choice will be determined by budget (the biggest factor) what you want to achieve, the sort of teacher you’re looking for and the amount of time you can devote to the training.

Free Screenwriting classes in NYC

When the budget is zero, it’s always a problem . There are a number of Universities offerring free online writing courses, but if you’re looking in New York and looking for some personal interaction, seek out the New York Writers Workshop. This organization holds occasional free classes at the New York Public Library. Check out their website for the next free class on screenwriting.

The New York Writers Coalition offers a number of free/pay-what-you-wish workshops for ‘diverse groups of unheard New Yorkers’. To see if any are applicable to you, visit their website. If you do have some writing knowledge, why not volunteer for training as a workshop leader? Sometimes teaching is a great way to learn. You can find more details of their public workshops here.

Gotham Writers Workshop often hold free, one hour workshops in the New York area, in partnership with local booksellers. Even if you can’t find a class on screenwriting itself you’ll find something useful, for example, as I write this the next scheduled free writing workshop in NYC is on Dialogue Writing.

Paid Courses in Screenwriting in NYC.

The New York Film Academy offers a number of different course on Screenwriting, from an eight week workshop to an evenings only program or a whole year. The eight week course is intensive, but requires no previous experience. Students are expected to have an idea for a screenplay and to develop it to a complete first draft within the eight week period. On completion students gain a diploma/certificate. Tuition is approximately $3,300 (as of September 2012)

The one year class is conducted online, still using NYFA’s professional staff. The Twelve week class meets three evenings a week for two and half hours each session, with some classes being held on saturdays. Ideal for someone who still has a ‘proper’ job tuition costs around $2800 (as of September 2012)

Gotham Writers Workshop offer a number of workshops at different levels. Screenwriting I is for beginners, covers the basics and gives you two opportunities for detailed feedback on your work. Cost is around $450 for the ten week workshop. In Advanced Screenwriting students work towards the completion of a screenplay, get two opportunities for in depth feedback and learn about rewriting. Again this is a ten week workshop for $450.

The Tisch school at NYU offers Screenwriting I and Screenwriting II which can be taken alone or as part of a qualification in dramatic writing. Each class costs around $3000.

The New School offers a certificate in screenwriting which consists of six courses. (approximately $760 each) These can be taken online or you can combine on-campus and online study, which may be a lot easier on the budget.

Screenwriting Courses in NYC in Summer

One way to learn, grow and have an enjoyable vacation is to study in the summer. There are many writers retreats where writing is combined with sightseeing, or at least finding inspiration in new surroundings. IMany of the above institutions host summer workshops in NYC. In addition take a look at Irv Bauer Screenwriting and The Tisch Shool at NYU’s summer film certificates.

Is there a film script somewhere in your life? What do you think? Would you like to study screenwriting? What would stop you? Please leave a comment.

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